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How much AVB... and other Q's?

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by cosimo, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. cosimo

    cosimo Active Member

    I've been storing my AVB from the Arizer V-Tower vape, which i never set above 200C (without the ddave mod), to make some butter. Have some questions:
    1. should i do any decarbing? My avb consistis of weed ive first vaped at 185C, then revaped at 200C max)
    2. Is 1 oz of this AVB per 1 pound of butter a good ratio?
    3. Should i water cure my avb before anything?
    3.1 If i waer cure, do i still have to then strain the avb+butter preparation before freezing?

    Thanks for any input
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  2. xblutz

    xblutz New Member

    1 No need to decarb. It's always decarb with vaping.
    2 I use 30 gr of avb for 100 gr of butter.
    3 I've never water cure my avb.
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