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How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by SVuser, Jun 21, 2012.


How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

  1. I fucked combustion completely

  2. I mostly vape but combust regularly

  3. I mostly vape but combust rarely

  4. I combust more than I vape

  5. Fuck vaping

  1. Hippie Dickie

    Hippie Dickie The Herbal Cube Manufacturer

    where the Cube rules!
    i smoked from 1968 to 2000 - mostly joints and later, a nice glass pipe-ish thingy (basically a glass tube with a pipe screen).

    Then, in 2000, on a whim, i bought some flat bottom vials. That changed everything. Since then, it's been glass vape only - no metal pipe screen needed - and since 2009, computer temperature control.

    how can a joint compare to that? well, for me, it can't.
  2. YungLeaner

    YungLeaner Well-Known Member

    I started smoking weed about five or six years ago. I'm still rather young, only recently drinking age, and my first time smoking weed I still lived in my parent's house. I lit up a small pipe with a 20$ gram in the bathroom 6 feet from my parent's room, unaware that weed smelled. I got remarkably high, and then ate a bagel toasted with butter that was so good it brought me to tears.

    About 6 months and counting since I've touched combustion, except for one slip-up while "rolling" at a New Year's concert. The Herbalizer was the game changer for me, as it made getting high so goddamn instant. I can't even tolerate a nail dab these days, so I really just vaporize oils and waxes. My commitment to vaping has also led me away from edibles. I so prefer the casual, enjoyable and psychedelic yet not fear-inducing high of convection THC vapor that I can no longer stand the body load and anxiety.

    I miss nothing about combustion, and wrinkle my nose like I'm reading The New Yorker every time I smell a blunt.
  3. thx1138

    thx1138 Well-Known Member

    well put,
    I smoked since my late teens, mostly through bongs, and no cigarettes ever. I gave up smoking my herbs altogether in my forties and haven't looked back. The ashtry smell is gone and my taste buds are happy.
    I haven't come across anyone who only vapes with that funny little cough from combustion.
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  4. AJS

    AJS Calm Consistency

    Fuck combustion ... if I can't vape, I won't smoke. I'd rather go on a tolerance break.
    Plus it's super easy to make your own torch vape.
  5. NorVape

    NorVape Vape Rictim

    Yup, that's a good point!

    When you get to understand the principles of vaping, you can mod a vape from some glass and a jetlighter.
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  6. AJS

    AJS Calm Consistency

    Yeah my friend made a makeshift pipe when he was waiting for his vape and I'm like, nooooo, don't smoke! Get a torch lighter and beam it at that steel and you'll make a vape!
    Worked wonders.
  7. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    Can't you make a makeshift convection vape with a heat gun????
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  8. Derrrpp

    Derrrpp For the world is hollow and I have touched the sky

    The other day I decided I wanted a joint for some reason, I don't know why. I guess I was feeling nostalgic or something. So I twisted one up and smoked it. It did nothing for me. I wasted enough herb to last a couple days using my Solo, and I barely even felt high. I had to go brush my teeth right away after I was done.

    Fuck combustion! :puke:

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  9. AJS

    AJS Calm Consistency

    Yeah! Just gotta make sure it's a clean air path. Don't think any heat guns are concerned with the safety of people inhaling their product. Hahaha.

    GOOREGON Member

    combustion free for over 3 years.fuckcombustion.i love this site its awesome!!
  11. CuckFumbustion

    CuckFumbustion Lo and Behold! The transformative power of Vapor.

    Cuckfumbustion Central
    I didn't understand the principles of vaping. But I understand heating glass and heating a light bulb. And heat transferring from two pieces of glass. This is before I knew about GoG. btw.

    Way back when I new to what was available and only had a PAX and had to RMA it for the first time, well that meant I had to come up with something or combust. So I used as a heat source a desk lamp with a 12v bulb with a flat glass disk that gave off enough heat on it's own and some small cheap glass jars with narrow necks. (they would heat stress crack over a short time. Not heat resistant) Used foil to refract light and heat from the lamp back into the jar and vaped from the top using sippy hits. It was wet moisture hits and the ABV was tan. But it kept me from combusting, anyway. Now I'm more prepared. Just need one more vape the used a lighter. Then I've covered all the bases.

    So at least CFed er I meant to say FCed 2 yrs on purpose. Got/helped others to quit and encouraging a few more. Discussed in several manners how some make the transition. Like how the method they liked to combust might influence their favorite method of vaping as an example.

    OMG, Smoking is so wasteful. Never liked joints. In 2016, I now own a UD and find certain other vapes wasteful.

    Being able to mix my method with vapor choices helps with tolerance. Thanks FC .:bowdown:
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  12. StormyPinkness

    StormyPinkness Rhymenocerous ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Every once in awhile I get a free pre-roll and think what the hell and smoke it. I always instantly regret it, I do not miss the old ways. Fuck combustion.
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  13. Sapios

    Sapios Well-Known Member

    2 years of complete combustionfreeness.... and it feels amazing :cool:
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  14. Vapor_Eyes

    Vapor_Eyes tripping off the beauty of it all

    On Demand Convection Land
    Congratulations! I'm at 9 months myself.
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  15. Sapios

    Sapios Well-Known Member

    Thanks and congrats to you too! Couldn't have done it without this forum!
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  16. yogoshio

    yogoshio Annoying Libertarian

    NW Indiana-just outside Chicago
    For me I will take a hit off a joint every now and then (mostly because I am the only one of my circle that vapes), but my lungs demand that I vape 95%+ of the time.
  17. Blueberryyumyum

    Blueberryyumyum Well-Known Member

    Recreational user here,

    Started with rolling papers didn't know any better. Fast forward 5 years later, stumbled onto this forum, after searching for a quality vaporizer.
    Found a device for my needs, followed the "plan" on how give up on combustion. Continued to read the amazing concepts of vaporizing and their benefits.
    Never looked back since, combustion free forever, disgusted by smoke. All thanks to this forum, amazing community and helpful people.

    You'll always stay in my heart FC

    Peace :peace:
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  18. ButterflySky

    ButterflySky Active Member

    Combustion only in my younger days, only way we knew how back then. Stopped due to drug testing at work. Started smoking again for medical reasons about a year and a half ago. Discovered vaping six months ago and amazed, how in every way it is superior to smoking. Have not combusted since my first vape session and NO desire to do it again.

    Vape On !!!!
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  19. HighSeasSailor

    HighSeasSailor Well-Known Member

    In the process of completely fucking combustion. I haven't smoked cannabis all week, prior to that I'd always mixed vaping and smoking. I'm down to 2 cigs a day for this month, next month it's one a day and then I'm done.
  20. Cnova203

    Cnova203 Active Member

    :rockon:If i cant vape i just go without
  21. Vapor_Eyes

    Vapor_Eyes tripping off the beauty of it all

    On Demand Convection Land
    I'm pretty sure I'm at my one year anniversary of fucking combustion. I remember I actually quit cannabis completely for about a week and then started vaping and joined this site Aug 14th, so it's within a day or two for sure. I'm just going to say it was Aug 8 because why not? I'm off work and it's fucking beautiful outside. I'm going to celebrate.

    I started with a nice little wake and bake with my E-Nano. I had a Sticky Brick bowl after that. Then I got some coffee and it was Grasshopper time. :science:

    These were all small loads, otherwise I wouldn't be able to write this.

    Next I'm going to hit my OmniVap and then probably hit the movie theater. I'm sure I'll be hopping during the movie.

    I might go for a hike after the movie so it'll be hopper and omni territory. I'm really looking forward to the Sticky Brick Junior, it looks like the perfect hiking vape to pair with the omni.

    Later on I'll kick back at home and have some CFX sessions while watching a movie or two.

    From now on Aug. 8th is going to be my personal FC day, almost like a birthday but better!
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2016
  22. TheVaporist

    TheVaporist Man is a universe within himself

    Pale Blue Dot
    Fucked combustion 2 years ago, never coming back :rockon:
  23. whereskarlo

    whereskarlo Well-Known Member

    to be honest, unless I'm fucking with things like this I only vape. I enjoy the instant hit that combustion offers. It's like stepping into a new room, whereas vaping is like taking the elevator. That veggie got me pretty high though :lol:

    Click to play YouTube Video
  24. Diggy Smalls

    Diggy Smalls Notorious

    Land of Confusion
    I have finally gotten to the point where I turn down a toke if it's not vaped.
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  25. Lemmings

    Lemmings Padawan Glass Cutter Accessory Maker

    @AJS can you post a link to the torch style vape your referring to? I'm curious and love DIY stuff.

    Just watching that pepper video could make stomach acid start to boil... scary
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2016
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