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How long does it take to absorb vapor?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Bleezy, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. nucleo

    nucleo Active Member

    I was actually trying to imply that if there is more air to thc ratio, you wouldn't be exhaling as much thc as you would if you are using a higher thc to air ratio. Just like comparing a bag with more air to thc than a whip which is less air to thc.
  2. Darth Vapor

    Darth Vapor Pathological Vapist

    Hi, I'm a newly registered member but I've been scaling the threads here at FC looking for the best ways to maximize efficiency with my vapes. I read about 'ghosting' vapor hits on this forum and I do notice a better buzz when I use this method- but i found this study from 1989 that said there was little difference between long and short hits:


    Similarly, our lungs absorb oxygen through steady, controlled breaths more efficiently than long ones; I remember this from school. I submit to the consensus that vapor consists 99% of cannabinoids so any visible exhale would be "wasted", because it makes sense logically. But is there any evidence to support this claim?
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  3. Yo Mamma

    Yo Mamma Member

    What I learned in pharmacology was that our lungs will absorb around 95% of the THC within a few seconds. It is not really a question of whether it is vapor or smoke. Our lungs are extremely sensitive and have an incredibly large surface area due to the structure of the alveolar sac, therefore we are able to absorb most of the THC within a few seconds. Holding the smoke or vapor any longer than that only irritates your lungs and damages cilia. Any "visible exhale" can be just waste products like CO2 and also heat.
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  4. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    So, there is no way the lung only absorbs less than 95%? Because if there isn't then, it doesn't matter if we hold it longer than 10 seconds or not, and it doesn't matter how long the inhale is.

    And there is no problem exhaling big clouds because in those big clouds there is only about 5% of THC loss.. pretty acceptable to me.

    BUT, if the oxigen absorption is better when you take shorter breaths, shouldn't it be the same with THC inhalation?
  5. Roger D

    Roger D Vapor Wizard

    From my actual experience, I can tell that you can get really efficient with a bag. The idea is to put a very little amount, between 30 and 50 milligrams, and to do a really small balloon on the maximum temp, it gets very thick while tiny enough to be consumed quick, avoiding losses.
    I run it through my water tool, in a special way, I pull vapors for just 1/3 of my lung capacity, and still keeping on hitting the tool without the balloon on to clear and get my lungs full. I do it really slow, a hit takes about 20 seconds. I breathe fresh air for at least 40 sec between hits. That way I exhale nearly nothing, and I get medicated from ridiculous amounts.

    You know that you're wasting when your balloon gets sticky, theses times I find them pretty neat, even if I didn't changed them for a long time now.
  6. treeman

    treeman Well-Known Member

    Interesting topic, I see we are mostly talking about THC but what about CBD? I don't know about you guys but I think I've noticed that if I hold my vapor for longer I get a much more sedative (I'm led to believe CBD?) effect off of the load. Could it be that those molecules take longer to absorb?
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