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How clean does your vape need to be to get through customs, without being seized?

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by Tiny88, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. Tiny88

    Tiny88 Deluxe420

    Vancouver, BC
    I am planning a road trip from Canada to the US. I will clean my vape with ISO before leaving, and leave it out to air for a week to get rid of the smell. However, on my return trip, I don't have the luxury of letting the vape air out for a week. I will clean it with ISO before crossing the border again, but I am afraid that they will confiscate it due to the smell of weed.
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  2. stonedbob

    stonedbob 100% THC

  3. OldNewbie

    OldNewbie Well-Known Member

  4. nosmoking

    nosmoking Fogmonger

    DC Area
    Why not ship the piece back? If your not using it on the way this would eliminate a lot of concern and I imagine would not be that much costwise.

    As far as Canada/US customs goes it really depends what border crossing you go through and how bored the Patrols are at the time your crossing. They don't search unless they have suspicion so you could easily get by with a few simple questions or they could search your entire car. Here are some random examples of my personal experiences with Canadian Border Patrol. Bringing a Greyhound RV style bus through we got held up for hours due to tax regulations on items my Dad was transporting into Canada. I had stuff on the bus but it was not heavily searched so no issues but my Dad had to pay a shit ton of duty taxes.
    Another time I was traveling across the border one night after throwing my brother through a glass door at the local bar...I was trying to save his marraige...and my name was instantly flagged so I was taken into a private room and strip searched. Another brother was driving at the time and he also got strip searched as well as our vehicle and they gave him a little more trouble for his past even though his name was not flagged. Both of us were let go with no charges as we had nothing on us at the time. Another time, like 15 or so years ago I was traveling through a border crossing that we never had before. My dad, step mom, a 12 year old girl with DS and two 14-15 year old boys on our way to see a magnetic hill all had to get out so they could do a pat down on all of us and search the car. All clear this time of course.

    Anything can happen at the border...no one here can give you an answer on what to expect.
  5. macbill

    macbill Gregarious Misanthrope

    The Evergreen State
    Normally, if I drive to Canada, I place my pot in my underwear. Never had to get out and be searched. One year I forgot, and I had my weed and vape in a ruck sack. When they told me to "pull over there" and wait for an inspection, I immediately got out and opened up all the doors and tailgate and stood by my vehicle. They took our passports and went away. We were one of the first to get off the ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria, and in about 10 minutes after the last car unloaded, they let us go w/o checking the car. I like to believe not rummaging around in my car and pretending nothing was wrong helped. My passenger didn't know either, which meant he wasn't freaking out.

    Not being a wanted criminal contributed, too.
  6. sanfranciscosadhu

    sanfranciscosadhu Well-Known Member

    I would be more concerned about entering the US then returning to Canada. Most of the time not much happens but when you least expect it...
    I presume (?) you're planning to buy your herb in the US.
    I would not cross the border into the US with ANY amount. Speaking from personal experience I was strip searched once and intensely searched another time when returning from Asia. It was intimidating and sobering. I was younger at the time and I guess I fit a certain profile. Now I'm no longer taking any chances as it's simply the luck of the draw.
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  7. macbill

    macbill Gregarious Misanthrope

    The Evergreen State
    I agree: I never bring surplus back from any overseas jaunt to the USA. I always carry to Mexico or Canada. Then again, I'm retired with no job or child to lose. Perhaps I'm stupidly over-confident, but I, too, have been closely inspected returning home.
  8. gangababa

    gangababa Well-Known Member

    center of the jagat
    The simple presence of recognized or known illegal-substance paraphernalia could be all that a USA CAB* officer would need to deny entry into the USA, due to suspicion of illegal activities.
    *Customs and Border Control, under Trump and Sessions
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  9. macbill

    macbill Gregarious Misanthrope

    The Evergreen State
    As I understand it, Canada may refuse entry, say, if you have drunk driving charges.
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  10. steama

    steama slightly stoopid

    If anyone is getting searched it will be me. I have been pulled aside for additional scrutiny several times. Because of this 'suspicion thing' that happens to me, I assume because of the way I look, I never take jack shit with me across any borders. Even driving across state borders now makes me cautious especially with Sessions as AG I am taking not chances on the road. Where I live driving with herb can get you into big trouble.

    Things are getting less safe everyday and it will be that way for a few years.

  11. VisiblyVaped

    VisiblyVaped Well-Known Member

    I thank God I have a state medical card, but even then I wouldn't risk taking anything like my vapes.
    I would bring a battery and a couple e-cig nicotine carts (for the help of disguise, not use) and a couple vape oil cartridges in the mix of the e-cig carrying case.
    It's worked like a charm on planes, flying to different states. I'm pretty certain it would work here
  12. vapirtoo

    vapirtoo Well-Known Member

    Jail is not in my realm ,so fuck taking anything across borders. As previously noted, it is the luck of the draw ,and I do not want my freedom hinged on luck.
    I will take t break when traveling abroad.
    Unless the locals hook me up.
  13. virtualpurple

    virtualpurple Well-Known Member

    Yeah I may be driving from Alaska through Canada en route to Texas for my NP program for a year. For sure I will be shipping any vapes that I'm brace enough to hang onto.
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  14. dapperdopamine

    dapperdopamine Active Member

    Yikes, this is really getting out of hand, and it wasn't exactly easy street before either. It's sad that the general population isn't concerned about their own freedom. It just goes from one fad distraction to the next
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