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Highly Educated InfiniTI nail stuck on broken joint

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Twanbiz, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. Twanbiz

    Twanbiz Well-Known Member


    I just got an InfiniTI and while it was on the male joint the nail snapped off breaking the male joint on my piece. What is worse is that the glass that broke off the male joint is now stuck in the grooves of the InfiniTI and I do not have an idea on how to remove the broken glass. I am not able to get a pair of pliers in there as the break is clean - I did read the blog post from HI but I don't think it will help me. Any ideas?
  2. mrboote

    mrboote ...

    Hold on to the sleeve with pliers, and heat it with your torch. Then take a piece of wire and poke it down through the top hole. I just tried it, pretty easy with 18mm, kinda hard with 14mm. I had to use a mini flat screwdriver to get between the top of the joint and the nail with the 14mm.

    Going forward, never try to remove a sleeve-style nail from a joint unless it is hot. As you found out, they are pretty much glued on at room temp.
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