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Herborizer corner

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by marcuss, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member


    Digital is still an entirely unknown conundrum! All we know is:

    -"Faster heat up, better reactivity",
    -more powerful heater, 4 connections instead of 2 (analog),
    -72 w as pose to 36 (analog),

    Ready: March/April
    Will be more expensive!

    (I feel like I've missed something?)
    Beyond this we have only guesses :hmm:, theories :mental:, hopes :| and DREAMS!:rockon:

    Feel free to join in the fun and anticipation!:tup:
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  2. bleak

    bleak Stoner Gear Peddler

    Down Under
    I shot this quite a while back (hence why its an XL rather than a Ti) but only just got around to finishing the edit. This video is a little bit more experimental than my usual stuff, and is more about eye candy than anything else. Pack a bowl, sit down and enjoy!

    Click to play YouTube Video
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  3. pxl_jockey

    pxl_jockey Barely-Known Member

    I've been bugging my wife this last week about the larger version of herb bubbler body at VDNM and how once they're gone, no more choice, how at 129€ shipped it's a great deal, etc.. you get the idea. So this morning on her way out of the door, she says offhandedly, "You should get this bubbler thing before they sell out." Yes ma'am! Done and done. And I hope he doesn't mind me saying so, but @Hogni has ever so graciously dispatched his Ti to arrive next week so some serious testing will be in effect. I can't wait!
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  4. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    @Hogni is a real dude, with a heart as big as the sun. A real kind selfless guy for sure, make sure you look after his bedside toy!
    Looking forward to your impressions pxl, please be sure to give us some decent entertainment to munch down a little popcorn, even if you have to sit up all night, :hmm:, to think of as many points as possible.

    Good on you @Hogni , hope you are good health and spirit brother.:tup:

    I have been having a minor ongoing dilemna about the Ti. Do I just grab the analog now for less, and be happy with it?
    Or wait fir the digital, purely for faster heat up and less requirement for longer heat soak?

    I keep deciding on option A, then I get second thoughts, thinking maybe the digital is worth the wait?
    I wish we had a little more info about it performance wise.
    Either way, I will be emailing Seb very soon, and I will be sure to mention that you tried contacting him @pxl_jockey to ask about the steamroller. (He LIKES me, so I will hopefully be able to get you an answer on that.;))

    I am REALLY liking the look of some of the new portables though, I want to get either thevFury 2 or Haze Square for the summer, so I should go the least expensive Ti route really.
    Decisions, decisions.:mental:
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  5. Dubmonkey

    Dubmonkey Well-Known Member

    Mahalo to @pxl_jockey for the heads up on the large Herborizer bubbler body. Just ordered one from VDNM. Had to do some investigation work to find out what the hell was VDNM. Or where VDNM was.

    Getting the mouth piece and large bubbler body shipped to the US for $219 total. Shipping was 52 euros. Hope glass can travel internationally without breaking lol.

    Can’t wait to see how this large bubbler works with the FP and GS. Waiting on the DigiTi set up.

    On a side note I found a complete Herborizer XL set minus the power box and controller for $250. But store operator has been unresponsive after second email exchange.
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  6. pxl_jockey

    pxl_jockey Barely-Known Member

    :tup: @Dubmonkey I think we're both going to be happy vaporists: 4-hole diffusion = flavour country! I read a member's post, think it was the Glass area, they loved this piece dry. I love a j-hook/steamroller so I'm excited about some rigorous Ti testing with hydrous & anhydrous glass. Sorry about VDNM, mate!

    @Alexis Yes, my brother. That Hogni totally surprised me with his generosity and really, four weeks of The Sandman for only one kidney?! A real prince, a real dude. AND I don't have to decide which of my sons will be the donor until the end of testing. Which was more than I could have asked for, really. So, it's all good!

    Speaking of steamrollers, turns out Sebastien likes me too. You were right about that too, his tech wasn't sending his replies out, but he is up and running again. I told him I wanted to be the bastard son of @Carlos8400 with an elegant French steamroller*. He was very kind and just a lovely reply from a really nice guy. Coincidentally, I got his email seconds after VDNM's confirmation email. The universe wants me to have all of his glass, I think. I'll have to continue my pathetic Jedi mind-tricks on poor, dear wifey! I seriously never wanted/bought so much equipment combusting as I have in ~8 months of vaporization, and it's all down to FC. They've all been good purchases with thanks to FC, to be fair.

    About the current or digital version conundrum, with your hyper-acute sensitivities I thought you were going with the one you know you can tolerate. I think I could get near-exact repeat temps with analog by just making a mark and the heat-up/heat soak isn't a big problem for me. I'm easily distracted. :D

    *I didn't actually say this but I wanted to.
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  7. Dubmonkey

    Dubmonkey Well-Known Member

    Are the Roor and Herbolizer tall bubbler rigs the same or are their differences? I am under the impression that they are the same. Can someone confirm?
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  8. pxl_jockey

    pxl_jockey Barely-Known Member

    Nope @Dubmonkey look back a page or 2 here. @Alexis lined it all out for me as I struggled with this too. @lazylathe also provided details into the roor vapor around there. Just check the last 4 or 5 pages, you'll see it. If you haven't check out the video from @bleak also, his vids are next-level professional vape porn and it features the smaller Bubbler. His video gave me the perspective to clearly know that I wanted the larger one. Until then, even with dimensions & @Alexis telling me, they were larger in my mind.

    Roor is 5cm (2") taller, IIRC and the base is an inch wider (6 inches > 5). Also the roor has their multiple hole diffuser versus Sebastien's four-hole diffy. But @lazylathe is in a committed relationship with his roor, swears by the flavour/clouds/effects it provides for all of his vaporizers. He has approximately a metric shit-ton of experience compared to me, so that has always impressed me. I don't really want to buy lots of glass. Ideally, I would like one (maybe two) good water tool(s) and that's it. Plus 5-6 j-hooks and one kick-ass steamroller. + 2 ash catchers. So maybe I can't be as minimalist as lazylathe, lol... FML :haw:

    Hope this helps, if I have lied someone will straighten me out and get you sorted! :peace:

    EDIT/PS Bleak's stuff isn't porn. It's art.
  9. Dubmonkey

    Dubmonkey Well-Known Member

    Thanks @pxl_jockey for info. Roor set up seller finally got back to me after i told him I bought a Herborizer tall rig. Bought his set up Roor Vapor rig.

    Will have both rigs side by side hopefully next week. Can take measurements for people if they wish.

    Will run both for a few sessions and decide which one to keep.

    Besides VDNM or Herborizer, anyone know where I can source a used controller (dial) and power pack? Otherwise I will sell the new XL injector and bowl then get a DigiTi maybe.
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  10. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    Amazing video! I would like to like it more than once!

    That's nice Sebastien is improving the Ti, will keep an eye on this thread.
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  11. latulipe999

    latulipe999 Well-Known Member

    Somewhere over the Rainbow
    @Dubmonkey i have a personal preference for the taller one, but you will check this out !

    @pxl_jockey i hope you will enjoy this unit as good as i do.
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  12. Hogni

    Hogni Honi soit qui mal y pense

    Berlin, Germany
    I guess it'll arrive Monday. Yep, also hope that you'll enjoy it. And you have all current accessories complete for testing. Take care that you have a small screen at hands. I just discovered that I've forgotten to put the microdose screens into the package.
    BTW if I now would intend to buy a Herb Ti I would wait for first reviews on the Herb Ti Dig. Perhaps the better performance may be worth the higher costs.
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  13. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    A little confusion here possibly? Very likely just myself, but the way I read it, @Dubmonkey has been a jammy buggar to score himself the magnificent, expensive and super sought after, taller 30cm ROOR bubbler, same as the superb @lazylathe has?

    Or did I read that all wrong? If I am correct, then @latulipe999... (and I presume your last photo was the same 25 cm Herborizer bubbler, either repaired or replaced-I don't think you said?)...
    you have only tried the shorter one of the 2 @Dubmonkey has coming.

    At least I assume so- the taller 30cm ROOR, and the middle 25cm Herbo bubbler.

    Ti bubbler only 20cm.

    Seperately, I emailed Seb earlier asking if he made any observations on the practical and performance differences between Ti analog and digital.
    I explained how many users feel a longer heat up and bowl heat soak is required with the analog for optimal performance, and how some see this as a drawback and deterrent from the system.
    I suggested the digital may create more interest from the USA.

    I shall report any feedback I get. Have a super enjoyable evening bros and amigos.:D
  14. Dubmonkey

    Dubmonkey Well-Known Member

    Roor one will be here first most likely. Say Wednesday.

    The herborizer xl I am thinking this coming Friday.

    Honestly can't wait.
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  15. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    My money's on the 30cm trumping it, surely! We'll see, have good fun geezer respect.
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  16. latulipe999

    latulipe999 Well-Known Member

    Somewhere over the Rainbow
    I own the Herborizer XL original bubbler ( 24.5cm ) which is my favorite vapor filter, but it still broken. I am convinced that roor's bubber is the perfect copy of this one. I'm planning to visit Herborizer workplace to have my precious glassware repaired.

    Sebastien lend me a Ti complete kit with the 19cm bubbler to be able to present it on the events of the association for which I work and have it tried to people.

    I work for NORML-FRANCE as vapor expert.

    Here is my introduction on Fuckcombustion

    Last edited: Feb 4, 2018
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  17. pxl_jockey

    pxl_jockey Barely-Known Member

    Wow, @latulipe999 - I just learned a couple of new things about you, how did I not know?
    1) that you're a credentialed vape expert! For NORML-FRANCE no less, very nice my friend.
    2) that you just had your FC 1 year anniversary. I thought you were old-timer around here!

    Isn't Sebastien also in the South, but east? So for you lucky dude, it's a (relatively) short journey to the Herborizer workshop. If I may be so nerdy, would you mind taking a photo of the dream factory? So I also need to ask, are you presenting on the herborizer specifically or also touching on vaporization? Maybe vaporization community is simply larger in France. Sorry for all the questions, man, lol. What a PITA :haw:

    I ask the last one because I can imagine at a NORML-UK event, many wouldn't no much, if anything, about vaporization as it pertains to our interests. I could be very wrong but I've seen very little except the crappy, low-end questionable shit anywhere I've been in England, Wales or Scotland. I had no interest in vaping because of what I thought it meant, until discovering FC last spring. I did try a Volcano & Verdamper in 2008, but both were pricey investments then. So I always wonder how many of us are there in UK? I live in nowheresville personally, but I've been in a lot of headshops whilst travelling and very little vape stuff.

    On the ROOR conversation, it's beautiful glass in person but I haven't hit one. I've no reason to doubt @lazylathe at all, so my thought is it's sublime. I'm sure it's worth it for the price he and @Dubmonkey paid. I had a line on two places for $250 and really hesitated! In the end, the big Bubbler was much less for me; right now I must stay focused on saving for the "Master of my Domain":D! If the Bubbler simply has me in massive orgasms, then I might double-down on the Vapor body later. But not for 300€ and if Seb's glass is rocking my world, then do I really need to double-down? It's probably best to just be mature and happy with what I have and use that cash on herb, I tell myself. Idk, the grass is always greener!

    After I finish agonising over the coming months in my #desktopdecision'18, then I'll have time to anguish over some other self-manufactured "first world problem". You know, rather than just stop wanting/buying!
    This is why I don't have time for the probs of @Alexis afterall, and his digi-analog conundrum. We all have problems, sir. Good day! ;) Sorry I just lashed out, man, I'm really high strung with two toys in transit. I'm high strung and simply high :brow: and that's a bad combination. I'm happy to see the activities in the corner!
  18. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    Wow Latulpe, that is indeed very cool, and thanks for sharing that dark secret you have been hiding from us!:brow:
    A very cool job. And so good of Sebastien to lend you a kit,,he is a dude and a half.
    Just for clarification on the bubblers though, for all's sake- the taller ROOR one is not the same height as you taller Herborizer model. It is 30 cm, as a pose to 24.5, as you say.

    So @Dubmonkey will have the same one as you have (broken), and also the 5 cm taller ROOR model (not the same as XL bubbler at VDNM).

    I hope you will be able to share some exciting insights into your fantastic sounding job with us here and there, and wishing you all the best with it of course.:tup:
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2018
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  19. pxl_jockey

    pxl_jockey Barely-Known Member

    Yeah @Dubmonkey is absolutely cornering the Euroglass market! He will need to make some serious time in his schedule to thoroughly test these two glass cousins to properly contrast their qualities. Dub - I don't ask you to compare or pick a favourite, but since you are the only human bean on the planet I know to have both, just to get your thoughts on the the differences would be cool.

    Maybe in Glass, if some members feel it doesn't belong here but I think it is appropriate since herborizer & roor are partners. The XL & Vapor are cousins, down to the glass; small differences for sure, but the Vapor's heritage is impossible to deny. It could easily be lost in the glass forum and that would be a shame.
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  20. mixchu69

    mixchu69 Well-Known Member

    I have been intrigued by a digi-ti, but wondering if it will not be as portable. The current analog looks so easy to carry around. Looking for a "portable desktop" if that makes any sense.

    Also, where do u guys find the roor vapor bubbler for less than $350 (u.s. dollar sucks right now so everything is more expensive). The only place I can find it is at http://roor.de/vapor-body-p-124.html.
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  21. Dubmonkey

    Dubmonkey Well-Known Member

    Will try the two glass pieces (roor 30cm and Herborizer 25mm) with my shower head and glass symphony set ups. Waiting on a DigiTi or finding a Herborizer XL controller for cheap. With the roor set it comes with XL roor carb and roor labeled heating injector piece. Just no power brick and dial control.

    I couldn’t find ithe roor 30cm cheaper than $400 (299€ Plus 35€ shipping). Used some google ninja skills and located a store site that was having a 50% sale and had a new roor set up minus power pack/controller for $250. Regular $500.

    Of course shopping site check out wasn’t working so emailed store owner. Within a hour got a response that still in stock just not sure if he still has all the pieces. Sent email saying I was interested then never got a response back for weeks. I tried emailing once or twice a week and would get 0 response. I bought the Herborizer body/mouthpiece from VDNM and told roor seller no need to search for pieces. Get a response from roor seller saying he has found the pieces and sent pics. Decided to pull trigger as I figure I will be able to sell one or both if they don’t click with me.

    Right now using my mini Chad G vapor rig.
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  22. pxl_jockey

    pxl_jockey Barely-Known Member

    @mixchu69 yeah, the site I had is now showing out of stock, I suspect it was an old page.
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  23. MrMonss

    MrMonss Well-Known Member

    I planned to go to Quebec, Canada in a few months. I think to take my herbo with me.
    Is the CAN power cord easy to find or Is there an adapter to use my herbo EURO on Canadian electrical sector ?
    Tks guys
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  24. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    If there is one man who can give you a precise and accurate answer on this MrMonss, it will be our brilliant ambassador, @lazylathe !:nod:(think he's still in bed though-can you wait a few hours for the precise intel you seek?)
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  25. pxl_jockey

    pxl_jockey Barely-Known Member

    Dear @MrMonss,

    While I am not lazylathe, I can answer this. As it's 12V DC and uses a brick like a laptop does, the herbo is 110-240V AC. So you're able to use your herbo anywhere without a different cord, just need a plug adapter for Canada/US. For me, this is a big plus for the herbo over other AC home devices that require a controller specifically either 110V or 240V. Do you have glass available in Quebec or you need to bring your own?

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