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Herbalizer or Evo?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Nevertheless1090, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. Nevertheless1090

    Nevertheless1090 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys & gals :wave:

    First and foremost, I completely understand they are two different vaporizers that don't directly compare to one another. But for various different reasons, these are at the top of my list. I am still open to suggestions! Here are what's important to me and It would be great if we can have members with experience with both to contribute.

    1. Conserving herbs
    2. Cloud production :whoa:
    3. Taste
    4. Low-temp vaporization efficiency
    5. Learning curve (from what I understand, neither have an issue in this aspect)
    6. Glass compatibility
    7. Reliability

    So there you have it! I currently own a Cloud but I don't know if the Evo is truly a substantial upgrade excluding the cosmetic upgrades like, lighter, detachable cable ect. But I also have no idea if the Herbalizer will hit how I like my vapes to hit...right in between the eyes! :rockon:

    Thanks FC family, I hope you guys can put my mind at rest with my fist world problem!
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  2. Wizsteve

    Wizsteve Well-Known Member

    Herbalizer if you gotz the money go for it
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  3. M00NEY

    M00NEY Well-Known Member

    I'm over here now...
    I cannot tell you which way to go because I have no experience with the Herbie.

    I can tell you, however that the EVO does hit between the eyes.

    It does an amazing job at conserving your product - I vape daily and I like to feel it and I am down to 1/5th of what I used to have the same effects when combusting.

    I can also tell you the taste with the EVO is unbelievable. I was truly shocked when I used it for the first time. As is true with all vapes out there, the flavor is more pronounced when vaping at lower temps, which is another thing you asked about...

    The EVO is great with lower temps. There is not display telling you exactly what temp you are at, but you can quickly get used to where on the dial your range is for different effects and flavor profiles - for long, drawn out, relaxed sessions or dialing up for a quick one-hit-quit session... It shines IMO.

    Coud production is second to none as far as I can tell.

    If you have a Cloud, your glass is compatible with the EVO - 18.8 Male GonG joint on top of the heater, just like the cloud.

    Learning curve is nil.

    Reliability has been great for me and when issues have arisen for other owners, it sounds like they are handled quickly, painlessly and professionally.

    And finally, to my mind, the upgrade that the EVO provides over the Cloud is far from cosmetic. The heater is much more powerful, heat up time is much faster, airflow is less restricted, bamboo redesigned, the lightness is amazing in how little stress it will put on glass when used inverted, the detachable power cord actually gives you some use with no power (heat retention is excellent - I have cashed ELB's that were untouched and 1/4 full with no power, which took 3-5 hits to do so.) and adds mobility in that you can have a cord stashed in more than one room and carry less around if you like to vape in more than one place.

    And finally, many have stated in the EVO thread that their Cloud has remained surprisingly untouched since the EVO was christened. Some even miss the close relationship they had with their cloud but cannot go back because they feel the EVO to be that much better.

    Hope this helps with at least one side. The Herbie seems to be another great choice. I too was debating back and forth between the two and ultimately I am extremely happy with my decision to go with the EVO. Maybe someday I will afford both - but I honestly don't see a need since I am so damn happy with the EVO.

    Good luck with your choice - seems to me you cannot go wrong.
  4. green2brown

    green2brown Well-Known Member

    1. Herbie. Both work effectively with very little herb, but I find I get more of an affect from <.05g using the Herbalizer than I do with the EVO.

    2. EVO. This one is tough, because the Herbalizer also produces massive clouds. But if your goal is to kill a bowl in a single rip, the EVO takes the cake.

    3. EVO at low temperatures, Herbie at high temperatures. The EVO is the best tasting vape I've tried at lower temps providing full, rich flavor. Herbie doesn't taste as rich at low temps. However, at high temps the Herbalizer lacks the taste/feel of heat that I get with the EVO at high temps. That heat sort of ruins the flavor for me. Also, Herbie gives much less of a popcorn taste at the end of a bowl than the EVO does.

    4. Herbie. I don't use low temp often, but when I do I always turn to Herbie. More effect off the same amount IME. My assumption with the Herbalizer vs EVO is that the EVO's ELBs create a bit of conduction that cooks off some lower temp actives prior to inhalation whereas the Herbalizer doesn't have that initial bit of conduction so it wastes a bit less. Don't get me wrong though, the amount of conduction with the EVO is very minimal relative to most other vaporizers.

    5. Tie. Neither require a specific draw technique and both produce copious amounts of vapor with ease.

    6. EVO. The Herbalizer is easy to connect to glass, but at this time there is no dedicated GonG accessory so it's a DIY situation. It's simple enough though using some SSV tubing and a glass adapter. The EVO has an 18mm male joint so it comes ready to pair with any 18mm glass. I will say that I've been using glass a lot less since getting the Herbalizer. It's been fun switching between whip, glass, and bags. Each offers a different experience.

    7. Herbie. This may not be a completely fair decision to be made at this point in time given that the Herbalizer has only been on the market a couple months. However, in the couple months I've had Herbie I've yet to have any problems. My experience with the EVO has been fine, but I have trouble trusting VapeXhale after spending $1500 on continuously failing Cloud units and being essentially manipulated into purchasing the EVO at an upgrade price because my Cloud died and they were unable to repair it under it's active warranty.

    Overall, I say get the Herbalizer. It's a no brainer IMO, especially since you already own a Cloud. And nothing beats the Herbalizer's almost instantaneous heat up.
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  5. Nevertheless1090

    Nevertheless1090 Well-Known Member

    @green2brown, @M00NEY
    Thanks for such well written answers to all of my questions! This is why I love FC.

    @green2brown, I have no idea if you have any experience with the SSV but that was my only whip based vaporizer. Once I knew how to use it, it was damn near a fog machine! Is Herbie capable of vapor production similar to the SSV above 400? I'm really not a one hit session type of guy. More like 4-7 nice, rich milky hits. It's probably blasphemy to even ask this question :uhoh:
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  6. green2brown

    green2brown Well-Known Member

    If that's what you're looking for then the Herbalizer is exactly what you need. The hits won't be EVO thick, but they're still nice and milky above 400!
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  7. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    I started a bowl with Herbie last night at 440 and got absolutely skablammaged. At high temps Herbie can fog it up.

    @green2brown -- just food for thought, but I suspect the EVO has more radiant heat than conductive heat while in the ELB. Not a big deal, but I am starting to think radiation and conduction are the types of heat that give a vape its signature.
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  8. Buildozer

    Buildozer Baked & Fried

    Radiant heat seems quite interesting.. Someone should start a thread about that...... :shrug:
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  9. Nevertheless1090

    Nevertheless1090 Well-Known Member

    The cloud also excels in giving tasteful yet large blue vapor clouds at low temp. Is Herbie capable of doing so also? The more I ponder this, the more I come to realize both of these vaporizers with be in my arsenal, damnit...
  10. mvapes

    mvapes Scratchin' Glass! Accessory Maker

    A sandy garage!
    Oh boy - I knew someone would start this thread. I don't know if I could say either one is better. Both clearly serve a different purpose. At a champs or High Times convention the Evo is king where as if you were at a medical conference in regards to cannabis Herbie would be the tits!

    This is a real tough one.

    @Nevertheless1090 - that is the whole point. On the EVO there is no exact way of telling the temperature let alone as accurately as Herbie. Therefore your version of low temperature on the EVO may in fact be 20, 30, 40, who knows how many degree's hotter than Herbie.

    I can tell you this too, like @stickstones said - a bowl with herbie is going to put you on your ass. And at low temperatures it's cool because your ABV can still be green but it's like dust.
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  11. green2brown

    green2brown Well-Known Member

    @stickstones -Good call. That would be a more accurate assumption to make. When I put a loaded ELB into a warm EVO I see vapor escape immediately. Radiant heat would be a more likely culprit here than conductive heat.

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