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Hemp Flower

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by olivianewtonjohn, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. olivianewtonjohn

    olivianewtonjohn Well-Known Member

    Well I did not see a thread for this particular topic so I thought we could start discussion here. I recently learned about "hemp" aka federally legal cannabis and it blew my mind.

    Taken from the FAQ of the website I purchased it from (starseedbotanicals):

    We sell Industrial Hemp and other botanicals. According to 7 U.S.C. §5940, the term “industrial hemp” means the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of such plant, whether growing or not, with a Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-9 THC) concentration of not more than 0.3% on a dry weight basis as shown by the Certificate of Analysis available on our “Lab Result” page, this hemp flower has a Delta-9 THC level on a dry weight basis less than or equal to 0.3% maximum level and, therefore, this flower is hemp, not marijuana, and is perfectly legal to possess. This right applies in any state pursuant to the Full Faith and Credit Clause, Article VI, Section 1 of the Constitution, the Supremacy Clause, Article VI, Section 2 of the Constitution, and the Equal Protection Clause, Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment.

    When I learned about hemp buds I found "hempflowers" and "CBDhempBuds" on reddit. There is discussion about the various stores, products and the effects. Stores seem to sell out of products quickly, so while I have never heard about it, there seems to be a large market around this.

    I ordered two strains from starseedbotanicals, Heavy Lifter and Sour Space Candy. Both items took maybe 1 week to reach me. They came in a padded envelope, inside are two chromatography reports for each strain quantifying cannabindoids and terpenes. There was also a sheet of paper explaining the laws and to email or call if there are any questions.

    So far the effects are hard to explain and very different than typical cannabis. I am a lightweight and dont consume cannabis regularly, I do get a buzz but its different. And I do get relaxing effects. Sour Space Candy is not very potent, the other night I vaped it and didnt really feel much. But then I laid down and I had a nice relaxing feeling. Heavy lifter I enjoy much more because the effects arent as subtle, it gives me a relaxing feeling but I am not sleepy, its more of a day time strain.

    I will probably order more down the road.
  2. bushmaster

    bushmaster Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the club. I too vape hemp buds and sometimes mix it with AC/DC marijuana which has less than 3% thc but is high in cbd. I too get a buzz. I don't know if it's from the tiny amount of thc or the high cbd level. I'm not like......wasted but its a nice little high after work where I can take care of my chores and feel mellow. My wife vapes the same mix for the cbd benefits and she doesn't feel any psychoactive effects ever. I guess we're just the lucky ones.;)
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  3. OldNewbie

    OldNewbie Well-Known Member

    I guess this is as good a place as any. While not specifically on target, it's kinda related...

    Last month, South Carolina’s Attorney General Alan Wilson’s office issued a letter to the Chief of the state’s Law Enforcement Division. The letter responded to a number of questions raised by the Chief regarding hemp. South Carolina, like many other states, regulates the cultivation, handling, and processing of hemp. It distinguishes between raw hemp and “hemp products.” Hemp products in South Carolina are defined as:

    All products with the federally defined THC level for hemp derived from, or made by processing hemp plants or hemp plant parts, that are prepared in a form available for commercial sale, including, but not limited to, cosmetics, personal care products, food intended for animal or human consumption, cloth, cordage, fiber, fuel paint, paper, particleboard, plastics, and any product containing one or more hemp-derived cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol. Unprocessed or raw plant material, including nonsterilized hemp seeds is not considered a hemp product.

    One question presented by the Chief was whether “merely placing raw plant material in a package constitute processing hemp into a hemp product?” The South Carolina Attorney General determined that it did not and deferred to law enforcement as to whether a given product is unprocessed, raw hemp which can only be possessed with a license from the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, or a processed hemp product.

    According to a recent report by Greenville News, police in South Carolina are seizing smokable hemp products in South Carolina. On July 13, Anderson County deputies seized 2 pounds of hemp from Top Hat Tobacco. No one was charged but the police report indicated that deputies were investigating the illegal sale of marijuana. Anderson County deputies performed a similar seizure at a convenience store on July 12.

    Greenville News contacted Robert Kittle, a spokesman for the South Carolina Attorney General, who stated that “nothing in our opinion addresses CBD Hemp Flower specifically, so whether [its sale] is illegal without a license is a question of fact that would have to be determined by law enforcement.” A spokeswoman for the South Carolina Law Enforcement division, when asked whether her agency was confiscating smokable hemp in the state said, “we feel the opinion speaks for itself.” However, the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office said that it was not seizing hemp flower from stores.

    South Carolina may not have explicitly banned the sale of smokable hemp, but the sale of any smokable hemp in South Carolina comes with some risk. According to the Greenville News, the smokable hemp sold at Top Hat “is typically heated, cured, and dried by licensed processors before it’s sold to stores.” Arguably, the sale of those products were not the unlicensed sale of raw hemp but rather the sale of hemp products. The situation in South Carolina is murky at the moment.

    Other states have grappled with whether to allow any smokable hemp products. Here is a non-exhaustive list of some states that address the issue of smokable hemp:

    • In June 2019, Louisiana’s Governor signed House Bill 491 into law which states that “[n]o person shall process or sell [a]ny part of hemp for inhalation.”
    • Kentucky’s hemp regulations prohibit the sale of hemp cigarettes; hemp cigars; chew, dip or other smokeless material consisting of hemp floral material; and hemp leaf material or floral material teas.
    • North Carolina’s legislature has been debating whether or not to criminalize smokable hemp in Senate Bill 315, which has yet to make it to the Governor’s desk.
    • In Indiana, a group of retailers who sell CBD products filed a lawsuit in the Southern District of Indiana to declare Indiana’s law making it illegal to manufacture, finance, deliver, or possess “smokable hemp” under state law.
    The mismatch of laws, regulations, and policies on smokable hemp make it difficult for businesses to sell smokable hemp products across state lines. If you operate in this space, you must keep track of each state’s position on smokable hemp. Failure to do so could result in the seizure of products and even criminal charges.​
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  4. cascadiablooms

    cascadiablooms Retailer

    Southern Oregon
  5. 3dfx-glide

    3dfx-glide Boats & Harbors

    Law officers having trouble telling it apart from THC laden cannabis makes sense, but at the same time CBD is not a restricted substance but since they can't tell it apart at first glance they decide to declare it an illegal substance just to make their jobs easier? That's just catering to the police's wishes instead of the public's!

    What nonsense
  6. OldNewbie

    OldNewbie Well-Known Member

    Not "nonsense" but "probable cause". Cops don't have to be right, they have to have facts and circumstances that would lead a reasonable person of like training and experience to believe a crime has or is occurring.

    The legislature is where the problem lies. The law has to change. The police don't (Or, at least shouldn't.) have the right to determine if some crimes should be enforced or not. The legislature has determined cannabis is illegal. The police have a duty to arrest those in possession. They are not going to take a person's name and number to call back after they take a sample of the substance that looks exactly like cannabis and take it to a lab to test and wait for the results. "Hey, 3dfx-glide we need you to come back to the station. That hemp we tested was at .4% rather than .3% so we need to arrest you. What time you coming in?"

    Any time you need laboratory results to know if a crime is committed, it is reasonable for a cop to take everything into account to see if there is probable cause to arrest. If the purported hemp is in the back of a truck heading to the fiber factory, the cop may form the opinion it is hemp. If in a baggie next to a pipe under the seat? It's not unreasonable to think it cannabis possession. That does not mean it right, just reasonable.

    Pro tips for the future:
    1. If you're pulled over while driving and act drunk or stoned, you're going to jail that day--even if you're not drunk/stoned.

    2. If you're searched and are found with powdered caffeine in a parchment paper pouch, you're going to jail that day--even though it is not illegal to possess caffeine.

    3. If the police roll up and see you with a gun in your hand standing over a dead body that has just bled out due to getting shot in the head and all the witnesses say you did it, you're going to jail that day--even if you picked up the gun from the ground to keep the children from playing with it and went to the dead guy to see if there was anything you could do and all the witness are wrong.

    Since every criminal is innocent until proven guilty, no cop is 100% sure a crime has even been committed when they see something. Probable cause is the workaround the courts have found to allow the police to actually attempt to enforce the law. (No matter how silly the law may be.)
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  7. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    the problem - cannabis plant is just one species with different types... there is literally no marijuana plants... marijuana is the drug definition of the smoke of cannabis sativa L... the name marijuana was jacked from marihuana " wild Mexican tobacco"...
    Now THC is being called marijuana plant LOFL . " laugh out Fucking Loud"
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  8. CuckFumbustion

    CuckFumbustion Lo and Behold! The transformative power of Vapor.

    Cuckfumbustion Central
    Trying to widen my view as to what is available. Got a 4 pack sampler from a local Hemp farmer-seller. Hemp buds with Tricomes! From farm to table! Since it comes with a data sheet, I might sort out what compound has more of an impact with me.

    Been without MMJ for a week, But the hemp buds and kava kava seem to keep things even keel. I do feel a bit elevated from these buds if I vape 3x what I'd normally would with MJ.

    Love that I can pick up buds from my local farmer's market as an option. All the local head shops sell hemp flowers. But I am getting to know the CBD sellers who are just starting to sell hemp buds. There is more CBD products available here than types of bottled water. :lol: So it's time to start making distinctions and get more bang for my buck.

    What distinctions are there to make since I can read the cannabinoid profile for the buds that I'm getting?
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  9. Poostuff

    Poostuff Well-Known Member

    My only concern would be is that as far as I’m aware industrial crops aren’t grown for consumption.
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  10. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    That is awesome that you have all those CBD choices.
    When cannabinoid profiles are available, I try to go for the highest % CBD product AND the product with the most cannabinoid varieties ( to enhance the entourage effect).

    Before that evaluation, my first criteria is clean grown hemp. There is no "organic hemp farm certification" so I look for "grown with organic methods". Your option for direct buy from the farmers is great for this.

    You said you can read the "cannabinoid profile" for the buds----are there lab reports?
    Do the profiles show terpenes too?

    You can start a journal of what strains work best for you, and then look for a pattern, like a XY strain with CBC and THC
    seems to work for you, etc.
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  11. CuckFumbustion

    CuckFumbustion Lo and Behold! The transformative power of Vapor.

    Cuckfumbustion Central
    A lot more CBD sellers offer their profile online. Often batch specific. When ordering online, usually the shipper will send a copy with it as well as a letter to the postal service that these here are HEMP buds not cannabis. Another factor is complexity. How many types of compounds are in a single plant/batch/oil.

    They might. It just could be listed as a compound in some lab reports. Some will also give safety profiles as well. What makes cannabis unique from most plants is the range of compounds it can create. Hemp meant for paper - less complex.
    Hemp for CBD and flowers perhaps in the middle. I try to keep it flower specific. Heard some positives about the 'Electra' strain as one example.

    I've mentioned that to some people who arn't finding anything that works for them. Once I educate myself more, I will get more refined as to what flower is good for what.
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  12. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    BUT ! people feel safe ingesting industrial hemp waste because that is all their Government allows them... the Gov cares
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  13. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    "Industrial hemp" is another of those murky/ multiple definition words in the world of cannabis.
    It is often tied to the legal Fed definition of hemp vs cannabis:

    Wikipedia ..."As defined by U.S. federal law, non-psychoactive hemp (also commonly-termed industrial hemp), regardless of its CBD content, is any part of the cannabis plant, whether growing or not, containing a ∆-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of no more than 0.3% on a dry-weight basis."

    It can be an industrial crop grown for fiber or seeds etc.
    It can also be a hemp crop grown specifically for CBD extraction from flowers that is grown under organic methods which is as clean and well grown as any pampered cannabis crop.

    If your hemp crop is over 0.3% THC, it is no longer industrial/ non-psychoactive hemp.

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