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Hemp allergy

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by 1800yolk, May 30, 2014.

  1. 1800yolk

    1800yolk Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone

    I originally joined this forum to research and eventually buy the Arizer Solo. Great little device.

    Over the past year or so, I've been having trouble keeping healthy. I've since found out that my issues are from the food allergies I've developed, such as sunflower, sesame, safflower, poppy, mustard, rapeseed..

    All the while, I was smoking weed. It tended to make me feel pretty good, but there were definitely a fair share of times when I had difficulty breathing and stuff. I figured I was just being paranoid, and left it at that.

    Turns out, after buying some "hemp hearts" from whole foods, and eating just a quarter size amount, I had a pretty serious reaction. My throat got pretty tight, and I had to dose up on benadryl. Felt pretty terrible for over 24 hours, until it passed.

    So as much as I love toking, it's time for me to give it up. At best, I could start making hash oil, but even then I'm not entirely sure the plant proteins would be removed in the process. It's something I'll look into, but if you have knowledge about that I'd be quite interested :)

    Thanks for reading guys, and happy travels
  2. HerbalHealing

    HerbalHealing Well-Known Member

    That's unfortunate.

    Are you sure it wasn't some additive in the hemp hearts perhaps? Do you have a similar reaction after vaping too? I can see smoking impacting breathing, but vaping too?

    I think I'm also slightly allergic as whenever I vape, my eyes turn red and my mouth gets dry.
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  3. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    Maybe you have Cannabis Pollen Allergy?

    Source: http://allergies.about.com/od/foodallergies/a/Marijuana-Allergy.htm

    Cannabis sativa also produces large amounts of pollen, typically during the summer months, that is spread by the wind over long distances. This pollen microscopically resembles Nettle, a weed pollen that commonly causes allergic symptoms. Over the past 40 years, various cases of marijuana allergy have been reported, including from smoking and ingesting various parts of the plant, as well as from exposure to the pollen.

    There's also references to Cannabis smoking and eating allergies too.

    Hope this help and Best of Luck, Seriously! :nod:
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  4. Deja Vu

    Deja Vu stay true to yourselves

    Any sort of hemp allergy would be devastating in our household. Does this mean that you will stop using your vape for cannabis? You can always flush your body of any traces of it over a week or two of having super-foods and detox stuff (berries!) and then slowly, SLOWLY introduce minuscule amounts of hemp into your diet to slowly get your body used to it and at least gauge an idea of your limits of what your body can take.
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  5. Egzoset

    Egzoset Vaporist of Borg

    Salutations 1800Yolk,

    That's more of a health concern than the intolerance symptoms i'm experiencing myself but there's a trick which has some evident effect on me so perhaps the following may help the less severe cases: i found out that when i chew 3 pieces of Dentyne Ice (Intense) simultaneously the over-reaction signs calm down in less than about 30 seconds, though such protection won't last for more than a couple minutes - while the gum provides sufficient relief for my next inhalation... Also, it appears to depend on configuration, vaporisation temperature and dosage; the level of severity observed this winter seems mostly a thing of the past now, but i still get difficult episodes.

    Thank you for the testimony anyway as it shows my situation could be worst. I got lucky i guess!

    Good luck with your own struggle.

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  6. 1800yolk

    1800yolk Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies guys!

    Yea I've had reaction symptoms from just vaping, though I always thought it was paranoia or something. I always wondered why I was such a lightweight with weed, toking just a little would make my blood pressure drop quite violently, one of the things that happens during reactions. The difficulty breathing part was tough too, but it only seemed to happen about 1/3 of the time. I could probably get away with vaping again, but I'd just rather stay away from something that will eventually cause tissue damage from histamine production.

    Happy toking!
  7. syrupy

    syrupy Authorized Buyer

    That's kind of a drag. But it makes me curious if concentrates would work in your situation. It may not be worth finding out. The purer the concentrate, the more it's just THC in there. I'm assuming it's not THC that's the allergy, since the store-bought hemp seeds that caused a reaction don't have THC in them. If you could get some capsules like Pure Gold that have the other compounds stripped out, it would be interesting to see if that was reactive.
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  8. 1800yolk

    1800yolk Well-Known Member

    I'm gearing up to try some concentrates at some point, but I'll have to search around for the right person. On top of finding someone who does it well, if they use an oil that i'm allergic to to extract it, then that could be worse than any hemp reaction i could get. I don't think I'm quite reactive enough to hemp to be worried about an emergency room trip or anything, especially considering how often i used to use it. It's hard to find information on whether or not proteins from the plant end up in the stuff. I've got some heptane and petroleum ether on hand, so maybe i'll try to do some extracting myself. I'll probably wait until I have proper lab equipment though, which won't be anytime soon.

    Will report back when I have info!
  9. elvenflow

    elvenflow Well-Known Member

  10. 1800yolk

    1800yolk Well-Known Member

  11. elvenflow

    elvenflow Well-Known Member


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