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HELP!! What Atomizer has No Wicks and All Metal and Glass??

Discussion in 'ABV' started by sixshooter, Jun 23, 2014.

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  1. sixshooter

    sixshooter 6Shotter

    I am looking for the brand or brands and models that make a wickless, all glass and metal atomizer. I was at the vape shop and a kid told me that Kanger may make a wickless atomizer, but they only carry the ones with the wick.

    What brands and models of Atomizer have no wicks and are made of all glass and metal for easy cleaning? And have replaceable coils?

    Help, shops around here don't know anything :(
  2. kushcabbage

    kushcabbage vapor nerd

    cloud 9
    all glass? hmm try w9tech.com you need to look at the kiss cart, still wicks, but grade 2 titanium wire wrapped around medical grade ceramic, no plastics or welds. A more expensive option would be the s4-74 hercules. Ceramic rod, around titanium mesh to hold your concentrate. All you taste is your product.
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