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[help] Weird green floating growth INSIDE Percolator

Discussion in 'Glass' started by howzcat, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    Its all good essentially direct and untampered from nature. And those mined salts are also sea salts from ancient unpolluted beds,

    Supposedly through the process of being dried and preserved by the sun...I never store and recall much techinical info as my brain is so compromised so I just take what I need from it- the bottom line.

    That doesnt help at such times as these however. Im just very open to all ideas. I also trust my own senses to a point, when experience is so compelling.

    And I can say hands down that not all natural unrefined salt is equal in quality, benefit and medicinal and healing power. Not to mention TASTE!:drool: Im a flavour snob when it comes to my salt!:lol:

    Not joking though, all himalayan salts vary a LOT in flavour if you are able to tune into it as I naturally am. The best Himalayan I used to get was out of world yummy. It was very whitish, less red. The best stuff ever I swear. I paid £13 delivered per kg gladly and wouldnt be without it.
    We also have one (pink himalayan) from the local health food shop. Its very pink in comparison, and very good in taste, but not that boom strain you love so much if you get me.
    Its only £5.50 per kg, and we always have it in house. It tastes distinctly different to the other whiter £13 Himalayan one. I use it in cooking etc, and occasionally on meals. But I love the good ones too much lol! Oh we use this pink one to make saurkraut.

    Both of these salts have also consistently tested as being excellent quality for the body over the years by the amazing Vega equipment my homeopath uses. I triedxmany samples and brands over years and found that surprisingly many...Didn't test well, so not as useful or beneficial to the body.
    Unfortunately, anything from nature can vary so much and ehike the same thing, one source is much better for you than another and it takes good fortune and dilligence to discover it. This also applies to salt.

    I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to learn directly about salt and find some genuine sources which I can recommend to anyone. Any old rock or himalayan salt is not the same thing unfortunately. I resisted the logic of this initially. Sea salt is generally good as long aw totally unrefined, but again will vary and is polluted now too.

    We have sea salt too- greyish stuff. In a tub below the 2 himalayas in cupboard. We use this to cook pasta etc. Cheap as Cali weed haha! Nowhere near as tasty though.

    And I have ANOTHER pink Himalayan salt which I got £8 for 5 kg, purely to brush my teeth with! Since 2005 and Lyme Disease etc, I could not put any toothpaste or natural alternative I ever tried in my mouth without severe respiratory symptoms. So I have brushed my teeth with pink salt only ever since, which have remained perfectly healthy. No dentist visits in years in fact.

    However I dont eat this salt. Salt is a supplement to me. A medicine, so vital to the body. So USEFUL. So my approach is to make 100% of my salt intake of the absolute best quality (in a very "energetic" sense) that I can get and be sure of.
    I always weigh my daily salt. No food I eat has any added refined salt, or any added salt full stop. 100% home prepared, unprocessed. And I have learnt how we need a lot more salt than than we have been convinced. I weigh 10 grams every day, split between 2 meals.

    I see this as a supplement- a medicine. A requirement, in balance with sufficient clean(ish) water. And all indications for health and very positive after many years. Exceptional heart, cholesterol, blood pressure health etc. Opposite to what we have been trained. 6 grams of salt daily is an UNDERDOSE. We need 8 grams minimum.

    But if the source is man made refined poison, a whole new equation comes into play and this is the most fundamental thing most people just dont understand.
    Man made salt ISNT medicine. It is turned into POISON plain and simple.
    So get good salt, and dont be afraid of it.

    Oh yes, just to clarify- I am using exlusively the Redmond real salt now for meals, 10 grams.
    It is very high in silica too. Since switching my skin is noticeably improved and visibly shinier. Silica is a massive deficiency and us vital for all bodily tissues. Anyway, it tastes great and I love it.

    @ataxian I bought a new vaporizer very spontaneously yesterday due to a big reduction and my mood. It's still a secret because I haven't digested it myself yet and totally wasn't it supposed to do it at this time and hadn't considered doing it anyway.

    You have one, you have played a key part in making me increasingly want this vaporizer by glamorising it so much so I expect I will see you in the threads in question before long my friend and may call on your good advice.:tup:
  2. ataxian

    ataxian PALE BLUE DOT

    Pacific Ocean
    Update you signature line.

    My wife is FRENCH and is incedable with food!
    She buy's da salt from whole foods Pink in color.

    I use the EVO many x a daz.

    My GSC (SANTA BARABARA) very strong
    CANADA DRY: CACTUS COOLER is da description of taste. (Orange, lemon & pineapple)
    Clean glass all ways!
    Last edited: May 30, 2018
  3. GetLeft

    GetLeft Well-Known Member

    Convection City
    How does this one measure up?

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  4. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    You want specifically "Untreated and unrefined". You can get unrefined sea salt which is very white, but it has been treated and is not whole.

    Our unrefined sea salt is greyish, it should never be pure white.
    "Celtic sea salt" is proably the most reknowned sea salt which can rival the quality of the best Himalayan and Redmond.

    But seriously, try and get some Redmond Real salt in the cupboard. Widely available online. Im chumping it right now, YUMMY bruv trust!:drool::drool:

    Or Celtic Sea salt. If that one you show is not greyish, and doesnt specify unrefined, it is inferior stuff. You woukdnt want to go your whole life consuming altered, denatured, devitalised and technically artificial and sub standard, inferior WEED for example, which completely lacks the powerful healing properties due to being so damaged and altered from nature.

    That is the core of it. Coincidentally, an observation I made earlier: I could feel how amazingly healthy and smooth, and relaxed my heart was beating earlier today. I have always had a very healthy resting pulse. But today it felt so good I checked it- 41 bpm!!:cool:

    It can vary from low 40's to mid 50's but truly feels so strong and at ease. This is after years of a very high natural salt intake- consistently, daily....
    And a very high natural fat intake- 50 grams coconut oil daily average, tons of Ex V Olive oil, lots of nuts, meat and fish etc.

    WELL OVER 100 grams fat daily anyway. High or close to 50/5 Saturated fat intake. And 10 grams salt daily added to food. It just makes you think.:hmm:

    Edit I just looked up La Baleine. No specifucation of unrefined but:
    ITS FULL OF ADDITIVES! NO salt needs additives. Stay away, fake contaminated shit.

    Seriously, if you care about health take my advice and get the good stuff.
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  5. howie105

    howie105 Well-Known Member

    If it comes down to salt as cleaning agent versus salt as a food stuff is there an advantage of one type salt over the other? I always went with rock salt but I could be missing something?
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  6. ataxian

    ataxian PALE BLUE DOT

    Pacific Ocean
    @Alexis will you live 4-ever?
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  7. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    Haha I wish (or do I?) Its just nice to feel rewarded when you make serious commitment to your health, diet and lifestyle with discipline over a long time.

    It became essential for me, from contracting Lyme Disease, to 100% support my bodily health in every way possible. It was vital to managing the condition, making progress and just feelong okay in life.
    I instantly became ultra-sensitive to bad foods and substances. Everything artificial, synthetic, tampered, inferior etc.

    Like a divining rod for the good and bad. My senses and intuition are very tuned into how thongs affect my body and consciousness. Works both ways. I can really sense, feel and observe the effects of healing foods and supplements.

    And vice versa with all the bad crap out there. Being ill opened my eyes to how mentally mankind lives. Poisoning oneself fast is the standard with diet especially. In total ignorance, naivety and ultimately- INSANITY!
    In most cases people just have NO COMPEHENSION of this and dont understand how atrocious and health robbing (and prematurely ageing) their toxic, man made fake diets are to their bodies and minds.

    I was naive as hell myself, but illness forced me to learn, realise and discover so much. I have many serious problems still. My immune and nervous system are fucked right up from the Lyme. I have severe chronic fatigue, lots of injuries and bodily damage with widespread pain and phenominal weakness most of the time.
    I have had permanent lung and respiratory infections since 2005, at least 2 infections in both lungs every single day for 13 years. As many as 6 infections simultaneously in the lungs alone.

    With my immune system so messed up from the Borrelia it is a constant battlle to live with these respiratory infections which are massively more severe and debilitating for me than the average person due to severe allergies and respiratory symptoms plus other factors no doubt.

    So I have a lot of major problems, lots of damage. But then is the bizarre irony- in many senses, my bodily health is very very good. Heart health could not be better. Same for blood pressure and cholesterol levels which are at the highest levels of optimum and ideal again after years of a very high natural fat and salt intake.

    I also look remarkably well and especially young for my age. I 'm 38 but people often think I'm in my early 20s.
    So I guess it is just nice to feel the rewards for having made the utmost commitment and sacrifice based on education and logic to take whatever steps I can diet and lifestyle wise to fortify and safeguard my health through time to give me a much better chance of managing and overcoming my condition.

    And it pays off. It is not about vanity or holding on to the body in insecure material sense. More a case of sheer sanity and recognising The Madness of living your whole life feeding Your Body on artificial synthetic man-made denatured crap which does not support health but robs and destroys it.

    As you have seen I am very passionate about sharing my experiences and some of the basic things I have learnt about which I truly believe others would benefit from enormously.
    The topic of the type of salt we consume being a prime example but one of the easiest things to correct and yet one of the most important aspects of health which most people have absolutely zero comprehension of whatsoever.

    Hope you are doing well @ataxian . And im excited that you may be able to try the Flowerpot soon, I do strongly believe it may work even better for you than the Evo in a medical sense, and you know I want only the best for you old pal!

    TODAY I will sell my new EVO for £251 to my friend Dave. I can't use the Evo but at least I tried?:)
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  8. ataxian

    ataxian PALE BLUE DOT

    Pacific Ocean
    U know i find the EVO very useful 4 my ataxia.

    Depends on where your born GEOGRAPHICALLY?
    I was going to get a FP however2 people who told me no don't get one?
    So i did not.

    This is amazing being on this planet as it is.

    I hope your doing fine!

    Some r born into poverty?
    Some r born strong?
    Some r born weak?
    We r lucky just to be alive!

    Many friend's of mine who live in HAWAII r gluten free.
    I thought it was in there head & not factual?
    One day after lunch I could not speak?.
    I eliminated gluten from my diet to try this life stlye?
    I regained my ability to speak!

    CANNABIS help's me think correctly.

    As a young gun joint's were vouge. (Pre-bong era)
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2018
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  9. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    I was genuinely astonished Ataxian when I tested the FPSH at how much I felt it working in the medicinal sense. I have emphasized this over and over when sharing my limited experiences and observations with the Flowerpot, and in my strong opinion is very important aspect is not giving a fraction of the recognition and credit it's deserved when people are considering and discussing that model.

    I do believe that the Flowerpot has more potential to deliver the medicinal benefits of the herb than any other device I have personally tried including the Evo. This is primarily why I have encouraged you towards it on occasion because I do strongly believe that when there is an important medical condition in need of assistance having the most effective device in a medical sense is a very good idea going forwards in life.

    However I understand completely your reasons for having been dissuaded and held off so far. And that is why I have strong hope that you will be able to try the device with the help of another member to see how it could or might not work for you.

    So I hope that plan comes together and you can assess it as a feasible option or not all in the name of health of course as well as maximum enjoyment of your glorious medicine to make life is fun and comfortable as possible.

    But this is not to knock the Evo or imply at all that you are lacking in what you need currently in this regard.
    Yes we need to keep a brighter, more humble, more thankful and less self piteous existence generally. We should recognise daily the wonderful gift life is and the amazing opportunities it offers, this is always a challenging feat when suffering is so high at times or most of the time.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2018
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  10. GetLeft

    GetLeft Well-Known Member

    Convection City
    @Alexis I'm about to click on the Redmond sea salt but am seeing reviews that it is gritty (due to sand)...
  11. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    Yes I read that. This is ver6 misleading though, and these type of stupid comments on priduct reveiws can really annoy me when they make out something is an issue when in practice it absolutley is not.

    I mean, had I not been so firmly adamantly decided that the Redmond was the right direction for me, I may have been put off by the comments ablut "sand."

    The sand is actually "silica", a truly amazing mineral we are all so lacking in which makes up our skin, hair, connective tissue etc. And so much more.

    The Redmond salt I got was the coarse chunks. You can buy it already finely ground. I choose to blend it myself because I can vary the grond size with blender time, but also the goodness and energy of the salt is better preserved pre-grinding.

    So in the coars Redmond I have, there are loads of little grey chunks. This is the silica or "sand" as the misleading, fuss making muppets like to call it.;)

    I LOVE those bits of silica. I crunch them up, they are soft and not in any way disagreeable or problematic.
    So dont be put off. On the contrary, be very thankful for the sudden increased influx of bioavailable silica in your diet.

    Since switching to Redmond, my skin is posistively shinier and looks and feels amazingly healthy (it always has to be fair, but is noticeably shinier now).
    I eat 10 grams every day though, so Im getting a good dose. These natural salts are also packed full of other essential minerals.

    @GetLeft thank you very much for being open to my suggestions. I wish you the best with your health and well being always, take care man (and don't listen to the "sand" people lol!):tup:
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