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Help me Perfect my Qwet/Tincture process

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by arcwind, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. arcwind

    arcwind Well-Known Member

    Hey Everyone,

    Been lurking for months and decided I wanted to post and get some help. I live in a backwards state so concentrates are next to impossible to find so Im stuck making my own. I have made 2 batches of qwiso and they were a learning experience but since I dont own a vacuum i want to shy away from qwiso and bho towards ethanol plus Im wanting to get edibles out of the process so without further delay, my idea:

    Goal: To end up with 2 washes of Qwet, then use the leftover to make a Everclear based tincture. Hopefully out of the 14g im using I will net 2g of oil and 14 good doses of tincture.

    Type of Flowers: Average city Kush/Haze shake/trimmings (Getting a half ounce for $100)

    Step 1: ensure there are no pieces larger than a marble, then decarb the flowers for 15 minutes at 175 degrees in the oven

    Step 2: Take flowers out of the oven, and put in my deepfreeze for 24 hours, same with Everclear

    Step 3: Do the First two 3 minute washes, draining into two seperate pyrex dishes

    Step 4: Set the pyrex dishes on my griddle at 100 to gently speed the evaporation process

    Step 5: Fill the Mason jar with Everclear again, shake it vigorously, then put it in the deep freeze

    Step 6: Once the evap is done scrape the dishes onto parchment paper and press together, then set the two papers on the griddle for about 30 seconds to bind the pieces together, then place them back in their pyrex dishes to finish the final evap.

    Step 7: Twice a day for 10 days shake the mason jar

    Step 8: After the 10 days, strain the tincture into a mason jar and place back in the deep freeze for storage

    My theory is that I will get more high/$ doing tincture after my 2nd wash instead of doing 3-4 washes and getting less of a crappier oil to boot. All help and advice would be awesome!

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