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Help me decide: Ghost MV1, Fire Fly 2, Mighty, vapcap

Discussion in 'ABV' started by Mynameismud, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. Mynameismud

    Mynameismud But call me Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie.

    Hey all could use some help from owners, Ive manily been dabbing the past couple years and am looking to get back in the herbal vape game.

    My main concerns are potency/effectiveness of the vapor
    BUT MORE inportantly i want long lasting flavor.

    Anyway, Id ideally like something that I can take around fairly easily as I commute alot.

    So I think Ive narrowed it down to the Ghost mv1, The Firefly 2 and the Mighty. I also threw in the vapcap because ive been interested in that also.

    Anyway I really enjoy the idea of the on-demand style vaporizers because i cant always sit down for a 10-20 minute session and even when i do sometimes adhd kicks in and i waste it.

    Im leaning toward the ghost mv1 In the reviews ive read people are saying the FF2 has better and longer taste compared to the Ghost. I used to have the original Firefly and while taste was very good i dont remember it being anything that stuck out to me versus other vapes...

    Anyway any input/help would be appreciated
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  2. started@52

    started@52 Well-Known Member

    Start with a Dynavap, you will end up with one anyway, lol.
  3. YaMon

    YaMon Vaping since 2010

    Nothing discrete about the FF2, it very much looks like your are smoking a bowl when using it as opposed to some e-cig. I’m also not a fan of the required stirring and wish they would come out with a vertical design for the FF3.

    DynaVap is a good option, but requires technique. An Induction Heater can reduce the amount of technique involved, but it will always be unregulated.. whereas all the other vapes in your list are regulated (You set a temp)

    You may want to add the RBT Splinter or Splinter Z to your list, depending upon stem length and mod you pair up with it, it may be portable.. as the Mighty and MV-1 are not necessarily pocket vapes. I’ve found The Splinter Z my go to if I cannot use my NewVape FlowerPot
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2019
  4. bossman

    bossman Gentleman Of Leisure

    I second @YaMon's recommendation of the Splinter Z or Splinter V1. I own a Mighty (don't own a Ghost) and it can't hit as hard or extract as quickly as a Splinter. You could finish a bowl in the time it takes a Mighty to warm up.

    Admittedly, Splinters aren't super portable with a glass stem. As a dabber you'd probably love a Splinter of some kind and the prices are reasonable now that RBT has a reliable Chinese manufacturer.

    Smart to have a VapCap and induction heater too. Get an Omnivap XL if it's in your budget.
  5. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    As long as you are ok with the size of the Mighty and MV-1 ( portable but not pocketable), they are both good choices IMO.

    Mighty is easier/less fussy but Ghost gives better flavor. Mighty flavor is very good but MV-1 flavor is excellent, although you need to pay more attention-- to grind consistency/ it prefers drier flowers/ etc.
    Ghost heatup time is only 10-15 seconds for quick hits. Mighty heatup time is more like 40 seconds?
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  6. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead High Standards

    The Full Spectrum
    FWIW I usually take a dab when I want long lasting flavor. Not sure any flower vape will really tick that box.
    IMO the longer it takes to finish a bowl the worse a vape is for flavor.

    These vapes have less than ideal air paths for my tastes. I've got no experience with the g43 but it's what I'd be looking at if I was in the market for a flower portable.
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  7. bossman

    bossman Gentleman Of Leisure

    The G43 isn't portable at all if you need an empty bubbler for cooling purposes. I'm plenty curious about that vape myself but it looks like a mini desktop setup to me, yeah?
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  8. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead High Standards

    The Full Spectrum
    You can use a Jhook, or hit it directly off the joint like a roach clip lmao. I know what you mean, BUT it just depends on the vapor quality one desires. I know many people that carry bubblers for their travel rig, it's extremely common here in California for people to carry a full blown dab setup in a Pelican hardcase. Realistically all of these vapes are fairly clunky in their own right, most flower portables are. Not sayin the g43 is ultra compact but the flavor retention is probably superior just based on the build materials.
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  9. Mynameismud

    Mynameismud But call me Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie.

    How is taste with the Vap Cap.

    How is taste with the splinters. im assuming theyre on demand style since u need a box mod?
    I understand the flavor difference between dabbing and vaping herbs. The vape i have now provides amazing flavor at the beginning with no vapor and then as soon as i start seeing vapor it starts to taste like crap. Also the load needs to be stirred because the bottom is always black and the top light brown but because of the design its impossible to stir it while using.

    So im ideally looking for something that actually tastes decent for like at least half a load before turning to burnt popcorn or just a burnt taste
  10. YaMon

    YaMon Vaping since 2010

    @Mynameismud as the VapCap vapor path is metal, imho its not the best vape for flavor chasing, that said I agree with @invertedisdead that when flavor chasing the more hits you do on the same bowl the more the flavor declines.. better to have a vape that can exhaust a bowl quickly and for that you need a lot of power, which 2 & 3 battery mods provide.

    This is not to say I have not had very flavorful hits from my VapCaps, its just not as easily repeatable for me which is likely due to the fact my VapCaps are not daily drivers for me.. so while I have used them for some time now, my techniques could still use some work... just another symptom of VAS
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  11. virtualpurple

    virtualpurple Well-Known Member

    I use a few in rotation. I have a few with me here in Texas and many more back in Alaska. I think the vapcap though is a great daily driver option, and overall I probably use my vapcap more than any other vape I own.

    I sure don’t think @started@52 id wrong. I think for many of us the vapcap finds its way into our lives.

    When I first ordered one (OG Glassy), it was on a whim because it was so inexpensive. I thought it might be fun to play with for a few days and then go into a drawer until I needed a disposable vape while traveling. I wasn’t big on using lighters.

    Boy did that change quick. I love the simplicity and the complexity of the vapcap, it has been an incredible tool That has just kept improving.

    When running full ovens in my vapcap the taste definitely diminishes a bit at the end, but most of the time I just put in enough to kill it fast in one or two heat cycles, that way every hit is a green hit.

    Like @YaMon stated, the vapcap vapor path is metal, which I don’t mind, but you can create a glass air path pretty simply if desired. @DDave’s water wands fit the vapcap tips and you don’t need to use a metal condensor. Alternatively you can purchase glass condensers still from Dynavap directly or buy some glass eye-droppers (Super easy to find) and use a Dremel to cut down the tip where the glass gets super narrow.

    @Mynameismud i don’t have any experience with the ghost, mighty, or firefly 2. I’ve heard good things about them, maybe less so with the firefly.
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  12. Mynameismud

    Mynameismud But call me Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie.

    Yeah I was thinking about just getting the cap and making glass or quartz airpath for the vapcap if i got it
    What is the difference between a Splinter Splinter v1 splinter v2 and Splinter Z
  13. YaMon

    YaMon Vaping since 2010

    V1 & V2 Splinters Botha utilize the same heater and are both made in China. The Splinter Z has a much larger heater which is ready for any challenge you throw at it, but you may want to use at least a two battery mod with it.
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  14. bossman

    bossman Gentleman Of Leisure

    I don't think folks who advocate for the VapCap in a flavor conversation are really clued in. I suppose I could try to under heat my Omni xl to get some kind of flavor performance but it doesn't work that way and that's not where it has value.

    The VapCap is efficient, durable, and has a great ritual. It has toasty vapor though and after the first hit I have trouble thinking it could ever be the mainstay for a flavor chaser.

    The Splinters live up to the hype. Get a Chinese Z or get a V2 if you'd prefer the slightly smaller size and lower price. Treat yourself and then you'll have a really high bar set for flavor and hit size.

    No way I'd recommend a Mighty when you can get a V1, a mod, a VapCap M, and a Fury 2 for the same money.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2019
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  15. darbarikanada

    darbarikanada Well-Known Member

    vapcap pros: single hits no problem, small
    vapcap cons: you look like you're smoking crack if you use a torch - not discreet. requires technique - it's easy to combust or get overly hot hits.

    I don't have a ghost, but have followed the thread quite a bit, so...

    pros: on demand, great flavor
    cons: you have to stir, and (so they say) you don't get that many tasty hits off a bowl before the flavor deteriorates. pretty large, heavy.

    mighty (my fave) pros: easy to learn, easy to use. great flavor if that's what you want, big clouds (and less good flavor) if that's your thing. no stirring necessary - ever, period. the ABV is always even colored, with no green or burnt bits - it's all a kind of ocher color (and yes, it's really spent when it looks like that)
    mighty cons: the big one for you is that it's a session vape, not an on-demand. you can do smaller loads, either with the liquid pad or a capsule, but if you want single hits, the mighty won't work for you.

    hope this helps!
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  16. Greenleaf88

    Greenleaf88 Active Member

    I say no wrong choice between ghost and a mighty. U should buy one of them and a
    Vapcap m 50$ it’s worth it.
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  17. shervin2

    shervin2 Two-Click Bowlshevik

    Vapcap is the most superior, in price and performance.
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  18. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    I agree with the suggestion for a splinter. I prefer 1 battery mods with my splinters and Z. Or, if you don't want to buy a box mod, the mistvape.
    Having said that, given the price, getting an inexpensive vapcap definitely seems like a great place to start.
    You're thinking of spending quite a bit of money on a mighty- you can't go wrong spending quite a bit less to try a vapcap.
    I know people keep talking about it taking a while to learn a technique for several vapes including the vapcap. All the ones I've tried, in spite of that, work fine right from the start without a learning curve. We all develop our own style over time with our favorite vapes but that's just automatic.
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  19. Cheesequake

    Cheesequake MDE Never Dies

    I'd go Milaana over all of them, but between the ones you listed I'd pick the Ghost for sure. You can at least replace the battery without shipping it to S&B (like you'd have to eventually with the Mighty) and the flavor is top notch. Can also have preloaded crucibles kind of like the Mighty/Crafty. I've heard extremely mixed reviews on the FF2, and if it's anything like the FF1 I can easily see why.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2019
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