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Help Choosing My First Desktop

Discussion in 'ABV' started by kajisindian, Aug 7, 2014.

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  1. kajisindian

    kajisindian Member

    Hi guys, I've been deliberating a lot about what sort of desktop vape I want. I've read so many threads, reviews, and websites... but it has just left me even more muddled. When I think I have figured it out, then I read something else that sends my mind spinning again. I felt like the only way to make any headway is to ask you all myself. Sorry if this post ends up being long, I feel like it is necessary to give you as much info as I can so I can figure this all out.

    I've never used a desktop vape, but I have used a couple of portables:
    Firewood- I didn't really like it and I felt like there was too much hassle to get anywhere with it.
    Solo- Good, it got me high, but I don't like the draw system. I don't like having to look down to use it all the time. Maybe that's just me being really picky though.
    Indica- I like this one, I feel like it gets me just as high as the solo but I don't feel like it I have to constantly look down to use it.

    So, that is my experience with vapes so far. I am not a very heavy user. An eight can last me anywhere from two weeks to a month (maybe even more) depending on what I have going on. I don't usually smoke more than two bowls of my solo or my indica in a given day. I feel like that might carry some weight with your suggestions.

    What I want from a vape:
    Efficiency - I would prefer that if I smoked just as often with a desktop that eights would last just as long. I'm not expecting them to last longer. And I don't know if this is a ridiculous statement, I don't know if desktops are supposed to be more or less conservative than portables.

    Bowl size - I would like to be able to fill a bowl with small amounts for when I'm alone as well as with large amounts for when I am with friends.

    Water tools - Being able to attach to a water tool is a must. If it can attach without having to buy an extra piece or if the piece is relatively cheap, then that is a plus.

    Glass - All glass would be preferred, but it really isn't necessary. I just like how you can reclaim your glass.
    Stirring - I would prefer if it vaped evenly without needing to stir, but also, not the biggest issue.

    Airflow - I would prefer to have a decent airflow and not have to feel like I'm sucking on a clogged pipe.

    Hard hitting - This is where I get confused as to how I want to describe what I want. I want something that I can feel without having to suck on it for half an hour to just feel a little bit. But I don't care about clouds. I also don't mind spending some time with it. I don't need to feel it in one hit. For example, I like the amount of time I spend with the solo. I usually go through and or two 12 minute sessions with it and that is perfect, I get to spend some time with it and chill (something I feel like I lose a bit when I'm vaping rather than smoking.. I can slowly feel myself getting higher with it.

    I don't have a price range. If I need to save up for a few months to get something that will suit me, then that is fine. But if something that is cheaper will suit all (or most) of my needs I will grab that rather than spending a large chunk more.

    I don't have a specific vape in mind anymore but I will give you my feelings about some of the ones that I have looked into.

    Logs - I know they are super efficient and that is great. I just don't think that I would like their direct draw system because I don't like the solos.

    DBV - I don't really like that the whip is facing one direct so I can't sit in a circle. I have heard good things about it's hits though.

    EQ - I like that it uses both whips and bags. I get confused because people say that the whip isn't as good as the DBV but I don't really understand why, so that is something that worries me.

    Cloud - looks pretty awesome, but is expensive and I don't know if I would personally notice much of a difference between it and a cheaper vape based on my tolerance level.

    Thanks for taking the time to read all that. Don't limit your suggestions to the few I listed above, suggest away!
  2. Magic9

    Magic9 Plant Enthusiast

    Middle of the Map
    I always suggest a log (Underdog being my preference). I've never used a Solo, but the airflow on my dog is pretty wide open.

    Efficiency- I go through about 3.5g a week and never feel like I'm "limiting" myself. I use a stainless steel tip with a GonG stem (as seen in pic)

    Bowl size- With the SS tip, I use very tiny amounts. Too small to measure. Without the stainless steel tip, you can use a basket screen and adjust it for more or less. It won't be as much as a DBV bowl can hold, but if it is high quality product, you could always just take turns with each person getting a fresh load.

    Water tools- See link above for pic. 14mm GonG and 18mm NonG available. I use my glass stem for both wet and dry. UD offers 4 stems (your choice) with the purchase of a vape.

    Glass- I think the HI has a glass heater core as an option? Not 100% on that, but I remember something about it.

    Airflow- Pretty wide open on my dog. Very much more so than some of the older logs I've had (PD,CRZ).

    Hard hitting- Again, see pic above. I like a good hard hitting vape and I love clouds (don't judge me). The UD fits that for me. I can take 2-3 monster hits that are more vapor than I can kill in one shot, or I can hit low and slow and stretch it out for a few more hits. I can take one hit, set it down, and come back at any time to finish it off (known as grazing). My UD runs 24/7 so it is always ready.

    Someone who has used a solo and a new-gen log will chime in, but from what I have gathered, the Solo is much more restricted.

    The DBV is a fine vape, but it wasn't efficient enough for me. I sold it before I had a chance to use @tweaks mod. Check that out in the DBV thread. Never having used an EQ, I would say that the 7th Floor vapes (DBV, SSV, LSV,) is a better choice. No exp. with the Cloud either.

    A log may be all you ever need. If not, it will give you a great idea of what may suit you better in the future. At the worst, you sell it for a small loss on the classifieds here (after you hit that 50+ post). I think everyone should have one in their collection whether it is their main vape or not.
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  3. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge Retailer

    I think the Life Saber Vaporizer (LSV) hits a lot of your points, except that I stir it after each hit.

    It's mostly glass, you can put as much or as little in as you want, was made to use with glass pieces and it's a big hitter. You can't effectively suck on it as hard as you want, but it has a wide open air flow so you can find the right, medium draw speed to hit the sweet spot.

    I don't like it without glass to go with it, so if you want to sit at your desk by yourself and dry vape, this isn't the one I would recommend.
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  4. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead Beware of Pizza

    This is why I want a Lotus. I miss that intimate feeling of packing a bowl and sitting down with a pipe and a lighter, jamming some tunes and taking a puff to ease into. Where I don't have to be sitting at my desk or work a temperature control or suck on a whip.
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