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Helicopters taking off from the mall, Washington DC

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by HughJundys, May 16, 2018.

  1. HughJundys

    HughJundys Willie B. Hardigan

    Las Vegas
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    I spent some time in Washington DC earlier this month. I was fortunate to get a personal tour of the Eisenhower building and the west wing of the White House. Thank you to my little sis for setting that up. We weren't allowed to take in pics inside the White House with the exception of the press room. I had my toe in the oval office! Cool stuff.

    The day before my tour the President of France, Macron, was there for a state visit. I saw motorcades several times but the coolest thing was seeing two osprey and Marine One land on the mall. My video of the landing isn't good. I got some of the take off. I'm terrible at this but thought someone might enjoy it.
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