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Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by reeefermadness, May 9, 2017.

  1. MonkeyTime

    MonkeyTime Well-Known Member

    I bought some mesh dryer bags to dry my SB dosing caps after cleaning, turns out they work great for anything not breakable.

    5 minutes unwatched on permanent press and they're good to go!
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  2. mixchu69

    mixchu69 Well-Known Member

    I was wondering if you plan to make a mouthpiece similar to the Fierce for the Fury 2? Like the glass

    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    They already make a glass mouthpiece for the Fury. What mouthpiece do you see for the Fierce that you can't already get for the Fury?
  4. lookhigh

    lookhigh waiting for the click

    Mystcal land of Eire
    Yeeeaaa Arrived today and on charge, Shoutout to @HealthyRips.com for the super fast shipping
    Was wondering that too. Doesn't say 110/220 on it so don't try.
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  5. mixchu69

    mixchu69 Well-Known Member

    I like the stock mouthpiece on the Fierce than the stock mouthpiece on the Fury 2
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  6. marduk

    marduk daydreamer

    in the matrix
    I think he might be referring to this:

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  7. MonkeyTime

    MonkeyTime Well-Known Member

    Now put a 14mm or stacked 18/14 male end on that and I'm golden!

    No reduction in bowl size!
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  8. rozroz

    rozroz Well-Known Member

    thanks. if there's an option for pre-order let us know! ;)
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  9. lookhigh

    lookhigh waiting for the click

    Mystcal land of Eire
    Mine came with the glass oil can? I thought they now came with a pad?
    Did a few bowls and i am really liking it.
    No point doing a review as its all bean said before.
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  10. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    Vitolo this may be the first wood free vape that you're not going to get from me. I'm not sure what makes it so different from all the other vapes I've tried. I like that it's brainless and requires no fiddling- no attaching a whip or water or even a battery. And unlike other similar vapes it is cough free. How did they make it so mild?
  11. rozroz

    rozroz Well-Known Member

    Maybe It has something to do with the material used to make the MP..
    It conducts less heat..
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  12. AMiA

    AMiA Well-Known Member

    Well in all honestly i didn't even think that it coud only be used with 110V.I live in Thailand and we have 220V,been rechargeing it every day now for a couple of weeks on 200V..said that,it's still working..so i guess it can be used with 110-->220V.
  13. AtomicPB

    AtomicPB Well-Known Member

    I found this in the Fierce thread, regarding the material of the mouthpiece. Not sure if the Fury2 uses the same material but I think I read in this thread as well that the plastic being used is PET. So there should be SS, silicon, glass and PET. With the PET only being in contact with the vapor when the vapor leaves the MP.

    But someone here suggested that a little lip in the MP right before the vapor exits might be cooling the vapor down. Must be hidden in this thread somewhere and had to do with silicon being in the vapor path.
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  14. rozroz

    rozroz Well-Known Member

    seems about right. amazing that "Well known brands" probably would have charged 200$+ for this
    well built device (F2).
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2018
  15. shredder

    shredder Well-Known Member

    Hi guys/gals, I'm new to this forum. I've read the first few pages and the last few. I've ordered a Fury 2 from puff it up, and picked up an extra water stem. What else do I need to know?
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  16. Jill NYC

    Jill NYC Portable Collector

    Somewhere far to(o) close
    @shredder .
    Give it a couple of burn offs.
    Fill the oven, don’t tamp.
    Keep your fingers clear of air holes on bottom.
    Let it rip!
    There is no learning curve or special techniques needed.
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  17. Skywalker_OG

    Skywalker_OG Member

    I have a question for those of you who have the Glass mouthpiece and/or the Fury bubbler . The fit of the glass MP and the bubbler are both nice, and fit decently snug when the fury isn't on, but when it heats up, I find that it becomes loose, to the point where they can start moving around when using it, I'm just wondering if this is the case for most people or if its just me?

    Also I just got both in recently and am doing testing, these are my first impressions, feel free to skip the wall of text at the bottom should you not have the time or not want to.
    Heres a TL;DR of my first impressions.

    Bubbler - Its nice. good for sippy sessions through water, no splashback, more portability than WPA + Bong, Cool but less tasty vapor than dry, wiggles and moves a bit if unit is on (might just be my unit), more testing to come.

    Glass MP - Would buy again if it broke. vapor comes out tastier and smoother/cooler than stock MP for me, simple and easy to clean design (stem milk!), wiggles and moves a bit if unit is on (might just be my unit), versatile in usage, more testing to come.

    Here are my notes


    Aesthetically nice imo, bowl size looks to be about the same as the glass mouthpiece. Both glass MP and the bubbler bowl are slightly larger than the wpa bowl, but not by much.

    Slightly awkward to load if theres water in it, even with the technique in the video, this is not a huge complaint tbh, it may take a tiny bit longer to load and its just not as braindead as the WPA or Glass MP. I've had some success with the straw method of sucking the herbs into the chamber, but I notice you get small particulates through the holes in the bubbler chamber if you pull hard and its hard to get them out without having to take the water out and just clean the bubbler, especially since you can't just blow them back out with water in there. Its easier to load this way, but I imagine i'll have to clean the bubbler a lot more.

    The function is nice, very hard to get splashback with the right water level. The air flow is slightly restrictive when compared to the other mouthpieces , but not at all hard to pull, I like the chug the bubbler provides. might just be me but it seems a harder to get clouds like I can thru the Glass MP or WPA, totally could be user error on my end.

    Getting water in there is kind of finnicky. I can just fill it over a sink or something, but it is hard to fill it without getting some water spillage on the sides because the opening of the mouthpiece is real small. Kind of a non-issue, but something to note. Also it doesn't take much water to get it at the right level anyway.

    For performance, the bubbler does a good job of cooling the vapor and making it extremely easy on the throat, really feels like i'm hitting through a water piece, albeit more directly and without as much of a "milking" aspect. you can clear the bubbler by just lifting it out which is nice. The vapor may not be as flavorful, but you can take much larger rips as well as make use of much higher temps without any throat irritation like you would get with a shorter airpath and no water.

    All in all, I like the bubbler, I can see it becoming really handy when I want to use the fury through water, but am on the road and don't want to carry around a small bong all the time, it can also make high temp sessions much less rough on the throat, allowing you to take advantage of higher temps without sacrificing feel of the vapor. For longer, drawn out sipping sessions that I want some water filtration, this will definitely be my go to. I'll whip out the WPA when I want to get full extraction or a microdose in one or two hits. I like the overall design and look, and the little black accents are nice imo. Maybe the mouthpiece could be a tiny bit more open, to allow easier filling of water, especially on the go or in your car or something, Its hard to complain though it feels nice on the lips. Haven't had to clean it yet so no experience there. If anyone has tips on how to use it please let me know

    Glass mouthpiece

    The design is super clean, not super fond of how it looks sticking out of the fury, but simple glass that does its job always gets high ratings for me, and honestly its not that bad, just not super pleasing to look at. Simple cleaning here, which is nice, glass MP is perfect for stem milk.

    Flavor from the glass mouthpiece has been the best of the options for me. Flavor and vapor seem comparable to using the wpa dry, but better because the vapor feels cooler. I assume this is because the glass MP is bent, not a direct flow, and a longer airpath. The irritation on the throat is far less noticeable with this mouthpiece, and since its smoother, I'm able to pull larger rips, which might be a reason i'm getting a nice taste off of it (besides the fact that its all glass)

    It moves around when the unit is on. Honestly might just be my fury, no clue, and I have similar problems with the bubbler. Just trying to think of a way I could macgyver a thing to keep it solidly in place. if you have one lmk. I thought maybe a thin layer of screen around the end of glass attachment that goes into the fury? definitely not a deal breaker, I will use the shit out of it and would buy again if it broke, just kind of annoying.

    Since it is an attachment, the bowl will be slightly smaller. I actually kind of like this because its now the perfect size where I'm able to cash most of the bowl in just one session as opposed to two, increasing temps up from 350-410 as it goes. Bowl is slightly larger than WPA, and same as bubbler, I dont have a XL WPA to compare, I want to go purchase one eventually.

    Rather than just sipping the glass MP during a session like the traditional snap on MP, I've been enjoying just taking out the Glass MP in between pulls and doing long, slow, giant rips. Similar to how I use it through a water pipe and the WPA, just dry. I just cruise my fury at a decently high temp 390~ and get maybe 3-6 huge rips followed by some whispies during the timer. I just hold the MP kind of upside down like a pipe and use the fury upside down like I would on the WPA.

    Glass MP is very versatile, may not be the best for sharing because of the decrease in bowl size, but honestly performance is great, and I can see myself buying a few more for load and go if they ever have a sale or coupon or something. Would be cool to see HR look at making more attachments like this, that provide smooth vapor through things like longer and different airpaths. Vapor from the glass MP has been great, and I'm able to pull decent sized clouds when I want to. Again, if theres any tips let me know!

    I still have a lot of extensive testing to do, I blew through so much green today testing these and I've been enjoying it, always nice to get in new toys for your vape.

    Also I should mention that shipping was super fast to Hawaii, ordered on the 5th midday and got it before the weekend, HR got my order shipped out fast, so props to them and thanks. Sorry for rambling on, I dont know where the energy to write all this out came from tbh.
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  18. Mr. Me2

    Mr. Me2 Well-Known Member

    I'll just add to make sure it has a full charge
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  19. paehtod

    paehtod Well-Known Member

    Far East
    I purchased the glass mp on last saturday just because by reading your review:clap:
    And i ordered that $15 glass mp(free shipping) near Saturday night 8pm, and @HealthyRips.com ship out my mp near mid-night 11pm (actually created the shipping label), and seems it will arrived on monday today. @HealthyRips.com service is unreal:rockon: :bowdown: I can not be more satisfied when compare to others.
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  20. Summer

    Summer Well-Known Member

    Long Island, NY
    @paehtod, after you try yours, please let us know if, like in @Skywalker_OG post above, you also find the mp & wpa to be a little wobbly in the body.
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  21. justcametomind

    justcametomind IT'S TIME!

    Today I received my unit.
    Flavor is pretty good and goes to temp pretty quickly.
    I tried on google and using search in this thread but no luck. Sorry if it has already been asked: is there a way to change temp from Fahrenheit to Celsius?
    Is there any capsule system that fits also Fury 2 oven? Focusvape?
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  22. lookhigh

    lookhigh waiting for the click

    Mystcal land of Eire
    keep the power and temp down buttons pressed.
  23. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Fury 2 comes with a capsule or a pad.
    Mine came with glass capsules with red plastic lid.
    Some report theirs came with a Stainless Steel Pad.
  24. shredder

    shredder Well-Known Member

    I just got my fury 2 today and have already went through 5 bowls. One by myself, two with a friend and two with my wife. So far so good.

    It's well build and feels solid, even though it's only five ounces and can hide in my palm. It's a little tricky to load, a funnel or shovel would help. It heats up super fast and gives nice hits quickly. Towards the end the hits do fade and so does the taste and it's obvious there is some conduction at the end. My wife got a handful of hits after it shut off.

    Even though the hits fade, the temps of the hits do not get very hot. Surprising with such a short vapor path. Even back to back bowls weren't bad. I got the water adaptor and used it with water. Naturally the bowl went faster with water, and there was a little delay. I think it was that the glass had to heat first. But the stem did get loose, and was kind of shaky in that it felt it would easily fall out since you have to use it inverted. Personally I won't get the glass mouthpiece because it's less stealthy and I'd probably break it fast anyway.

    All in all I like it. It's small and easy to hide. It hits well and gives a not too big and not too small bowl, that's ok for two, and a single user can do a partial or full load depending. And I can see it would be really nice for elderly vapors. Just 3 buttons to use, and it shuts off in 4 minutes. Feels nice and warm in arthritic hands.

    I'll most likely use it for a pocket vape and to throw in my truck for hits on the go. (I don't vape and drive, but when I get there all bets are off)
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  25. Polarbearboy

    Polarbearboy Tokin' Away Since 1968

    RE: Capsule system: HR is actively working on a dosing capsule system that appears similar to that used for the Crafty and Mighty. They've already looked at prototypes and done some tweaking. Personally I love the S-B dosing caps--convenient, clean, easy to load outdoors--and am waiting on the HR caps to take full advantage of my F2. HR originally hoped to have the caps by this week, but now I think are hoping for the end of the month.

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