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Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by reeefermadness, May 9, 2017.

  1. OyVape

    OyVape Well-Known Member

    Welcome and nice first post @toodamfast .

    So what is this Grindstone Shift? I know there are a lot of rebrands of the Fury but haven't heard of this one.
  2. toodamfast

    toodamfast New Member

    If you go to ebay.com and search for "Grindhouse Shift". You can pick one up for ~$70. It does not come with a wpa or cover. If you think you might be interested in those extras, you might as well pick up a Fury 2.
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  3. ataxian

    ataxian PALE BLUE DOT

    I want a new portable?
    Need not really?
    Addictive behavior most likely however it’s called VAS!
  4. Vaporific

    Vaporific All who wander are not lost...

    No, you make sense 99% of the time factoring in a slim chance of misunderstanding. Or being under the influence - me/us, not you.

    At a bar on a business trip & trying to keep up with the thread, lol. :peace:

    BTW, ISO 91% works with quick “cotton swabs” too...
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  5. Vaporific

    Vaporific All who wander are not lost...

    Welcome! Nice first post and you echoed some of my first vape experience too. I have a Snap, one of several Fury (1) clones and love it. Not my first vape but currently my only dry herb device (I have a concentrate only device too).

    Definitely easy to operate and clean, and precise temp control is great to have. While I try grind coursely I’ve also found nugs work well too.And I agree about the ABV - nothing but consistent dark amber color and well extracted. What’s not to love?:):peace:
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  6. LesPlenty

    LesPlenty Well-Known Member

    I did not like the smell\taste left behind with detergents, I hit the heat button on my ultrasonic cleaner(I set at 60C) and everything comes out spotless...even my caked on titanium Enail, not much luck with bongs, I need a bigger one for them(mine is 2ltr)
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  7. Ramahs

    Ramahs Fucking Combustion (mostly) Since February 2017

    The Internet
    Welcome to the family!
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  8. caseball2051

    caseball2051 Well-Known Member

    Hey there fury 2 folks!

    Just bought one of these for my wife to replace the fw4 she dropped and broke.

    Ive got her all setup with a wpa sand everything.

    I've used but never owned an arizer product or any other vape with a glass stem that inserts into an oven.

    I know it's recommended to insert the glass when the unit is warm, but is it ok to leave the glass inside the vape when it cools? And then just warm it up?

    I've got her using the wpa as a mouthpiece . Should she be taking it out in between sessions is my question if that wasn't clear.

    Sorry I'm rambling... You know how it cam be.

    By the way, quick edit, I'm really impressed with everything so far with this device . I'm probably going to buy a couple more for family members. I was pleasantly surprised.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2019
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  9. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Left Coast
    Arizer and HR stems are different, where HR stems fit very tightly in the cup, Arizer is loose and relies on a rubber seal instead.

    I'm not sure if it's OK, but I've left stems in both vapes. When cool, F2 can hold the stem tightly enough so you want to heat it to get loose.

    Yer right, F2 is first rate gear. It does an excellent job and is easy to use if you don't ask it to do things it's not designed to. While some might want to dim the display, change the session time and so on like on (some) other vapes, keeping it simple is an asset I think.


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  10. CVC4455

    CVC4455 Active Member

    Has anyone ever gotten a protect message on their screen? I got one a few times when it was cold, but it worked again once it was warmer. Last night I tried to use it and it will only show the temperature for a few seconds and the light goes from red to green almost immediately then after a couple seconds it flashes "protect" then shuts off
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  11. CVC4455

    CVC4455 Active Member

    Looks like only 1 person had problems like mine. And there's was new or pretty new and apparently this happened on 3 of their fury 2's and the reason this happened was never figured out or really discussed and it was posted that they weren't allowed to talk about it on the fury thread and were told that they should discuss it through private messages. There were a few other people that said they got the protect message a few times but after that it started working normally again. That's what happened to mine a couple times over the last few months. It seems like it only happens when it's cold and the last time I could only get it to work by charging for awhile then trying it again. This time it just keeps saying protect even after it's not in the cold anymore and even though I charged it till the battery says it's full. Im thinking it's something to do with either the extreme cold recently or because I use whatever charger I find 1st to charge it. I've found 2 of my chargers that charge my phone the fastest will not charge my fury at all even though it says it's charging. Just wondering what the cause could be? Id love to try to fix it myself, just been wanting to take apart a vape honestly. Mine is like a year and a half old and it's been used a whole lot

    Also don't know if it's been long enough to make a post that's right after my last post, I tried to edit this and merge both posts but couldn't.
  12. Solomon

    Solomon Talk to the Beard

    The South
    Far as I know, there's no forum policy restricting discussion of a vape's problems or workarounds. There are restrictions about "bashing" a product or a manufacturer, so I'd guess that's what happened.

    The "protect" message sounds like an overload protection circuit flipped - either the heater or battery - that would be my guess. Given that you are now having problems even charging yours, it points to a battery-related problem. Could be the battery itself, or the charging circuitry. It might be something that can reset itself in some cases, so I'd try draining the battery completely, and then recharging. I doubt it's something you'd be able to fix yourself by disassembly.

    Can you send it in for repairs? Who did you buy it from?
  13. BabyFacedFinster

    BabyFacedFinster Capo di tutt'i capi

    My little F2 is a very dependable sidekick while I'm on the coach most evenings. I usually start out with my desktop nano before setting down for the night. But as I ease into my couch-lock I take the F2 with me.

    I'm on a concentrate kick lately and have not used the caps or flower in the unit for some time now. I'm having a great time with the glass adapters, my waxes and rosins, and some organic cotton. I find a rice sized chunk wrapped in a small dab of cotton gives you good surface area for extraction but doesn't lead to dripping or residue in the heating chamber. Most of the medicine stays within the cotton. I do like to stir the cotton around with a toothpick a few times, but there are no bits of herb getting stuck in the screen or flying around. Set at 400-410, the F2 just rips through the oil and gives up some effective clouds.

    Right now I'm enjoying a mix of waxes while using the wpa and a Grav Labs J hook. It just makes it so easy and enjoyable.
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  14. Etsu

    Etsu Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    I noticed it isn't as easy to draw on my fury 2 as it was at the beginning, and I read other users had the same feeling. Since it is probably residue in the air flow (even if I never used it without capsules..), I would like to make a request to you:

    If one of you, one day, has a broken fury 2 used for 1 or 2 years daily or so, could you consider doing a teardown like puffitup did with a brand new unit? I think it would be very interesting to compare: see where the residue is stacked, and colors changing due to heating, see if the wires, circuit board and batteries are degraded...
    When mine happens to not work anymore in the future I will try to do it but I don't use it that much and it isn't even one year old.

    Thank you for reading me!
  15. Hackerman

    Hackerman User

    Out there
    If someone has a broken Fury, I would do the teardown. I have been meaning to buy one so I can dump the firmware and change the time-out time. However, I am reluctant to do it to my only Fury because I use it every day. A broken one would be a perfect answer.

    As sturdy and dependable as these babies are, you would be lucky to find a broken one.

    Also, make sure you are not holding your finger over the air intake on the bottom when you are drawing. I find myself doing that on occasion.
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  16. LambsBreath

    LambsBreath Well-Known Member

    Grindhouse Shift? Snap? Sutra?
    Saw one called the "Quant" at a nearby shop, it's way smaller than I thought the Fury was, pretty nice i like it!

    Currently a good deal on the Grindhouse Shift, so is that a Fury 1 or 2? and what's the main differences?

    Thanks in advance, and sorry for no time to search!
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2019
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  17. Jill NYC

    Jill NYC Portable Hoarder

    Same exact place as yesterday
    It is the same as Fury 1. Minor differences like having to click 5 times vs 3 to turn on and slightly different silicon. The only important difference is the Customer Service from HR if you don’t get if you end up having an issue with it down the road.
  18. MonkeyTime

    MonkeyTime Well-Known Member

    And the warranty/ 1/2 price replacement!
  19. CVC4455

    CVC4455 Active Member


    It's not I'm having trouble charging really. With 2 chargers, one came with my new phone and the other says fast charger on it. When I use those chargers they charge my phone fast and it will even say turbo charge with one and rapid charge with the other on my phone. Those cords don't work to charge my fury. But any other charger has worked fine. Right now it says it's fully charged. The battery life wasn't as good as when it was new but it wasn't that bad either. I guess it could be the battery though.

    I'm thinking it's something to do with the cold, it was about 10 degrees and it was in my car that wasn't turned on for about 2 hours.

    I got this for free from a friend that was moving for a new job and had to quit. I've actually got a sutra mini that's still working but the battery on that isn't great anymore I usually get 3-4 4 minute sessions Max on that on anymore, other then that it works fine. But I did get a protect message once on that too. But I turned it right back on and it's been fine since.

    That's not a bad idea at all. I got this fury for free so don't know if I could get a half price replacement? But I've also still got a working sutra mini and some dynavaps so maybe I will try taking this fury apart?
  20. Cosmic Dude

    Cosmic Dude Active Member

    The problem with those charts is that the actual temperature for THC is 425 degrees F. Other temperatures are taken from information used for concentrate production, which is under pressure or vacuum.

    Well the Grindhouse brand version is already 1/2 price, so you have already saved that money up front.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 6, 2019
  21. LambsBreath

    LambsBreath Well-Known Member

    "Every device purchased directly from our website or one of our approved distributors"

    Since Puff it Up is an approved distributor the half price replacement warranty should still apply if I buy it there.

    PIU w/water bubbler $139 (after discount)
    HR Direct w/bubbler $149

    3 or 5 clicks and a different O-ring mean nothing to me, definately not worth $60 more. Not sure the better warranty service for the Fury2 is even worth the extra $60. I could buy one replacement outright and still be at the same cost.

    But could there be more difference than just clicks and O-rings? This statement on HR's site makes me think there may be: "Now Crafted with More Convection Heating Than Ever!"

    But now I'm wondering if I should look at the Force instead? Don't really need the micro-size, I'd rather have more battery life. The Force doesn't get as much fanfare, but it's been said the vapor production is on par with the Fury.
  22. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Left Coast
    Indeed. Some think it boils at 100F or so less (157C):

    While it's true your dryer doesn't have to get to 212F to dry your clothes (evaporate off 'all' the water), you also can't cook a Turkey in a 165F oven ('done temperature' for big birds), to get the inside that hot the outside has to be hotter?

    The fortunate part for us is the general idea works (changing the temperature changes the extraction) and results are repeatable. It falls to each user to experiment and search out results they are happy with?

    Regards to all.

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  23. GetLeft

    GetLeft Well-Known Member

    Convection City
    Couldn't fight off the curiosity! Y'all make it tough. Ordered a F2 through @PuffItUp. I know you all know this, but what a great operation they have there. Less than 48 hrs., coast to coast. Nice little notes from packing persons. And some sweets that didn't make it past the unboxing. Who knew sour patch candies were so tasty? Great deal and great service all the way around. Not to mention the top rate info about products on their website.

    The F2 vapor (standard mp) is much cooler that I was expecting, even at max temp. That was the feature that kept me most at bay while I was deciding. That little chamber allows for some effective diffusion.

    Started off with the capsules but too much restriction. Dumped the capsule material into the chamber and that was that. Decent air flow and effective vaporization. I'll give the capsules one more chance but see myself loading directly into the chamber. Looking forward to playing around and seeing where the little guy ends up fitting in. Kinda like what Brett Brown has to do now with the Sixers loaded lineup. :tup:
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  24. shredder

    shredder Well-Known Member

    The capsules are worth using. IMHO They keep your vape a lot cleaner. But you can't pack them too tight, not loose, but just a light tamp, too tight, and it gets restrictive, and it helps to use a little more heat when using them too. Same with the glass options, they need more heat than a bowl of herb.

    However you use it though, enjoy dude! (or dudett, gotta stay pc here, lol) Money well spent.
  25. Vaporific

    Vaporific All who wander are not lost...

    When you're on the go and need to swap them out quickly - or for different strains - the capsules are great. That's what I primarily use them for but seldom do since I usually go without. They're a great option though. They do of course reduce material capacity. I understand @GetLeft about potential air flow impact though haven't really noticed it that much when I've used them. I do however up the temp a bit with them. Of course, that's likely my impatience giving in and wanting to take a draw once it hits my temp.

    It is indeed a wonderful vape! It's been my primary/daily for 5 months and enjoying it. :peace:

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