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Healthy Rips FIERCE

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by HealthyRips.com, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. HealthyRips.com

    HealthyRips.com Healthy Rips Team Company Rep

    Hi All,

    Welcome to the Healthy Rips FIERCE thread!

    In this post - we will be introducing our new upcoming Healthy Rips FIERCE convection technology vaporizer. Coming June, 2018!

    We began the design and development our FIERCE during the summer and we have come a long way since then. We will be discussing the features of our upcoming FIERCE vaporizer - as well as posting pictures and a short video of our latest FIERCE prototype. Please keep in mind that this is a prototype and is not a finished or polished product (it’s a bit rugged). It has been assembled and modified by hand. This is not a production unit - so please don’t judge it by its aesthetics :). We still have several tweaks and adjustments to make - but the performance is awesome.

    We are still in the development stages - therefore some of the information we are providing here is subject to minor changes as we progress.

    Convection Technology
    Isolated Air Path
    Digital OLED Screen
    Exact Temperature Control - single degree increments
    Kirksite Alloy Body (unibody).
    USB-C Charging 2A
    USB-C Charging Dock 2A (optional)
    4000 mAh Battery - safe Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
    User replaceable battery
    Fast heat-up time: 25-30 seconds
    Long battery life: 110-120 minutes runtime per charge at maximum temperature 430° F
    Accessories Attachment
    Borosilicate Glass stems for Accessories Attachment - Mouthpiece and WPA
    Auto shut-off timer
    Adjustable session timer from 3-8 minutes
    Haptic feedback - vibrates when turned on and when reaches temperature
    Set degree display between C and F
    Replaceable battery door (in case of damage or loss)
    Large glass vapor path - very cool vapor
    Stainless steel chamber
    Protective Cover
    Just over 2 hours to fully charge from completely dead
    Run-time per battery charge: 112-120 minutes at max temperature 430° F

    Accessories Attachment
    Glass WPA - borosilicate
    Glass Mouthpiece - borosilicate
    Protective Cover - silicone (same design as the FURY 2)
    Dosing Capsules
    Oil & Wax Pad - stainless steel
    Standard tools and brush
    Extra O-rings and screen
    User Manual

    Size: 2.75" X 1.1" X 3.25"
    Weight: 10 Ounces
    Chamber Capacity: .25 - .29 grams

    Target Pricing: $199 for base bundle. $229 including Charging Dock & Extra Battery.
    Both bundles will include the Protective Cover, Accessories Attachment and your choice of Glass WPA or Glass Mouthpiece.
    Extra Battery: $20
    Charging Dock: $20

    We have been very deliberate in our decisions on what features to include - and what features we sincerely believe are not in the best interest of our clients. We have anticipated some of the questions that you might have - and answered them here:

    Why doesn't the FIERCE have ‘Pass through charging’ (the ability to use the vaporizer while it is charging)?
    Answer: Pass through charging is bad for your battery - your battery will degrade much faster. With the FIERCE's extremely long battery life and swappable battery option - it is not necessary to have pass through charging. We feel that the longevity of the battery outweighs this benefit. Our FIERCE’s USB-C charging port is reversible, powerful and interchangeable. USB-C is the emerging standard and will be used on most - if not all of your latest and greatest devices.

    Why Proprietary batteries instead of 18650’s?
    Answer: Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries have a soft shell and are a safe alternative to 18650 batteries - but they must be soldered into the circuitry (not user replaceable). Our solution was to create a plastic battery pack with the LiPo battery soldered into the battery circuitry - making the battery pack user-replaceable. This solution provides a safer alternative to the replaceable hard-shell 18650 batteries. Our team has seen too many injuries from 18650 (metal hard-shell) batteries. They would not be the safest solution for our clients - and would be a potential liability for our company.

    Why not include the charging dock and extra battery with the FIERCE?
    Answer: We do :). But we also offer the FIERCE for sale without the charging dock and battery for those who want to use the FIERCE as a rechargeable vaporizer and simply replace the battery after its lifespan. Just unscrew the battery door with a penny and swap/replace the battery.

    The next phases of our development process look like this: Implement the final tweaks. Do a small 100-200 unit FIERCE production run and get them into the hands of our testing team. Get one last round of feedback from our testing team. Make any further adjustments if necessary. Finalize the FIERCE, packaging, manual, accessories, etc. Release the FIERCE to the public in June, 2018.

    Our test team includes several internal and external groups including many of the most respected people on this forum: @stickstones @Stu @PuffItUp @ohmygodimsohigh @Vape Dr. @Vitolo and others (sorry if we didn’t mention you). Some of these FC members have already demoed this FIERCE prototype while we were at the Champs trade show in Las Vegas. We have already started making some adjustments to the FIERCE prototype based on the invaluable feedback we received from them. They are welcome to chime-in here if they feel inclined :).

    Whew! That all being said - please enjoy the following pictures and video of the Healthy Rips FIERCE prototype:



    Concept image of the battery door:


    Charging dock (optional):


    Accessories Attachment:



    Click to play YouTube Video

    We hope you have thoroughly enjoyed the first look at our FIERCE :tup:

    Target release date: June, 2018

    All the Best!
    Healthy Rips Team
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  2. IAmKrazy2

    IAmKrazy2 Darth Vapor

    Color me interested.
  3. Fat Freddy

    Fat Freddy FUCK CANCER TOO !

    Wow! So many amazing and innovative features!

    Gonna be kicking ass and taking names!

    But uh...who's this @IAmKrazy2 person?! :rofl:

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  4. Xelatsok

    Xelatsok vapes tobacco modding the vapes

    Please, please add “and when finishes the session”. Inability to do so is disappointing, some tasty sessions end with several draws of weak degrading vapor before you realise the heat is off.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
  5. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    Might be called the Fury XXL but Fierce is better although did you seen the chamber capacity.... 2.1 to 2.5g!!!
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  6. lookhigh

    lookhigh FC member

    Mystcal land of Eire
    Hello BIG brother to the fury.
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  7. AMiA

    AMiA Well-Known Member


    Chamber Capacity: .25 - .29 grams
  8. Skywalker_OG

    Skywalker_OG Member

    Love the improvements with the battery system and USB-C charging is nice. Bowl size looks kinda big for just myself, but I'm sure there will be ways to make the bowl smaller. Perhaps a bowl screen will be included with the kit? Dosing capsules being included is dope. Interesting you guys decided to go with the same form factor as the fury 2. I like design of that glass MP, maybe there will be different stems to switch out in future? Im curious if the internals are similar in design to the fury 2 in terms of heating element and airpath.

    Looks like a roided up fury, I can imagine this becoming my main portable for multiple people, considering the features. Very excited for the release of the fierce. After my experience with the fury 2 and healthyrips team in general I'm almost certainly going to be purchasing this, If the unit is free from any weird factory smells after some burnoffs/runs I'm gonna be a happy camper. Patiently waiting till then :) I'll be following the thread for updates!
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  9. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    They edited their post just after I posted I mine, I checked twice before to post since this number was crazy!
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  10. NeedleNuts

    NeedleNuts Member

    That's a big ass chamber. Party vape!!!
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  11. AtomicPB

    AtomicPB Well-Known Member


    Wow, great introduction. I am really looking forward to the release of the Fierce.

    Was about to order a second Fury2 but since I am on a break until mid April, I will probably wait it out until the release of the Fierce.

    My question is (hope I am not getting on your nerves with this) if you are releasing the Fierce in Europe from the start this time? As @VapoShop is already a european distributor of yours, I thought chances might be good. Because of the nature of your product, I prefer to avoid custom controls if possible although I was really happy with your service when I ordered my Fury2.

    All the best with further development. I am really looking forward to hold a Fierce in my hands. :)
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  12. IAmKrazy2

    IAmKrazy2 Darth Vapor


    I guess i don't get the joke?
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  13. CHIDOY

    CHIDOY Well-Known Member

    VAS intensifying..... :drool:
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  14. sickmanfraud

    sickmanfraud Well-Known Member

    Welcome to Fc @Skywalker_OG .

    Now that the chamber size has been corrected I may be interested.

    @HealthyRips.com do you anticipate having the accessories available at launch? I am outside North America and I don't want to pay international shipping twice or 3 times.
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  15. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    Anytime you see such a load size statement, just automatically assume there is a decimal missing- it happens surprisingy often and always seems to cause a little confusion.
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  16. marduk

    marduk daydreamer

    in the matrix
    @HealthyRips.com why did you get rid of the red/green LED system used by the Fury? Any chance of bringing it to the Fierce? And would it be possible to add an option to invert the screen display?
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  17. TRDreviews

    TRDreviews Vaked

    Umass Amherst
    Interesting. Why are you going with the proprietary battery?

    As someone with small fingernails, I'd really love to see the battery door design change. That style is always a PITA for me, and I don't normally carry around something that would fit in that slot.

    Best of luck with the vape, hopefully it's even better than the fury 2 I own. Let me know if you guys ever need some outdoorman/disc golf type photos!
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  18. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    @HealthyRips.com " Our FIERCE’s USB-C charging port is reversible, powerful and interchangeable."

    reversible? that sounds interesting... can you explain how that works? thanks
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  19. muunch

    muunch hotboxing the cockpit

    All USB-C is reversible lol. The cord goes in either way and you don't need to ever flip the end of the cord to get it to fit into the device.

    Unless they've created something entirely new that will revolutionize computers and vapes alike
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  20. shire

    shire New Member

    Will the Fierce be using medical grade plastic like S&B's Mighty?
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  21. sammuel

    sammuel Well-Known Member

    Note sure I get what's the big differences between this device and the Fury 2, it looks like a larger version because of a larger battery, rest is pretty much the same no?
  22. caseball2051

    caseball2051 Well-Known Member

    With a 4000mah battery I'm wondering if reversible means that we can charge other devices using this device.

    I owned an ecig that did this
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  23. b0

    b0 Cloudy...

    Another spaniard in UK
    Can we know more about that accessories attachment? Looks like a full glass mp, will love something like that on the fury 2.

    I know we have the glass mp, but it isn't ideal for when you are out and about...
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  24. muunch

    muunch hotboxing the cockpit

    ok, true. I can see this as being a possibility, but that's odd wording if so!
  25. Fat Freddy

    Fat Freddy FUCK CANCER TOO !

    I was just being facetious for humorous effect, or what I THOUGHT would be humorous effect, in that I thought that pretty much everyone on FC knows who you are, i.e., oft called upon prototype tester and just all-around good guy!



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