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Healthiest Vape

Discussion in 'ABV' started by Four2zero, Feb 13, 2014.

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  1. Four2zero

    Four2zero New Member

    Hey guys,

    Been following this site for some time now and before all gotta thank you guys for your contributions!

    My first post is about the healthiest vape on the market. I am currently looking to make the switch to a vape for the health benefits above all else. But that said, I'd like to know that the vape is safe on its own for it to make sense, at least to me. Now I know a lot of vapes are considered healthy, but there's gotta be some that are completely above the rest and absolutely the safest for your health.

    So please give me your best recommendation so I can make the switch ASAP. I've always wanted a volcano but I am not sure it fits the health bill, please advise. I don't care for a stand or portable, cost isn't even an issue, just the safest while not compromising quality of the process.

    Thanks in advance guys!
  2. Bouldorado

    Bouldorado Well-Known Member

    There's really only two aspects of vaporizers that are a potential health concern:

    1) Vaping close to combustion temperatures. This, obviously, greatly increases the risk of combustion, which if it occurs, negates the benefit of using a vape.

    2) Material safety. Some cheaply made vape may contain plastic, paint, and/or metal that offgas toxic fumes. These fumes won't kill you instantly, but they will build up in your body over the long-term, potentially causing some really nasty health problems.
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  3. Wizsteve

    Wizsteve Well-Known Member

    i love my volcano no off gassing you only taste the herb oil or wax or hash well what ever you put in there
    nothing like a 3 ft bag filled with vapor .
  4. vakedcow

    vakedcow Gentle cow vaper and halloween kiddo

    I'd also say there i quite an array of "safe" vaporizers nowadays, but due to differences in handling, vapor production and style of the vaporizers as much as individual expactations or even methods of "toking" you'll probably still need to check a few out and decide which are your personal favorites :2c:
    Enjoy the process :science:

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  5. hoptimum

    hoptimum Well-Known Member

    The Volcano seems to be favored in medical and research settings as a safe and predictable vaporizer. I'm not sure if its the safest, but whenever a particular vaporizer is mentioned in medical research, its usually the Volcano.
  6. natural farmer

    natural farmer Well-Known Member

    High in a Greek mountain!
    MiniVap, Cloud Evo, Herbalizer, LSV, Hi, eNano, Underdog, Lotus, Firefly, FlasVape... All these should have at least the same clean air path with the Volcano... And I would be more confident with those and others than the Volcano actually... Not much to see inside so why would I trust the Germans?

    If you got the cash, do yourself a favor and get a Herbalizer! Then, if you live close to me, give me a call and I would love to give you some hands-on demos! :D
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  7. AMiA

    AMiA Well-Known Member

    Hi there Mr.Four2zero and welcome to the best Forum regarding info about Vapes and moore,FC.

    I've been using 3 diffrent Vapes during my 4 years of Vaping,first was HerbalAire 2.1 (awsome vape)then i bought Plenty from the same company that does Volcano,but this one is handheld.And now i have one of the best,atleast in my eyes,Vaporizers on the market,Aromed 4.0..had it now for ruffly 1.5 years and it's just that,AWSOME.
    If you readup on these above Vapes and ad Herbalizer i would dear to say you have some really top dog Vapes to checkout.
    I just want to add that i use my vapes 99.5% ONLY for medical use..Happy hunting/reading and i would suggest you try to find maybe a friend or a headshop that allows you to give some moore info before you go a head an do your buy.Goodluck my friend.

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  8. max

    max Out to lunch

    If you question any materials used in the Volcano, as far as safety, then you should avoid any and all models where the vapor contacts any metal or any kind of plastic. Is that necessary? Absolutely not. OTOH nobody can give the official stamp of approval to all metals and plastics used in all vapes.

    Aside from safety issues, wanting a Volcano above all other models is usually an ignorance issue. It's the brand/model that's been around the longest (more or less), and has gotten the most :tup:. But it's been riding an outdated rep as 'the best' for quite a few years now, and other models have it beat overall, when you consider price and versatility. A lot of affordable models have proven to be both top performers and very reliable. Also, most people who enjoy the vaporizing experience end up getting bored with sucking a bag all the time. Direct draw can provide fresher, thicker vapor, and several models provide both bag fill and direct draw.

    If you want to avoid all metal and all forms of plastic, you can't beat the Vapolution 2.0 for the money. It has a 100% all glass vapor path if you use the AIW bowl, and you can still get that 'glass straw' with the basic kit for $100 by checking post #1 in the Vapolution thread for the FC discount code. There is a learning curve and your hit size is somewhat limited by the narrow vapor path, but at that price you can't have everything. What you can get are vapor hits as fresh and clean as those provided by the most expensive models on the market. It just takes a little more time/experience to master the process. Spending more money doesn't = better quality vapor. More expensive models give you more features for ease of use and lessening the learning curve. While I wouldn't want to give up my EVO, I could certainly live with just using my Vapolution if I had too.
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