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Haze Square

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by scottg402, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Vapin in the usa

    Vapin in the usa Hit em with the hein!

    Have any photos of beta version?
  2. RogueGuy

    RogueGuy There's nothing like living in Southern Oregon

    Got mine back today. After a rough start, 2 combustion events in a couple minutes on the highest setting, I now am getting good hits with good vapor and they pack a punch.

    Agreed that loose fill is better. I have not tried 1/2-2/3 bowls yet.

    I'm using the middle to top preset temps. Not drawing until green and holding the button.

    UPDATE: been playing around with technique, specifically the double press. I found that this works great at lower temps, found a few black specs at high temps. Really happy with the performance overall so far.

    Ran out of batteries way too soon. @Haze Vaporizers can you keep this unit plugged in all the time like a phone so it is always full or will that mess up the battery?
    Last edited: May 15, 2018 at 2:16 AM
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  3. Haze Vaporizers

    Haze Vaporizers Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    You can keep it charging at all times.
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  4. django7

    django7 Well-Known Member

    I tried doing the extra button press during the draw, and vapor went way up. So this does have a strong effect.

    But why? Does the extra press override the temperature setting or just help it keep the set temperature?

    Anyway it works, so thanks for the info :)


    PS What size are the hex screws on the battery compartment? Anyone?
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  5. Solomon

    Solomon Talk to the Beard

    The South
    2 more things to like about the Haze Square:

    1 - The flavor - simply amazing
    2 - Easy, complete reclaim collection - it seem that most of the resin accumulates on the SS plates - easily dissolved in alcohol
  6. Vapin in the usa

    Vapin in the usa Hit em with the hein!

    I use the vapir loading-spoon tool (came with No2).
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  7. Squatch

    Squatch Exister

    Backwoods USA
    After using this wonderful device for the past couple weeks I have encountered a couple combustion events. Every time I’ve had it combust I’ve had the button on the bottom (which puts the herb in the pod directly above the coil in the bottom of the pods). Using the button on the top the herb is resting on the stainless steel filters and not directly touching the bottom of the pod itself...giving space between the herb and coil. So I’m just using it with button on top now, not had any more combustion events. :leaf:
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  8. Volteric

    Volteric Well-Known Member

    This is why I think cleaning this very 3rd full 4 chamber session is necessary for optimal experience. Otherwise, like you said, resin gets into a variety of nooks and crannies.
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  9. WakeAndVape

    WakeAndVape VapeLife X


    I decided to clean my square while it was charging today (just because).

    Instead of JUST removing the screens and dishes...I decided to take out both silicone inserts and rinsed them with water.
    (there were a few crumbs underneath both inserts)

    after i dried everything off i loaded up all four bowls and went to press the button and i had an instant combustion pull, i made sure I wasn't covering the air intake and pressed the button and it combusted right away again.

    I removed the rubber seal that holds the bowls again and placed it one more time...

    after that...the fucking square works perfectly (like I've seen others post) the double press does add a little gas, but causes instant charring (on high) at least taste wise.

    not sure what inside the vape was misaligned, but I'm glad it's working!

    when you press the power button you can see the coil glow (in a dark setting) when the vape reaches temp it stays active for a moment and then the coil dims out for the remainder of the draw.

    when you double press it, it starts to heat all over again and keeps the coil glowing longer
    ...I also think that when you draw while it's heating, the coil gets hotter compensating for the cool down by your draw...this is all speculative though.

    the hex size is 2mm.
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  10. RogueGuy

    RogueGuy There's nothing like living in Southern Oregon

    After a night, and half a day, and a lot of trial and not much error , I am really impressed with the Square.

    This thing messes me up!!

    I found that if you just take nice long even draw at low temps it just extracts the bowl really perfectly and evenly no burning. I dont get a ton of vapor but a lot of effect and flavor.

    I also really pushed it with double and triple presses to produce some big hits with minimal charing.

    @Haze Vaporizers what would be the chance of a setting that when you hit the button it just started to get hot real slowly and gradually and then just built up to like 400 like a mechanical mod?

    Also love the idea that somebody posted about having the temperature light go on when you press the button or just get rid of the blue light and have the on light be the current temperature
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  11. Lazy Lighting

    Lazy Lighting Well-Known Member

    Mother Earth
    Just got mine back....wow love this thing. Just packed it up with some gorilla glue and the flavor is awesome. Big clouds, cool vape. Totally what I was expecting. Can't wait to bring this out fly fishing.
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  12. KLo

    KLo No Ember


    After a few rotations (•••• - ••• - •• - •) w/ screens flipped in the lid portion as a test..all worked out b4 a deep clean. Minimal resin build up, as expected, but fully contained (!) by the solid screens..oh-oh
    ...:p iso soaked anyway then got back to business

    Last edited: May 15, 2018 at 5:00 PM
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  13. Vapin in the usa

    Vapin in the usa Hit em with the hein!

    Is everyone using phase #1 units or phase #2?
  14. junny89

    junny89 Active Member

    Phase #1
  15. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    Could someone please clarify phase 1 vs 2? Thanks
    And list the issues for each phase of units/ what corrections then happened in phase 2? Phase 3?
    What date was switchover? Are we now entering phase 3 for next deliveries??
    What were the included benefits for 1 vs 2?
    It seems confusing to follow the production trail :)
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  16. Vapin in the usa

    Vapin in the usa Hit em with the hein!

    Off haze website: Pre-Order Phase 1 (December 2017 thru 04/13/2018) – SOLD OUT!
    Pre-Order Phase 2 (04/13/2018 thru 05/14/2018) – SOLD OUT!
    Pre-Order Phase 3 (05/14/2018 – 06/20/2018)
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  17. RogueGuy

    RogueGuy There's nothing like living in Southern Oregon

    Hey all I found something I think worked amazingly well. I took a concentrate pad and smeared a thin layer of some taffy like oil on it, dropped it oil up in the bowl then toped it off with some flower and no lid.

    I hit it a bunch of times, lid side up on high including a double and a triple press. WOW!!

    No burn, and no oil left all over the screen.
  18. b0

    b0 Cloudy...

    Another spaniard in UK
    This new wave of positive reviews has made me really excited for my unit, can't wait for next batch of shipping :D
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  19. Stdudez

    Stdudez New Member

    So glad I got my pre-order in on the second wave as I see it is now sold out!

    Exactly how I feel man! :rockon:
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  20. ginolicious

    ginolicious Well-Known Member

    Same here.

    Also didn’t know there was going to be a phase 3.
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  21. Vapin in the usa

    Vapin in the usa Hit em with the hein!

    Good question what will be "fixed" or addressed this time around.
  22. Haze Vaporizers

    Haze Vaporizers Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    We had two issues with Phase 1 roll out:

    1) Seal issue (some units)
    2) Delayed charging start (some units)

    Both of these issues are corrected on the Phase II units. Customers who received units with these issues in phase 1 are taken care of and we continue to take care of these.

    There are no planned difference between units in terms of phase 2 and 3. Phase 3 will be our final phase of the preorder process , as well as the offered incentives. Units will be made available to major distributors as well as to our authorized sellers as well.

    We will start offering various accessories during phase 2 and phase 3 roll outs.

    During Phase 2 roll out, the stainless pods will become available. The MAC version of the app is also expected during this time.

    During phase 3 roll out, microdose concept , and few other concept accessories (will disclose in the next 2-3 weeks) will be rolled out.

    We will continue to monitor feedback. We are making notes on all other ideas/suggestions which will give us the base for V2 version planning for next year.

    P.S: I will respond to PMs by noon today.
  23. WakeAndVape

    WakeAndVape VapeLife X

    :brow: This part excites me the most.

    I did have a chance to use my friends PC to adjust the presets... :science:

    turned the max from 430 to 480 (for concentrates) and turned up all of the temps a bit and then changed the light colors and order.

    NOW...I am getting even better results.

    the square doesn't seem to be a heavy fog machine...but man...those effects.

    each heavy rip had my head feeling like it was weaving between reality like the flipping pages of a book :whoa:, before feeling like i was melting in the chair

    the thing I look for with a good convection unit, is when drawing...I aim the stream of air on the tip of my tongue and wait for the oily terps to hit my pallet. The bowl is 'done' when I can only sense dry heat.
    and the herb doesn't smell like herb

    I am now confident my material is spent when I'm done with a session.

    the best part is...I didn't have to send the unit in a 2nd time :rockon:
  24. MikeG7265

    MikeG7265 Well-Known Member

    This is just the way it should be. All four bowls packed
    1-Cypress OG
    4-Orange Ghost

    Let this beautiful day begin!! :tup:
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  25. frank grimes

    frank grimes Active Member

    I prefer purchasing one at a store as I'd like to see the unit first before deciding. Will your distributors and authorized sellers be receiving stock while phase 3 is running or will it be after phase 3?

    And if the sellers are stocking the units at the same time as phase 3, will they be offering incentives too?

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