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Discontinued Haze Square

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by scottg402, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. junny89

    junny89 Well-Known Member

    Phase #1
  2. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    Could someone please clarify phase 1 vs 2? Thanks
    And list the issues for each phase of units/ what corrections then happened in phase 2? Phase 3?
    What date was switchover? Are we now entering phase 3 for next deliveries??
    What were the included benefits for 1 vs 2?
    It seems confusing to follow the production trail :)
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  3. Vapin in the usa

    Vapin in the usa Hit em with the hein!

    Off haze website: Pre-Order Phase 1 (December 2017 thru 04/13/2018) – SOLD OUT!
    Pre-Order Phase 2 (04/13/2018 thru 05/14/2018) – SOLD OUT!
    Pre-Order Phase 3 (05/14/2018 – 06/20/2018)
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  4. RogueGuy

    RogueGuy Accessory Maker

    Hey all I found something I think worked amazingly well. I took a concentrate pad and smeared a thin layer of some taffy like oil on it, dropped it oil up in the bowl then toped it off with some flower and no lid.

    I hit it a bunch of times, lid side up on high including a double and a triple press. WOW!!

    No burn, and no oil left all over the screen.
  5. b0

    b0 Cloudy...

    Another spaniard in UK
    This new wave of positive reviews has made me really excited for my unit, can't wait for next batch of shipping :D
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  6. Stdudez

    Stdudez Well-Known Member

    So glad I got my pre-order in on the second wave as I see it is now sold out!

    Exactly how I feel man! :rockon:
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  7. ginolicious

    ginolicious Well-Known Member

    Same here.

    Also didn’t know there was going to be a phase 3.
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  8. Vapin in the usa

    Vapin in the usa Hit em with the hein!

    Good question what will be "fixed" or addressed this time around.
  9. Haze Vaporizers

    Haze Vaporizers Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    We had two issues with Phase 1 roll out:

    1) Seal issue (some units)
    2) Delayed charging start (some units)

    Both of these issues are corrected on the Phase II units. Customers who received units with these issues in phase 1 are taken care of and we continue to take care of these.

    There are no planned difference between units in terms of phase 2 and 3. Phase 3 will be our final phase of the preorder process , as well as the offered incentives. Units will be made available to major distributors as well as to our authorized sellers as well.

    We will start offering various accessories during phase 2 and phase 3 roll outs.

    During Phase 2 roll out, the stainless pods will become available. The MAC version of the app is also expected during this time.

    During phase 3 roll out, microdose concept , and few other concept accessories (will disclose in the next 2-3 weeks) will be rolled out.

    We will continue to monitor feedback. We are making notes on all other ideas/suggestions which will give us the base for V2 version planning for next year.

    P.S: I will respond to PMs by noon today.
  10. WakeAndVape

    WakeAndVape VapeLife X

    :brow: This part excites me the most.

    I did have a chance to use my friends PC to adjust the presets... :science:

    turned the max from 430 to 480 (for concentrates) and turned up all of the temps a bit and then changed the light colors and order.

    NOW...I am getting even better results.

    the square doesn't seem to be a heavy fog machine...but man...those effects.

    each heavy rip had my head feeling like it was weaving between reality like the flipping pages of a book :whoa:, before feeling like i was melting in the chair

    the thing I look for with a good convection unit, is when drawing...I aim the stream of air on the tip of my tongue and wait for the oily terps to hit my pallet. The bowl is 'done' when I can only sense dry heat.
    and the herb doesn't smell like herb

    I am now confident my material is spent when I'm done with a session.

    the best part is...I didn't have to send the unit in a 2nd time :rockon:
  11. MikeG7265

    MikeG7265 Well-Known Member

    This is just the way it should be. All four bowls packed
    1-Cypress OG
    4-Orange Ghost

    Let this beautiful day begin!! :tup:
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  12. frank grimes

    frank grimes Well-Known Member

    I prefer purchasing one at a store as I'd like to see the unit first before deciding. Will your distributors and authorized sellers be receiving stock while phase 3 is running or will it be after phase 3?

    And if the sellers are stocking the units at the same time as phase 3, will they be offering incentives too?
  13. ginolicious

    ginolicious Well-Known Member

    Just remember what strain is in which bowl haha.
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  14. Haze Vaporizers

    Haze Vaporizers Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    Sellers/Distributors will start receiving inventory during Phase 2. The incentives are only available through our preorder run on our website and it will be discontinued by phase 3.
  15. KLo

    KLo No Ember

    What temp?

    Have you tried w/ concentrates at 480? I attempted w/ default high temp ( red?) and the flavour got basted with silicone. Hate that. Guessing at 480 it may hit quicker, decreasing the chance of funky taste?? A bit dubious. Always have a side-eye on silicone.

    While on topic of temps...a few posts ago I threw up the shoulders re backlight memory. My mistake. Somehow was colour blind. Been mostly hitting on lower temps and obv didn't register the subtleties blue-to-purp. Seshing in front of a color monitor switched up my vision. Will be customizing sometime in the future. Will be nice to switch up the lights. Haptic is on point, tho. Very sexy vibrations!
  16. subway13029

    subway13029 Well-Known Member

    Packed a half bowl like usual at lunch today and with my usual method it combusted instantly..and i cleaned the pod out and was pissed so i loaded another and got a great hit and then combustion..totally gross..but im thinking i may have a clog? Or need a clean? Ive only used few times but material sticks to those ss screens..so my accesories serm to be lost in transit..usps sucks..my tracking keeps changing but ill have my deep clean tray and hopefully can clean thia baby up. And get back to great reaults..
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  17. Volteric

    Volteric Well-Known Member

    So having used quite a number of portable vapes my main faves have been FF2 and the Crafty. Imagine a FF2 or Crafty with4 chambers and viola! You have the Haze Square!
  18. RogueGuy

    RogueGuy Accessory Maker

    The stock high temp which is 430 I think. No lid and when I hit this bowl I go button down. Double and triple press works great but I think it would be better at 450-480.

    The more I use this vaporizer the more I like it.
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  19. Archaicrevival

    Archaicrevival Well-Known Member

  20. django7

    django7 Well-Known Member

    The Square is becoming my favorite vape ever. That is all.
  21. RogueGuy

    RogueGuy Accessory Maker

    When you combust are you getting a few pieces or full on black char. I had a really good run and then a couple in a row. One just a little and one where, when the ABV was popped out like a cake, you could see the shape of the coil in black. Both on mid to lower presets.

    @Haze Vaporizers any thoughts on bowls that are 1/2-3/4 depth to give some air space between the bowl and element?

    I can also see that the coil sits slightly higher in the tray at the top of the loop. This also seems to loosely correspond with where I find charing.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
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  22. Barnacleaz

    Barnacleaz Member

    west coast
    So, my toy came back home and I finally had a moment. Thanks @Haze Vaporizers for your continued diligence! Everything felt smooth, symmetrical, complete, and more consistent while turning chambers.
    After the mildest wiping down and prepping a few pods, and double-checking which-way-is-that, I had a few minutes alone to walk and play.
    There's really nothing to this, is there? Or do the AK-47 wielding, lemon cake girl scouts just make it look so simple? Press a few seconds, draw before haptic, forget you're inhaling, repeat. :sherlock:
    Anyway, all good, no hassle, little effort in the end. Love it!
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  23. Vapin in the usa

    Vapin in the usa Hit em with the hein!

    Can anyone giving these rave reviews do a demo/video?
  24. Wrinklie

    Wrinklie New Member

    I’m glad everyone is having such a good time with the Square. I just sent mine back.

    February 15th, 2018.

    I owned a Haze3 and like one commenter, I found that using concentrates could get messy. So much so that I sent it back to Haze for servicing.

    March 5th.

    When I hadn’t heard anything back, I sent an email asking when I could expect my repaired Haze3 back.

    March 6th.

    I get this response: “I see a part is ordered for this return which we will cover the cost under warranty. We should be able to ship this out late this week or Monday the latest.”

    March 19th.

    Thirteen days later, no vaporizer. No messages. After I sent another email, the real problem came to light when I was informed: “Our latest Dual V3 inventory came in with a material issue on units and parts and right now sent back to the factory for renewal.” So, not only did they NOT fix it, they didn’t even have the parts and then didn’t bother to tell me until I poked the bear thirteen days later. It seems Haze is in the same boat with it's manufacture as is Ford - inability to produce parts or even the entire unit.

    March 20th.

    It’s now been more than a month since this all started and I agreed to the compromise of exchanging the Dual for the Square since it looked interesting.

    April 3rd.

    When no replacement had arrived, I sent an email asking when I could expect my replacement.

    April 26th. The Square finally arrived.

    From the mailing back for repairs to my Dual until the Square actually arrived was 69 days. This, alone, is unacceptable, but there’s more. The Brick.

    The first thing I noticed is that the Square is a brick. It weights more than my Pax 2 and my Crafty together. Next, the accompanying users manual states there’s an app for both Windows and Mac. There’s not. It also states: “For Pro Version (which I have) you may also use USB-C attached to a computer for faster charging.” When it failed to charge at all, I questioned what was going on? I got: "The USB to computer does not provide enough power to successfully charge your Square.” Huh? Ok, you can charge it with the wall charger, but, contrary to the user manual, not on computers.

    But by far, the biggest problem is the incomplete burning I get. With EVERY packing, only half in each container was vaporized, the rest was unused. I tried various packings, light, loose, heavy, but I never got good vapor and the reason being it was not burning all the content. I sent photos of three separate loads, but all I got back was instructions from the manual - as if I hadn’t read or didn’t understand how to line up the sides or set the pods in the tray correctly or even where the tab part lined up with the open part of the top or, etc. I may be old, but I’m far from stupid.

    I don’t use my vaporizer for recreation - it’s how I consume alternative medicine to the opioids doctors keep prescribing me. I’ve been using the Crafty (unreliable, but a great company that backs it’s warranty quickly - three times in my case), the Pax 2 (reliable and a great company), and a desktop that I quit using because it, too, consumed too much) and I’ve had the worst luck with Haze and the Square. As a “heavy user”, I rotate between vaporizers, since none are designed for constant use. I will remove Haze from the rotation and replace it with a Mighty. At least I trust them.

    May 15th.

    I sent the whole Square package back to Haze and, frankly, I don’t care what they do. I’m tired of messing with it.

    I have the emails and receipts to backup this customer service horror story.
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  25. Djsleepy

    Djsleepy Well-Known Member

    In the South !
    hey guys I wanted to share my experience with HAZE so far... I got mine april 20th and first thing noticed was it taking forever to start charging sent it in and it fired right up for them so they fixed seal while it was there and sent back to me about two weeks ltr after mixed results noticed the bottom of my pods were scraping on the heating element down to the metal. before going any further I must explain the following- I had some pods that had clogged holes after cleaning with iso and blowing out so I used a pin to poke the holes open not realizing that the pin was making to holes bigger and causing pods to scrape even more . the techs said the pin pushing thru the metal had caused the bowls to bow out and scrape more, they lowered it for me and I informed that the larger holes had nothing to do with it because I am holding two pods I did not need to use pin to clean and they still had circular scratches on those???They went ahead and lowered it a little more we will see what happens when I get back in a few days - I will let you guys know, they also updated my firmware.

    The reason for this post is to let you guys know HAZE will get you fixed, be patient - but provide as much info as possible this will help techs with issues and also with the FAQ on website! If something is still occurring let them know, they want a properly working square in your hands! I believe once all bugs worked out we will all have a new favorite vape! They have been great to me and everytime I have had a concern they have addressed it.
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