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Haze Square

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by scottg402, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Razshiro

    Razshiro Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the video, can't wait for more reviews, On demand vapor , instant heat, short vapor path, seems a grasshopper killer for me ...i would like to buy one now but i'm afraid about the shipping cost and custom), any ETA when this beast will be available from any EU retailer?
  2. MAbud

    MAbud Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the usage videos! Great to see heat time, vapor production, switching of capsules and ABV. Iā€™m much more intrigued now after seeing all of that
  3. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    Hello @Haze Vaporizers - thank you so much for these vids. Very helpful and your vape is very interesting and attractive.

    I also want to compliment you on your overall approach of just putting out some basic info on the device and leaving all of the in depth user experience and subjective judgements to independent reviewers (well, as independent as any are) and actual owners. I think this is much better than getting out ahead of yourself with a lot of promotion and hype.

    If the product is good, it will speak for itself.
  4. CarouselOnFire

    CarouselOnFire Member

    I love the form factor of this vape.
    The convenience of loading four bowls at a time is a big draw for me. Loading portables on the go can be cumbersome at times.
    Will be interested to see people taking large hits with this device - also can't wait to see how it functions through water.
    Someone mentioned custom mouthpieces a few pages back... I would like to see a j-hook style setup with this little guy for dry, at-home use.

    Appreciated the graceful way in which Haze has navigated through setbacks, challenges, and pressing questions from eager vaporists on this thread. Very curious to see this one in action - love the creativity behind it.
  5. namasteIII

    namasteIII Well-Known Member

    Fuck yeah @Haze Vaporizers years of work paying of, this shit looks killer! Portable form factor, the convenience of 4 preloaded bowls, ready to rock at the flip of a tray. Quick heat up, instant vapor, and even ABV. Get this guy out steady and your botta take the market.

    Best of luck to you, I won't preorder, but will watch closely, and will buy when the time is right.

    Well done, really, this is a device that could change lives.
  6. ohmygodimsohigh

    ohmygodimsohigh Well-Known Member

    Very exciting to see this vape make some progress!
  7. SiDankies

    SiDankies Well-Known Member

    My lord this thing looks great. When is it expected to begin shipping?
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  8. Zondo

    Zondo Just that dude

    From the product page

    Approximate ship date: End of January 2018
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  9. Just Justin

    Just Justin Well-Known Member

    Looks very promising. Curious about battery life but I really like that it doesn't seem to matter how you pack the chamber to get good results, something most convection vapes struggle with and require a certain grind, amount and pack to get the best vaporization. Can't wait to see more
  10. paytonpenn

    paytonpenn Level 30 Nature/Healer

    This is on the list, what's the actual max temperature?
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  11. namasteIII

    namasteIII Well-Known Member

    Yes on further thinking, does the even ABV still occur on the higher temps?
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  12. Slagzord

    Slagzord Don't fuckle with shuckle

    I think I read somewhere that it had a 450f max
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  13. paytonpenn

    paytonpenn Level 30 Nature/Healer

    But the product page says "Adjustable temperature from 335F ā€“ 410F.", which is why I wanted the actual max temp.

    I'm hoping its not 410F but I understand. Disappointing for concentrate use though.
  14. Other Side

    Other Side Retailer

    I'll have to check but I think I'm using 445 right now for trates so 410 is not correct. Trates work nicely as well by the way. I'll say more once I can.
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  15. Slagzord

    Slagzord Don't fuckle with shuckle

    True enough I went through my history and saw it was just some site (vaporizerhealth or something? ) and then checked the Haze website. Totally agree with you. 410 doesn't hit concentrates the way I like. I've been using Crafty and Mighty on and off with live resin, shatter, etc., with the concentrate pad and I must be doing something wrong because while sometimes tasty it just ain't the dabz. Nonetheless, I have pens, a Liger, but I ain't got a 4 chamber super fast heating portable.

    @otherside that is awesome to hear re: higher max temps. Super strong case for this bad ass thing.
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  16. radiant34

    radiant34 Well-Known Member

    You have one? How do you like it?
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  17. Zondo

    Zondo Just that dude

    Just remember, they're making this product to have the optimal temps to turn cannabinoids into vapor. If you're more into having visible smoke, aka requiring higher temps to over heat the material, then this product may not be for you. This product is more for people who desire vapor. But it's quite possible they could raise the max temp just to have a wider group of buyers.
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  18. MonkeyTime

    MonkeyTime Well-Known Member

    I believe the idea has always been to raise the temps for concentrates, two canisters for dry herb and two for concentrates come with it.

    Pictures in the first post may be wrong, but that hasn't changed.
  19. Other Side

    Other Side Retailer

    This is a much different unit than that first post. The default will be two dry herb pods and two concentrate. I suspect additional pods will be available early on because Haze knows people will want different configurations. I suggested they sell full trays separately as well so you can vape all four in the unit and then swap four more in very quickly and easily.

    @radiant34 I like it but I cannot say too much at this point since I am still under a NDA.

    I will share more when I can and after I have received approval from the owners on discussing details.
  20. Shit Snacks

    Shit Snacks Milaana. Lana. LANA. LAANAAAAAA

    Motion Pictures
    Ah I thought in the end all the pods are the same? So you get four pods, that can all be used with herbs? Then for concentrates, you get two steel pads and two silicone lids, to turn two of the four standard herbal pods you get into concentrate pods? Unless I misunderstood...
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  21. Other Side

    Other Side Retailer

    Well it's changed a bit over time and I am working with them on the final configuration. In the end I think you'll be able to use all four pods for dry herb and drop the stainless discs in for trates. The silicone lids are also for trates only but I'm experimenting just ditching the silicone and seeing promising results with the regular pods and no cover. Of course you need to watch how much you load and how you hold it. So far no leaking events for me but I could see it happening if you try to overload and don't use the lid to help it stay sealed in the chamber.
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  22. bobo305

    bobo305 Well-Known Member

    prov r.i.
    if we can hit this thing through water, I'm definitely in, big time. has he mentioned a water adapter?
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  23. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    I bet there is something in the book and it will only need some silicone tubing to connect it to a water tool in the worst case.... although its main purpose is a stealth, on demand vaping and multiple bowls. (But I agree a vaporizer which works well with water filtration and faster draw is a good one!)
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  24. Haze Vaporizers

    Haze Vaporizers Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    I hope that all of you guys had the best New Year celebration with your families. I wish everyone a healthy, successful 2018.

    I want to thank everybody for your posts. We are very encouraged and excited about this release. I am catching up with the comments/questions.

    Battery life should be more than sufficient but it is very variable from person to person of course. While doing the video, i did 20 hits from each chamber over the course of several days at all temp settings and I was left with about 35% battery life. If you use higher settings exclusively with extended draws, you may still get away with 4 chambers but it will vary. I will leave this to users/reviewers to comment on once they have the units.

    PRO users will be able to set any setting between 320 and 450F. The default factory setting will be 410 for the top temperature. We have a unique way of rushing the convection heated air into the chamber and high setting is pretty good for concentrates. Again, we will want to hear from users. We can always change factory default and release it online for users to update their own units.

    Yes ABV is pretty even at all temps due to the design of our heater as well as the canisters.

    Yes pods are all the same now. We just use concentrate pads and lids for the concentrates. We will also supply organic cotton pads for e-juice users. Each unit will essentially come with 4 pods which can all be used for herb and 2 of them will be configured to be used for concentrates/e-juices as well (right out of the box). The lids are provided for concentrates but they can be used for dry herb transportation as well.

    We will release a tray carrier too so users can own multiple trays and easily carry them around.

    We will get these to EU as soon as possible. It can be as early as February. We will also provide shipping cost breaks for early adopters. I have few members PM'ed be on this. I will respond to every PM as soon as possible.

    @PPN , we are going to be working on an adapter next for the water tools. It is not going to be too difficult to make one. Square is a pretty heavy hitter so we expect good results from water tools.

    It has been a long journey for us and we are now just getting started. Thank you all again for all your support.
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  25. SirCrackKillaH

    SirCrackKillaH Well-Known Member

    That's awesome. I was worried about there being a difference between pods. Now that worry is gone. Thank you guys for the update. Awesome man. I wish I had the funds right now for that preorder. I'll have to wait till February >.<
    I do look forward to reading what the initial first batch of users think. This vape looks to be pretty awesome man. Cool stuff. I like this borg cube man. F yeah. Little mystery pandora box thingamajig with four chambers, hells yeah, like a four shot wheel gun. Bam bam bam bam.. or like bam x20 based upon what you said with the draws man then.. actually, that's sick. You said 20 draws per chamber so then 80 draws total at least on those heat levels. That's cool, really cool.

    So then the pro version of this will allow you to change the level to say.. 428 or 430f for flowers? That would be reason enough for me to buy the pro over the base. At like $20 it isn't a big upcharge at all.
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