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Haze Square Shipping Thread

Discussion in 'Vaporizer Shipping and Ordering Discussion' started by radiant34, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Mustang_52

    Mustang_52 Active Member

    There doesn’t seem to be any kind of pattern for shipping but I thought all fc members were to be shipping by last week.
  2. Haze Vaporizers

    Haze Vaporizers Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    Hi Guys

    We announced Square only on FC Forum, intended to do preorders from here first but it looks like our discussions here may be shared on other forums or sites by members/viewers since we received more than 3x of the anticipated preorders within the first 3 days. Although we planned on announcing it publicly through all of our channels weeks ago, we are still holding that announcement as of today due to this.

    We received very limited inventory and we are shipping orders based on their order as they were received.

    Please note that once you finish the checkout on the site, the site actually sends you a confirmation but we only receive that order into our actual inventory system once the credit card processor disburses the payment.

    Some payments are delayed 3-7 business days depending on the type of card you used, depending on whether it is an international card or depending on if there were any discrepancy between the billing address you put on the site vs actual billing address that you have on file with your financial institution.

    Some payments get flagged as possible fraud or failing billing address verification by the card services merchant processor and they place a hold for few days and release it to us after 3-7 days.

    What this means is: Even if you think that you placed an order on say 22nd, we may not have seen it as an order before 29th etc.

    This above process has nothing to do with our operation as these are regulated by the financial institutions.

    I want every member to be confident that we do not favor one order over the other. We literally sort orders on our end based on their date (the date that it hit in our inventory system) and ship them one by one. There are many members on this forum that have helped us with their beta feedback and even their units are not shipped until April which we would have preferred them to be in the first batch.

    The other subject that I want to point out is this: We received a portion of our full order and the other small portion is still in customs clearance as of today. It means that there will be more shipments later next week but as I said that it will not be enough to cover all preorders to date. All preorders are guaranteed to ship by April.

    I am hoping that all customers who placed preorders will see the benefits of the incentives that we offered for these preorders and be patient with us. These incentives will discontinue by the end of March and we will be in full shipment mode after that.

    Thank you again for your ongoing support and we are working as hard as we can to make everyone happy and meet expectations.
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  3. Jah1975

    Jah1975 Well-Known Member

    ill only believe that you don't play favorites if you play favorites with my order!!

    did that work?
    excited to have this in my hands soon and appreciate this really smooth pre-order @Haze Vaporizers , Love you guys!
  4. Raptor5150

    Raptor5150 Member

    @Haze Vaporizers will our units be shipped to us on April 5th or sent out on that date?

    Chomping at the bit here and im taking a month long tbreak to celebrate and its making the wait worse :cry:

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