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Happy Jack Disposable Vaporizer

Discussion in 'ABV' started by CharSadehBeast, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. CharSadehBeast

    CharSadehBeast Well-Known Member

    Home of the 49ers!
    Hello guys/gals. I have been reading the posts on here for sometime but never joined until now! After reading a number of pages on the Pax thread, I decided to pick one up a few months ago. I'm relatively happy with it but I have not tried any other vaporizers to compare it to. There are times I miss the potency and strength of smoking, but it does it's job relatively well.

    Anyhow, a friend recommended a disposable vaporizer at a dispensary called a "Happy Jack". It looks just like an e-ciagrette but it's pre-loaded with THC. Supposedly there are 60-70 hits. My friend is not easily impressed and has a high tolerance and claimed to get very medicated from 5-6 hits. I also loved the idea of something so small packing a punch. I bought 2 myself; one indica one sativa. They run for $40 a piece. The chick at the dispensary also praised it but didn't know what the specific contents of the oil.

    I tried it out on 2 different occasions, but barely felt medicated. I have only tried the indica vape (white) but 5-6 pulls are more like 1 pull off the Pax. Anyone else have experience with these?

  2. DubCRider

    DubCRider Well-Known Member

    Your using a VG/PG mix in that, not pure medication. Most of the vapor you're seeing is from that, not THC.
  3. Lo

    Lo Combustion free since '09

    blah... just another ecig pretending to be a vaporizer IMHO - we seem them far too often.
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