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Grinder Cleaning...Results. ;D

Discussion in 'Vapor Related Equipment' started by rotax, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Elluzion

    Elluzion Vapeosaurus Rex

    I am about to try this on my 2pc small spacecase grinder that I have used for almost 2 years now. Never cleaned it. It has gotten pretty stuck lately. I wasn't thinking of reclaiming just because I have never vaped oils because of fear of my tolerance sky rocketing and impurities from extraction, so i'm not sure if I should try or not.

    I was going to do like a 15-1 hour soak in the ISO, then q-tip the shit out of it, then rinse with hot water.

    i'll update how it goes.
  2. bleak

    bleak Well-Known Member

    Down Under
    Yes indeed, heres my process. I use 69% drinking-grade alcohol, because its the most affordable where I live. I get it from Germany, its called Gartenmeister, made from various vegetables/grains, and has a neutral flavor like vodka. 98% drinking-grade alcohol would be better, but its ridiculously expensive in Holland because of taxes (4x more expensive than the Gartenmeister)

    I always have 2 jars of alcohol on the go, for a first wash and second wash. Every few weeks I put my 2-piece stainless steel grinder into jar 1, soak overnight. It usually needs a little help to loosen some bits of oil, so I scrape it with a metal pick and give it a swirl around. Then, a quick second wash in jar 2. I keep reusing the same alcohol until its orange (takes a few months). Thats why I do the 2-stage wash, as that orange alcohol leaves some oil residue on the grinder. When its time to harvest the oil, I evaporate the alcohol from jar 1, and then "upgrade" jar 2 to first-wash status (its usually a very pale yellow). I'll then fill another jar with fresh alcohol, which becomes jar 1, first wash.

    I hope this "jar cycling system" make sense :) I arrived at this method after a few years of doing it. Seems the most efficient for reclaiming oil, and make the grinder cleaner than a single wash (unless you're using fresh alcohol every time)

    I prefer to eat the oil rather than smoke/vape it. So when the alcohol is totally gone, I'll add some coconut oil and soy lecethin to the jar, submerge it in hot water until everything melts, mix well, and then put in the fridge. I just eat a spoonful directly from the jar when I want to get high :)
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  3. VapoRoor

    VapoRoor DAB-a-DAB I'll dooooo

    Any1 done a Review on a 4 piece GotVape grinder?
  4. RGB1616

    RGB1616 New Member

    How often do you guys clean your grinders? I miss the smooth twisting motion of my Space Case
  5. b0

    b0 Cloudy...

    Another spaniard in UK
    Some reclaim after an ISO clean

  6. Bebop

    Bebop Way of the Mild

    hey guys , do you think i can reclaim resin from grinder with food grain alcohol 60%? and what is the safest way to evaporate it ?

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