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Great Movies You've Seen Recently That Are NOT New Releases..

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by lwien, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. Morty

    Morty Well-Zoned Member

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  2. ghostofcyberx13

    ghostofcyberx13 And That Ain't No Joke, You Can Disappear In Smoke

    Route66 to ORION
    Well I watched "Tarzan And His Mate". This is an excellent movie for it's time(1934) and was "Pre-Code"(Sex Censorship Code of the late 30s). Margeret Sullivan is "Jane" and what a hot babe in a scanty loin cloth. One scene has her on a tree limb above the water just checking her new dress a safari had brought her. Jane loses balance and the dress catches on the tree as she falls(Now Naked) into the water. Underwater shots show her completely naked swimming around for over a minute. This wasn't the only scene there were many scenes of her in that loin cloth. One thing really funny was Jane's "Tarzan Yell" it was a high pitched female version. I also learned from "CC"(Subtitled Option) that Tarzan yelling is called "Ululating". Later.
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