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Grasshopper TI + PFE

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by cgod, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. cgod

    cgod Well-Known Member


    Hi there guys! I have decided to let go off my Grasshopper, i only got it a few months ago from a member on reddit ( will pm the link to original post so you can see the care and services the previous owner paid for ) i loved it and i can say the Grasshopper converted me into vaping through water only reason i am trading is because i purchased the WPA for my Lotus which has now become my go to !

    Included are:

    Grasshopper Vaporizer


    Two batteries ( i am from the UK so dont know if i can post batteries worldwide )


    Silicone Mouthpiece

    The vaporizer itself is in very good condition, it has a few scratches where you unscrew it to put the battery in and also has marks on the PFE (because of the snug fit dropping into a 14mm mouthpiece) which i tried my best to show on the pictures i took

    When you draw sometimes the blue lights flicker which can happen in some Grasshoppers, the previous owner has sent back the GH twice,the first time was for the flickering LED's and performance check just incase to be tested/calibrated and got told it is working correctly, he also paid $70 for a new backend !

    It works perfectly, has never gave me any problems and is a BEAST through water

    I am intrested in trading, vapes i OWN so far are: Crafty, Lotus, Vapolution 3, SBJ, Milaana, Vapcap M, MFLB, so i am open to any other vape as long as it meets my intrest !

    The vape is still currently registered to the previous owner who is one of the nicest members ive had the pleasure of communicating with and i am pretty sure he will transfer the warrenty over for the $45 (?) It cost

    Thanks guys!

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