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Got a couple questions before purchasing SSV

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by fdotcombustion, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. fdotcombustion

    fdotcombustion New Member

    Hi, I am a new member and would first like to thank everybody for the wonderful community here and knowledgeable folks who make up this site. I am coming over from a hands free Vapor Brothers vaporizer that's lasted me years but finally broke after a hard fall. I have been reading extensively trying to soak up everything I can before making my next purchase. I have set my eyes on either Da Buddha or SSV but am still just a bit confused on if the SSV is justified over DBV in my situation.

    Ok, true or not I read in a user review posted on 7th Floor's website that if purchasing a ground glass whip (which is what I want as I like to be hands free at times) that it's a total waste and to just save yourself $100 and get a Buddha instead. How true is this does he have a point? Which brings to my next question I thought the SSV over DBV was built tougher and drew slightly bigger hits, true or false?

    Another question I have is nowadays it usually doesn't even take a half or fully packed bowl for me to feel the effects, is one over the the other better when dealing with small packed bowls?

    I guess the thing that has me leaning toward the SSV over DBV is past experience with my Vapor Brothers. I hated the angle in which the whip was placed downward where herb would sometimes fall down into the heating element, I would actually lean my Vapor Brothers forward on its front two legs to avoid that from happening. Da Buddha is not as downward but have read about that happening at times whereas the SSV is tilted for convenience. I look forward to your guys responses...hoping to get enough that I'm swayed one way or the other as I'm looking to purchase today.
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  2. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    Hi fdotcombustion,

    Welcome to FC!

    I'd like to throw one more vape in the mix for your consideration. With inexpensive mods, a workhorse like the units you've already listed. (note the use of the SSV Wand in the mod notes).


    Good luck on your decision! I wouldn't regret the purchase of any models you've listed. Vape On!
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  3. Fiend138

    Fiend138 New Member

    Bought a DBV, sold it, bought another shortly after because I missed it so much. It is a power house for sure. Never any issues and its been sitting on for years. I have read it has a few cheaper parts then a SSV and I have ruined a few bowls due to the angle of Buddha's dangle. Otherwise its a very good piece from a solid company.
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  4. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    The SSV is better for two reasons:

    1. I had the DBV and ended up using it most times without leaving the wand on because the herbs NEED stirring in these models and sometimes it got stuck, plus if you roll it while you hit it, you kind of stir it while you hit it.

    2. the air hole is thinner so the vapor/air ratio is bigger, hence you get tastier hits.

    If you're going for one of these, choose the SSV.

    The tilt is not as important, i never had a problem with herbs falling on the element with my DBV... the Vbrothers is tilted the wrong way.. i never understood why they didn't make a model with a tilt the other way around but manufacturers sometimes are stubborn like that.

    I would also call your attention for the EV-2 which is a model similar to the 7th floor models and it has a 50% discount so it is 125USD. Quite a bargain if you ask me. The only problem is that there is no temp knob... there is a little screw on the bottom you can turn to change temps but it was built with a fixed temp in mind, albeit adjustable.
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  5. fdotcombustion

    fdotcombustion New Member

    Thanks for the input and suggestions guys...really though I've nailed it down to the SSV as I'm familiar with the knob styled vapes I am literally in the checkout page right now. I am thinking of going with the ground glass whip, is there a reason though that this whip is hardly recommended on here? It seems everybody is going with either Standard or the Spherical one are the vapors clouds bigger with these? I just wonder where people place the hot glass pieces if they are multitasking inbetween a session which is why I'm siding toward hands-free.
  6. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    Just put it in the table with the wand on top of the whip. That way it has a slight upwards angle.

    Ask in the SSV thread about the advantages of spherical vs standard. YOu can always get that metal piece that leaves it hand free without having to buy the ground glass wand.
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  7. syrupy

    syrupy Authorized Buyer

    I love my dbv. Using an arizer dome screen on the wand, no spillage.

    Must admit though, a bunch of people who like the dbv end up getting the ssv also.

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