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Good pen for BHO

Discussion in 'ABV' started by bassvape, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. bassvape

    bassvape Member

    I got the one of the micro vaped pens a couple weeks ago. http://www.ruvaped.com/shop/great-white-shark-edition/ I only use bho/wax at this point. The product comes in a nice metal box with the vape, charger, pick, and two mouth pieces. What I like most about this pen is how small it is, only 4.5" long. Also this is one of the most sturdy vape pens I have held/used. I put a chunk it and let it burn off to season the atomizer. After I would load about .1 -.2 and get quite a few large solid rips. All of my friends who used it were caught off guard by the size of the hits your get.

    The only downside is the airpath is a bit restrictive, I have rather strong lung so it wasn't as issue for me, but one friend had to try a bit harder.

    The whole package was less than $70 shipped. For those of you looking for a good bho pen, this is what I would suggest.
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