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Good idea for a whip filter...

Discussion in 'Vapor Related Equipment' started by zxro, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. zxro

    zxro New Member

    The original thread has been archived, so I had to start a new one to post some new insight.

    My problem was the silicone whip I've been using, developing a strong odor within a week of moderate use. The best suggestion I got was to use cotton as a filter.

    This worked well. It took some trial and error but I think we've figured out what's best for us. We have a ton of these cotton filters that are made for our microdermabrasion machine, and they fit just perfect. We put them in the bowl shaped screen that attaches to the glass elbow piece of our Arizer V-Tower.

    The airflow is somewhat hindered, of course, but the vapor still gets through, nice and thick like it usually does. A bit of herb gets stuck up in the bowl screen, but that happens without the filter as well, and is remedied the same way. The filter lasts a couple of days of use before needing replaced.

    The whip still gets a little funky, right around the elbow piece where that honey stuff is developing, but it is a night and day difference from using an unfiltered whip.

    Best part, these things are dirt cheap. Much easier to deal with than forging your own out of a cotton ball.

    They come in a few sizes. Don't have a ruler handy so I can't measure mine.

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