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Good bye.....

Discussion in 'ABV' started by momofthegoons, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. gaseous_clay

    gaseous_clay Well-Known Member

    Can you at least just say you're going out for milk, so we always have hope?
  2. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    @momofthegoons - sad day and I will miss you. Not sure what I will miss more, the dominatrix pics or the shots of you with black finger nail polish holding a translucent gram of shatter to the light.

    Both make me weak in the knees! :brow:;):rofl:

    Best of luck in your new ventures.
  3. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    I sent a personal email to vtac, to ask if he could re-set the server on the Herbalizer Developer Forum.
    He held the keys for that forum.
    He has responded to his personal email same day in the past, even when absent here.
    This time, I have emailed him for the past month without response.
    When I woke up from my coma (5.5 weeks) I had amnesia, and it took time to place the piece together.
    Employers thought I flaked and was gone, and friends thought I moved out of town.
    I am asking that those of you with faith please say a prayer for @vtac
    He could be ill or worse.
    We must all move on as we feel we must, but it is good karma to acknowledge that @vtac might be in some sort of a jam.
    I am certain all of us will try our best to keep things smooth.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2017
  4. Ricardo

    Ricardo Well-Known Member

    An island somewhere.
    Sorry to hear this :peace:
    Edit: I meant the original post but this too.
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  5. Philreal187

    Philreal187 Well-Known Member

    @momofthegoons It was always a pleasure to see what new pictures you had posted that day! I look forward to following you on ig and wish you the best as you move forward!

    @max I hope you have bright days ahead!

    Sending positive vibes out to @vtac

    FC is a community (common unity) everyone here is very pleasant and a breathe of fresh air compared the reality outside of these forum walls! I came here to learn about a portable I was looking to purchase, since then i sign up and have spent a few years now browsing and posting! FC is a great place to those that move forward they will be missed but I send my best wishes and hope your future is fulfilled by all the joys this world has to offer!!

  6. cybrguy

    cybrguy I mean really, WTF

    Sorry to see you guys go. Hope your future is bright and engaging and full of good stuff.

    And of course good vibes to vtac, AND to Vitolo. :)
  7. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    This place has been a lifesaver and a breath of fresh air for me. I want to thank everyone that keeps FC together and functioning. I have met some fantastic people, it's great we wound up in the same place. I thank @vtac for creating this arena of mostly free speech for those of us that seem to have a lot in common and it's not just the weed.
  8. stark1

    stark1 Less = more

    Legal, Ma!
  9. Seren

    Seren Away with the fairies

    :cry:. Its hard to imagine FC without you @momofthegoons .... you are such a kind soul. You have reached out to so many members here when they needed it most. Good luck in your new venture.... just signed up :)
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