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Going back to smoking...So different...

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by SunnyHours, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. OO

    OO Technical Skeptical

    Paraphernalia Museum
    I disagree. I very truthfully believe there can be guidelines on how to enjoy the effects without intoxication, as I sure know there have been times where I have felt the effects in this manner.

    The problem is determining the variables responsible for such.

    I corrected you because I don't want to see you confusing others. I also want you to decide whether or not what you alluded to was correct, even without the correct mechanism. I don't know if it is true what you have alluded to, that more CBN is administered via combustion rather than vaping, but I suspect that it is not the case, and know that there are far more factors that must be considered before making such a blanket statement.

    I believe that in all practicality, specifics must be considered, or at least that is the conclusion I have arrived at after much testing. That means that the specifics matter, especially in practice.

    Do you have any sources to verify your claim that CBN is created in much larger quantities with combustion, rather than vaporization? Please don't make claims without proof, we don't want to mislead anyone (you know, the rules?).
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  2. Jeppy

    Jeppy Pure Vaporist

    NorCal Vapor Garage
    :) I had a co-worker one time who would do that. For ten years I would start each conversation we had with, "Now, correct me if I'm wrong..........." :cool:

    My apologies to the OP. Vape on!
  3. Tweak

    Tweak T\/\/34|<

    You told me in another thread that droplet size is just your theory.
    Then you tell people this:

    Just as in another thread you state:
    Then state:
    Kind of condescending when you tell people:
    I really enjoy these discussions, but not when we have double standards.

    To stay on topic, I have really been enjoying smoking with all the new scientific pieces I'm buying for vapor. Smoking just once or twice a week makes me really appreciate the benefits of vaping and puts a big smile on my face on how far we've come in the past few centuries.

    One thing I do not miss, the paranoia. I can see why some first time users might dislike the experience.
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  4. z9

    z9 Well-Known Member

    You really feel that the paranoia is worse when smoking? I feel like its the other way around, especially when I dab. Smoking makes me so chilled out, I wont get paranoid unless I'm in a poor environment and fear being found out. Vaping and dabbing has always made me generally more paranoid.
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  5. Tweak

    Tweak T\/\/34|<

    Maybe paranoia is the wrong word. My whole thought process changes when I combust.

    It might be a combination of being in a social environment (anxiety), smoking a lesser quality material, and knowing that I can smell it in the air and on my clothes. With vaping I hardly leave the home and never worry about the smell. I even feel that my eyes are less tired/strained when vaping.

    Am I abnormal on this one? :tinfoil:
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  6. OO

    OO Technical Skeptical

    Paraphernalia Museum
    My theory has evolved quite a bit, and I will be less critical of others.

    I appreciate your opinion, as sometimes one's own flaws are not apparent to oneself.
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  7. FrogBoy138

    FrogBoy138 Well-Known Member

    Mr. perry taught me a few thing when I was locked up as a child he would always say. In communication how people perceive you is the only thing that matters. done smoking for now
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  8. Egzoset

    Egzoset Vaporist of Borg

    Salutations CellarDoor,

    Over 2 weeks have passed and i feel like i'm in a better position to answer today than i was back then.

    There's been 3 versions and a fair amount of experimentation including handing the tool to an all-time smoker (who catched it instantly, then he lost his confidence and we can all imagine the rest)... But i'd say if adoption of a vaporizer can help quitting smoke then i'm confident it's the VG, modded if necessary.


    Unfortunately, about 6 weeks after my initiation to the VG some intolerance signs showed up: i suspected contaminants in the lighter/butane gas, pollen as a worsening factor, even allergy to THC, go figure!... By chance this situation has resolved now but i still consider it as a valid warning. Next time i'll need to keep it simple by removing elements of risk(s) rather than just hoping for the best...

    In my opinion the heat source should be induction but halogen has to be my next best option i guess. It's quick, perhaps once combined to a proper FirmWare that might compete with fire!...

    Day dreaming again! Fire is power and the customer usually provides hiw own lighter as a matter of fact. If a manufacturer won't need to manage the powering issues then he can focus on what he's supposed to di best... I guess.

    Anyway, please people: if you're about to reject vaporisation then at least give the VG a try. As an ex-smoker i must admit i was conquered instantly. It was necessary to acquire new skills, 2 months later i think i've got the basics covered. If i don't sneezing to much again time will improve - don't gamble with low-grade cans!...

  9. Hexi

    Hexi Well-Known Member

    Urban Cali
    There is also the theory that smoking induces an immune response / releasing of various substances in the body that can bump your high. Obviously there is no data to back this up.

    Depends on the strain, but when I do combust (machines fail no matter how much you baby them) I definitely get that "kicked in the face by a donkey / ate a dirt pie" feeling that I think I miss, until I feel it then I just wish I could not smell like a 3 alarm.
  10. Skeena

    Skeena Standing stone faced like a statue.

    The main thing i notice about going back to smoking after vaping exclusively for a long time is that smoking tastes so horrible like I am a rookie and I dont notice any taste differences(in the smoke) like the old days.
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  11. laugingsodreamy12

    laugingsodreamy12 Member

    I was far over smoking when i started vaping (didnt realize at the time), pretty soon the smoke started just flaring my throat up, im 7 months without smoking now from 6 years of toking and it really does feel amazing, i miss some of the simplicities of smoking but nothing else. i dont think ill ever toke again unless all 4 of my vapes/vg is broken hahaha lets hope unlikely but i do got bad luck with vapes XD
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  12. PAZ

    PAZ Well-Known Member

    I smoke a few times a month when I go over to my friends and don't bring my vape. I personally don't mind it, but damn the wastefulness is ridiculous.
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  13. kingofnull

    kingofnull ace

    Hah So true. The number of times I've 'lent' flowers to combusting friend's... "Just a j/piner worth". Do you know how many Solo or E-nano loads that is?!
  14. cityslang

    cityslang A taste on the tongue

    Yep was a night out so only vaped before going out.

    Vaped twice and then went out with 4 single paper pure roll ups ( 1 bubblegum, 1 clone cheese and 2 super lemon haze)

    Thoughts on combustion after 5 days of vape only

    Taste really weird:
    Bubblegum on vape every now and then very sweet bubblegum taste mainly not - combustion hard to taste anything just THC type taste
    clone cheese on vape not a great bouquet of flavour just more of a generic taste like original skunk - does not leave that skunky film in your mouth - combustion smelt and tasted of nettles/cat piss
    SLH vaping slight peppery lemon taste - combustion you could easily pick it out in a blind taste

    As well as the body stone did get far more euphoria (but to be far I was chimp grinned)
    Sudden rush with combustion, more brutal effect but wears off quicker. More edgy when in public nowhere near as easy on the head as vaping.

    Vaped today and its better by far, so I'm happy now as vape 90% of time and combust when vaping is impractical/difficult
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  15. Reveen

    Reveen Well-Known Member

    I recently combusted after a few years of vape-only as well. It just reminded me why I started vaping in the first place.

    -smelled and tasted not so good . . . couldn't get all the little flavors that I would normally get and enjoy while vaping.
    -coughing . . . oh lord my lungs are burning!
    -inefficiency . . . I smoked the amount that would have lasted me 4-5 days of vaping.
    -effects . . . was still pleasant, but I needed much more to get me where I wanted to be.


    I should note that the primary reason I started vaping was efficiency. I consider myself thrifty, and I HATE the feeling of wasting herb when I know there is a much more efficient method.
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  16. smokum

    smokum I am who I am and your approval isn't needed!

    It's not about the falling off, it's about climbing back on :nod:
  17. Chilled.

    Chilled. Member

    I haven't smoked anything for 4 no the and feel so much better for it. Smoking isn't tempting anymore and is way more affordable as use way less vaping.
  18. Angus Thermopyle

    Angus Thermopyle miner of truth & delusion

    Accidentally combusted some dry keiffy bud in an overheated Sublimator today.

    It was horrible. The gagging, the stink, the cleanup.
    I find it hard to believe now that under a year ago and for the last 20+ years it tasted good.

    I don't think I could go back even if I wanted to.
  19. Baked55

    Baked55 Well-Known Member

    I will still smoke the odd time with my buddy who still insists on the odd joint tho I have been able to successfully convert him to about 80% vaping. I mostly vape for it's efficiency, I use twice as much when I smoke so I just find it a waste.
  20. fernand

    fernand Well-Known Member

    The way I look at it, it's all about distilling the compounds from the plant. With vaping we have control of the temperature and can select what fraction we want. Here are the vaporizing (boiling) temps for the main ones. The Cs are cannabinoids, the Ts aromatic Terpenes, the Fs are aromatic Flavinoids.


    I'm partial to the under 400 deg F fraction in vaporizing. What vaporizes when is a little complicated by the way multiple compounds distill together, azeotropes, etc. But if one wanted, say, just the mid-temp ones, it's possible to just discard the first toke on a vaporizer like a FireFly, or maybe set a Solo at low temp and discard all that, then start vaping at the next temp settings up. The last tokes on high heat tend to be more sedative. Then we have the chemistry of compounds transforming at medium temps, like decarboxylation. And finally above that ye olde pyrolysis is the total clusterfuck, where plant matter decomposes and chemically any recombination is possible. Different for sure, not my cup of tea, but I do know people who prefer it. I'd be heating concentrates with a soldering iron before smoking a joint these days.
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  21. problemchild

    problemchild Artist

    When my vape battery went, I had to hit the green roll-ups, one thing I do know is that smoking weed isn't addictive.
  22. cityslang

    cityslang A taste on the tongue

    TCHV @ 220C so lack of euphoria? I did notice this came back with combustion
  23. CG420

    CG420 Fuck Who You Think I Am

    The Internet
    Same here. I have actually combust with the Sub within my first month of use. It was because the 1.0 only has a dial and no readout for exactly what temp so I cranked it up assuming that's exactly what we're supposed to do. At first, flowers were tasting good but then it started getting darker and when I went to hit it again it combusted. A yellowish plume of smoke rushed to my lungs and man it was nasty tasting. Had to clean out the atomizer as well.

    After thinking smoke was actually tasty for so long, the switch to vaping felt very well deserved and if you got the funds to get one it's a real treat. Needless to say, the Sub is great but I'm leaning towards the Herbalizer now. The vaporizer industry will be booming within a decade from now and most will consider buying one eventually. Precise-temperature is where it's at. Next to portability and ease of use. Reasons why I am going to switch is because if there happens to be an earthquake in CA anytime soon (knock on wood) I will want to carry that clam shell rather than a hot Apollo and their tube (who knows what could go wrong there.)
  24. Mr. Gweilo 420

    Mr. Gweilo 420 Dude

    The Far East
    I'm happy to say I have been 99% combustion free since January of last year. I have only combusted deliberately once in that time and it was for an experiment. I had been using the MFLB exclusively for about 2 months and after awesome initial results it just wasn't doing it for me. I was not sure of the reason but I suspected I had worn my batteries out. So I combusted a bowl and got extremely high but it was fucking disgusting. After that I got new batteries but had to get heavier vapes to keep me happy. I have not willingly combusted since and never will again. I quit tobacco at the same time and have not looked back. I no longer own any combustion tools. Not even papers.

    Unfortunately I have combusted a few times with the Infinity Versa recently. Mostly I see it before I inhale it and am ok. However, I combusted with it on my hookah once and did not realize until I had taken a massive lung-full. It was terrible.

    As others have mentioned I can no longer stand to be near people smoking anything which is kind of ironic considering how long and how much I combust both tobacco and herb. I'm never going back!
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  25. DOOM

    DOOM Well-Known Member

    I actually prefer the instant head rush I get (toxic high) :ko: from combusting but not the smell and negative side effects.

    Not sure if I will ever stop combusting but so far vaping and edibles drastically reduced my nasty smoking habit these past few years.

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