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Glass Wands - Size Really Does Matter...

Discussion in 'ABV' started by debovip, Feb 19, 2014.

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  1. debovip

    debovip New Member

    I searched and was not able to find a discussion addressing my question. I may not have used the correct search terms so if this topic has been covered just point me to that thread and I'l get to reading. :-)

    How can I find more information about the size of the glass wand/receptacle on replacement whips. Sometimes the size is listed as 18 mm, sometimes it isn't listed. I see 18 mm is the most common though. But how is that measured? Is that the entire diameter from outer edge of glass to outer edge of glass, or the inside rim?

    I can't seem to figure out the sizes. The one I own, that I originally purchased with my analog, box vaporizer is cracked. Depending on where I measure--inside rim, middle of glass, outside edge--it appears to be 19 mm, 21 mm, and 24 mm respectively (give or take a mm since I don't have scientific measuring tools, just a mini tape measurer and my old eyes). The one I just bought at a local shop, which looked like the right size but is actually too small, appears to measure 15 mm, 17 mm, and 19 mm respectively. I am sure there must be some standard sizes and if 18 mm is the most common standard then there should be a standard larger and/or smaller, right?

    I can't really bring the old one with me when I go shopping and I can't tell just from pictures whether online shops have the right one. I'm pretty sure 18 mm is smaller than what I really need.

    Any information or guidance on how to get more information, so I can make educated buying choices?
  2. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    the 18mm is actualy 18.8mm so, i'm guessing it's the inside rim.

    a 14mm is actualy a 14.4mm.
  3. deadheadbill

    deadheadbill I can see clearly now the smoke is gone...

    18mm and 14mm are the most common sizes. I'm sure yours is 18mm.

    18mm and 19mm are the same size and those names are used interchangeably.

    14mm is your standard smaller size.
  4. debovip

    debovip New Member

    Thanks! That helps a lot.

    PERFECT! Thank you both so much.
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  5. Bouldorado

    Bouldorado Well-Known Member

    For reference, the size is referring to the largest part of the male joint.

    from wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ground_glass_joint

    The first number represents the outer diameter (OD) in millimeters (mm) at the base (widest part) of the inner joint.if possible - mark on picture The second number represents the ground glass length of the joint in millimeters.[1] The most common US joints are 14/20 and 24/40.
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