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Discussion in 'Glass' started by iDRINKBLEACH, Jan 25, 2016.


    iDRINKBLEACH knowing is half the power - Gi-JOE

    I believe instagram is a great way to find artist, who have yet to build a name for themselves giving the rest of us great deals and chances to get cheap auctions. Who do u follow or check on regulary and who have you used?
    My top 3 I follow are @marotteglass, he makes custom dunnys n munnys which I love for reasonable price. @bubblesthebutcher for great deals on auctions for his glass. A new one im stalking is @wogdauction, they have amazing sculpted rigs a lot of 90's cartoons. Love them and they are going for $150ish ABSOLUTE STEAL!
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  2. redglassgallery

    redglassgallery JHANPIXEL Glass Blower

    Southern California
    i'll do a self plug here

    iDRINKBLEACH knowing is half the power - Gi-JOE

    Hey Jhan, great work man I just started following. I actually just gifted my friend a blacksheep ash catch, just didnt fit my dabbing. Was a great ash catch though. Got it in billings Montana.
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  4. weenstoned

    weenstoned Well-Known Member

    I will just preface by saying these are all Canadian artists/headshops as for Americans Canadian glass is a killer deal currently due to our rapidly falling dollar. With 1 USD being worth 1.41 CAD for example a $600 piece is just $425.

    Heavy hitters of Canadian glass (on the pricier end, sorry if I left anyone out)
    @bencatorglass (love my dime piece)
    @algoreglass (sick disc flips)

    Dudes more on the getting started end:

    Canadian headshops that may have some of these artists:
  5. mightyhigh

    mightyhigh Active Member

    NC, USA
    I love @adaptglass - great give aways and overall high quality for cheap. (also a good friend ;))
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  6. davesmith

    davesmith Well-Known Member Glass Blower

    Fuck if you really want dope check out @fluidmotionglassworks soooooo dope

    Or me (I'm rubbish but improving) @glass_charlie
  7. mrbonsai420

    mrbonsai420 I love Grass and Glass!

    So, I couldn't decide on a vape I wanted for my birthday so I thought maybe my girl can just get my a new glass piece! I don't have a heady piece or a recycler yet so I thought would be awesome. I found an amazing artist to make a teal ocean recycler similar to this one except Teal for around $400 which seems very reasonable compared to some others. Now it doesn't have to be a recycler but does anyone have any other ideas for excellent glass pieces in the $400 range? Most I see that I like I finally get an answer on and they either tell me it will go up for auction or it's $2300 or something crazy. If you were getting a $400 custom piece right now what would you get?

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  8. St0fxxx

    St0fxxx o()xxxx[{::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>

    Anyone know of any EU/UK glass blowers who could make custom pieces?

    Specifically looking for someone to make a vaporizer.

    More looking for the up and coming peeps as I'd rather not pay through the nose.

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  9. dabsonthemountain

    dabsonthemountain Well-Known Member

    I've really been liking t_mo_glass on instagram, he has some awesome prices for some neat tubes all the time basically.
  10. NorCalBrah

    NorCalBrah Well-Known Member

    dope thread. posting for later. ive been looking for some talented american artists that wont rape patients on prices.
  11. tennstrong

    tennstrong Well-Known Member

    Hey a fellow blower who loves Dan's work! I've gotten to speak with him a couple times over the past year (Great Canadian Glass Gathering & Ultra Heady Symposium [Vancouver]). Really insane stuff he's done before anyone really thought of it- personal favorite is his 12 year old recycler/ triple donut rig he still had last time I saw it. His double donut natty seal rig was mindblowing at the UHS I needed to ask him personally how it actually functioned! [this was attempt no5 that was his first successful one] His work is the only where I've had to ask him how it would act with water in it due to his little tricks and plays. Truly an inspiration. Those double donut piercing pipes he did 4-5 years back were far ahead of his recognition. I'm extremely glad he is back to doing more custom/individual pieces and is finally getting his light, when I first spoke to him last year he said his regular routine is making prodo pipes from morning til night, it's awesome to see some of his specialty work after so many years.

    I'll also toss my instagram hat into the ring- (another shameless self plug, just started nailing minitubes prior to having a bunch of paperwork to do so expect daily/bi-weekly updates beginning again this week) [and not stopping] @feinwerk_glass

    Started blowing last year but spent most of that time setting up my studio, began blowing regularly this January. I try to respond to everyone who comments on my glass, and if you see anything that catches your eye in the future we can work out a very reasonable price.

    edit: saw you're from bc too! should meet if you are heading to the gathering this year (or in van sometime to melt), saw your insta with Tim and Gibby, you working on quadra? Watched drewski throw down at apache's in van when he came, sick stuff.
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  12. davesmith

    davesmith Well-Known Member Glass Blower

    Yea bud I'm out on quad. I'm in van at the mo though. Hit me up on IG and we should link and have a melt :)
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  13. mrbonsai420

    mrbonsai420 I love Grass and Glass!

    I just wanted to say I am working with a few artists from Instagram on custom pieces right now. Some seasoned, and some new to the game. 2 guys in particular have been especially GREAT to work with so far. As far as willingness to work with you on aesthetics, form, and function. The communication has been top notch! Price aside working with nice guys just makes it worthwhile. You won't regret making a purchase from either of these guys! @feinwerk_glass , @iamglasshappy

    Steve, or "tennstrong" or
    @feinwerk_glass is just starting out but is awesome to talk to and work with. If you need a simple banger hanger he will hook you up with an awesome pig snout perc in any shape can you want for a great price. I think it's important to give some of these newer artists a shot to get some rigs under their belts He is also super eager to work on more complex vapor related designs as his talent progresses with his desire.

    Second is Johnny Landini, or @iamglasshappy. My Girlfriend (who is fucking HOT and awesome and is the one who got me the Haze and Underdog to quit combusting in the first place haha) Decided to have a custom piece made for my birthday. I love sea themed glass and have a lot of marbles, paperweights, and sculptures that are sea themed hand blown glass (see post below) so he is making me an Octopus recycler. All I said was how about a teal Octopus Recycler and we have been collaborating ever since. He sends me constant picture updates and if I don't like something or want it changed he does it before it's too late! He has already changed the down stem color and added an encased opal at no extra charge just because he thought I would like it more!

    First Pic was an update showing me the awesome down stem color, Blue Moon, which I love. Then I asked about the little purple nub? He is making me a matching tentacle dabber/Pendant and that is the hanger for it! now that is incredible but I wasn't crazy about the purple ball so he switched it out for this within hours (second pic) This thing is going to be sick!!!



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  14. Monsoon

    Monsoon Well-Known Member

    @richiegageglass is an up and coming glass artist with some elaborate clear designs that are still reasonably priced. He often has pieces up for sale or auction on his feed and he can do custom work as well. QuartzCove still has a couple of his pieces up for sale here. There's an old thread with some of his work here and it's only gotten better since then. I'm mostly enjoying my china glass right now but he's on my list for when I want to spend more.
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  15. MySega

    MySega Well-Known Member

    @willstarglass is a local dude I just found who blows affordable beautiful glass. He produces a lot of sherlocks but also a lot of other heady pieces as well.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    SSVUN~YAH You Must Unlearn, What You Have Learned...

    # Town
    I can't believe I didn't sign up for IG earlier, it's awesome! Though dangerous to the wallet. I've been on less than a week and have been called a "homie" a few times. It appears glass blowers and followers love this word. For some reason this cracks me up, maybe I need to get out more. :shrug::ko:

  17. DieHard

    DieHard Vertical transportation specialist.

    It's a weird wonderful world on IG. Lots of cool art of all kinds. Definately found many ways to lighten my wallet.
    @mesple--killer metalwork and Ferrofliud
    @hoboshane--Hand carved Hobo Nickels
    @caitlin_hackett--strange art
    @farscaper--FC's own

    You can click "following" in anyone's profile to get ideas on who to check out.
  18. DieHard

    DieHard Vertical transportation specialist.

    I won a giveaway on IG from @dp_glass for a spinning top and glass pencil dabber. After that I have ordered a few other tops and a "Top Trap" to spin the tops on. He has a growing color palette and his skills are improving rapidly. He was working on a variety of carb cap designs. If you give him a holler let him know you are from FC.
    The UV top is Illuminati with a Lucy accent. There are 2 NS Yellow tops, a pair of Peacock Chameleon Hurricane Balls, Wenge Top Trap, and the Pencil is Green Leprachaun, with double Amber purple.
  19. mv7

    mv7 Member

    vancouver bc
    hello my first post here, i ordered a klein from dave at gearhead_glass and im really happy with it.
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  20. loryia

    loryia New Member

    Thelastglassbender has the sickest bubble wands
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  21. FlyingLow

    FlyingLow Team NO SLEEP!

    LOL this thread needs more pictures!
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  22. syrupy

    syrupy Authorized Buyer

    A couple of you might have heard of this guy @VaPeD&CoNfUsEd @ JoDa_glass

  23. mrbonsai420

    mrbonsai420 I love Grass and Glass!

    I am just getting into this world pretty heavy. I have bid on way too much and only won a couple of things I really don't need lol. a dabber and dish set that is obviously someones beginner work and a Heady pendant that is so fucking fire I couldn't pass it up! That and my recent marble purchase are all I seem to win!!! I need to win a functional piece! Sheesh.

    I just won this last night from Erik Vogel @ bust_it_big_glass . I don't even wear jewelry but something MADE me bid on this!

  24. thisperson

    thisperson Ruler of all things person

    So Cal
    That's some GAS, bonsai. lol.

    I've been searching for #uvglass on instagram and I do find pieces that go up for sale. I think that's the tag to use or #illuminatiglass. I really want a uv rig but don't want to spend more than 200. Ideally 150. If you guys know of artists who make small uv rigs for cheap please let me know so I can follow their instagram.

    As is, I'm in talks with an etsy seller who says he can make one for that price, so I'll see how it goes.
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  25. mrbonsai420

    mrbonsai420 I love Grass and Glass!


    You won't find a whole lot of UV reactive glass on IG for $150 honestly. If you do they will be lesser known artists or less intricate pieces or banger hangers. BUT they are out there! Let me look around to see if there is any UV stuff for a deal.
    A lot of the UV colors that are hot like Lucy and Serum are expensive alone. Plus these artist value their time as you can tell lol.

    Here's a little banger hanger , I bet he would take $175

    And although I'm sure it was assembled in China and I don't love Logos, these are a pretty good deal at $199 still for the Illuminati Kleins


    If you wanna drool check these out

    Edit @thisperson what's your IG name? I found SEVERAL bad ass UV rigs for auction right now. Some around $200
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