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Apologies for the recent downtime.

Glass Mega Sale Pt1 DeFi, Luke Wilson, K nine

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by Frederick McGuire, Feb 12, 2014.

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  1. Frederick McGuire

    Frederick McGuire Aggressively Loungey

    The Land of Oz
    OK guys, I think it's time to clean out some of my glass to make way for new pieces, so it's time for a mega-glass-sale :D

    First off, here's a pic showing everything:


    I am located in Australia, so I'm offering free shipping to Australian members, I'm happy to post internationally, we'll just have to work something out :)

    Shoot me a PM if you have any offers for any of the pieces, or if you'd like any extra pictures.
    I also have videos of a few of these pieces, and I can probably make a water test vid of any of them if required :)

    I'm after $USD for these transactions, we can work something out if you'd rather pay in $AUD, but since I'm just gonna be buying new glass with these funds, I'd rather $USD.

    I'm open to trades, so if you've got something you think I'd like, shoot me a PM :)

    1 - DeFi (Chris Riley) Gridded Showerhead Bubbler with removable mouthpiece & Fuming
    2 - Leisure (Luke Wilson) 15-Arm Tree Bubbler

    3 - K-Nine Puggle Tube
    Asking Price: $330 OBO
    Inlet Joint: 18mm Male (DI)

    This is a sweet little rig, has a showerhead to ratchet/disk perc setup, kinda like making it a 2 chamber piece even though it's a single chamber.

    Last edited: Feb 22, 2014
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