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Glass for EVO?

Discussion in 'Glass' started by Rizzalso, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Rizzalso

    Rizzalso New Member

    Hello everybody,

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    After following this thread for quite some time, I finally decided to add an EVO to my HA2.2 and Pinnacle Pro. Can't tell you how excited I am for the EVO, it looks like such a nice unit!

    Purchasing the EVO made me realize that there is a severe lack of glass in my apartment, and that situation needs to be remedied ASAP.

    So I come to you for opinions on a few pieces I've had my eye on.




    Thoughts? Suggestions? Are all of those compatible with the EVO? I'm really a novice when it comes to glass so any help would be appreciated.

    Also, I apologize in advance if I posted this in the wrong thread.

  2. clouded vision

    clouded vision Well-Known Member

    what's your budget and where are you located ( country)
  3. Frederick McGuire

    Frederick McGuire Aggressively Loungey

    You need something with an 18mm (aka 18.5mm, 18.8mm, 19mm) inlet joint.

    Of the 3 pieces you listed, only the 1st has an 18mm inlet.

    The other 2 have an 18mm joint on the bong, but a 14mm inlet on the downstem.
    The bongs themselves would be fine, but you'd need either a new downstem or an expanding adapter.
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  4. Rizzalso

    Rizzalso New Member

    I'm located in the U.S, and probably wouldn't want to spend more than $250. The first Black Leaf is listed at $295, but GC is running a 25% off promotion this week which would bring the price down to $225.

    @Frederick McGuire Gothca. I wasn't sure what the "18.8mm > 14.5" joint really meant so thank you for clearing that up.
  5. clouded vision

    clouded vision Well-Known Member

    grasscity is in Europe so just remember that ordering from them includes high shipping charge and long waits.

    At that price point, you really havea lot of different options. First there is always the hydratubes but I always felt $250 was a little steep for such a specialized piece of glass ( they are high quality glass and worth it in that regard but not versatile enough for me to spend that much).
    if I were buying a piece to pair with the EVO I would look at something with the joint straight up and down and with enough clearance so the EVO doesn't hit the wall of it. a recessed or dewar joint, or really anything where the stem runs down the middle of the piece would be a good choice. Here are a few examples
    3rd (same as the one above this but from the blower instead o f used) and 5th one on this page
    this is from jhanpixel, he gives a 10% fc discount, just pm him @redglassgallery
    o he has a few other pieces in his ioffer store that fit your requirements

    I could keep going and probably post hundreds of different pieces that would fit what you are looking for but you get the idea
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