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For Sale Glass Collection - Rigs, Waterpipes, and some Nails

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by BoogerMan, Feb 13, 2018 at 2:19 PM.

  1. BoogerMan

    BoogerMan Well-Known Member

    Hey FC,

    We are expecting a baby and will be moving in the near future. I need to cut down my collection to just a few pieces so I'm selling the rest.

    $350 OBO shipped UPS or FedEx ground (shipping will probably cost me $50 or more so please keep that in mind if making an offer). Everything will be bubble wrapped extremely well.

    NO Trades Please!
    I'm also looking for a single buyer. Not trying to sell everything separately yet.

    15 different glass waterpipes/rigs and a few accessories! Great for someone that likes a variety or tends to break a lot of glass!

    I can take better close up pics of each piece if the buyer is serious in purchasing everything. I just wanted to see if there would be any interest in a big purchase like this.

    Most items are from DHgate. There are a few pieces bought elsewhere and will be noted below.

    I spent a lot of money to get this collection to where it is because I bought multiples of most pieces so I could pick out the best one then the rest were sold off. This was my way of getting the best piece from DHgate since their quality control sometimes isn't the best.

    Please message me if you have any questions. Thanks!

    Double Tree perc with black accent - 18mm F
    Double Matrix perc (Diamond Glass brand, no logo) - 18mm M
    Ball rig (mothership look alike) - 14mm F
    Barrel Recycle (made by Thick Ass Glass) - 14mm M
    Hourglass recycler (liquid glass arts look alike) - 14mm F
    Tube barrel recycler (liquid glass arts look alike) - 14mm F

    Diffusion Pump (Bates Worm look alike) - 18mm F
    Barrel to funnel recycler (Hitman look alike) - 14mm M
    Cup rig with straw and matching dome - 14mm M
    Inline to donut rig - 14mm M
    Inline wine glass rig with black accents - 14mm M

    Tripod round rig - 14mm M
    Inline submarine rig (Apollo Glassworks) - 14mm M

    Beaker style rig (Apollo Glassworks) - 10mm M
    3 layer cake rig - 10mm M

    Thick done with Slime Green handle
    18mm Highly Educated Turbine tip nail (use with dome)
    14mm to 10mm glass reducer
    14mm F top hat domeless quartz nail
    14mm F banger style domeless quartz nail
    14mm F glass dome
    14mm quartz nail (use with dome)
    10mm glass dome
    10mm ti nail

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