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Glass Cleaning Tips

Discussion in 'ABV' started by Deja Vu, Jun 2, 2014.

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  1. Deja Vu

    Deja Vu stay true to yourselves

    Feel free to share any tips and tricks that you use to clean your various glass pieces and their many glass accessories / bubblers / elbow joints / dab equipment / mouthpieces / stems / glass pipes / ash catchers


    Isopropyl Alcohol is for sale at the following sites:
    Australian retailer - 100%
    American retailer - 70%
    Please post other links if you are aware of better places to get Iso :)

    For remaining resin / discolouring use these. Q-Tips / Cotton Earbud cleaners. Dip the end of it in iso and scrub off small hard-to-remove buildup.

    Also plenty of pipe cleaner / brush options here:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    There are also many solutions and products to help remove grime and give a nice after-smell. GrungeOff, NoPongBong, etc

    People swear by GrungeOff, so check it out
    Plenty of disinfectant / steralyzing wipes.

    ALso a nice guide here which tackles the Volcano and HotBox vapes.
    but the same practice applies to many other vapes (as long as you know how to properly disasemble and reassemble them, and are confident with what you are doing. Be aware not to breach warranties by taking apart anything that is not advised by the manufacturer)
    Comprehensive guide to cleaning Arizer Extreme Q and it's parts:

    Da Buddah

    SSV Cleaning Guide:
    Click to play YouTube Video

    Other tips:

    - Run hot water through your pipes for a minute or two first to loosen up the resin. If the piece is small, get some tongs so you don't scald yourself. Be careful when using hot water ALWAYS. If you drop it you'll regret it
    -Rinse your glass after every use to prevent buildup.
    - You can also use Epsom Salt (More Coarse) or Kosher Salt (Finer) instead of just standard table salt. Using better salt will scrub your pipe from the inside with more efficiency!
    People also say that uncooked rise acts as a better abrasive scrubber.
    -Sourced from GrassCity: How to clean pipes (metal, glass, ceramic) downstems, bowls, ash catchers, one hitters, bubblers, etc;
    Fill your plastic baggy with your Iso alcohol enough to approximately cover your piece.

    Add some salt (just enough so that you can see some salt which hasn't dissolved in the alcohol, AKA reached it's peak saturation. You may not need or want to use quite this much though, which is alright) in with the alcohol.

    Place your piece in the mixture, and shake. As it works, the mixture will start turning to a brownish, rather bad smelling liquid. If progress is slow, let it sit for some time, then resume shaking.

    Drain the liquid in to your toilet and flush, then rinse your pipe with warm water. If it's not clean enough, repeat the baggy procedure. Make sure to rinse thuroughly.

    Optional; If you would like to take one more step, you can do the same baggy procedure, but with hot water (not boiling, as hot as your faucet can get or near abouts will do) instead of Iso alcohol. This is preferably done before the alcohol. Afterwords, do it with the alcochol.

    Why you should never BOIL your pipes

    Glass is brittle. Heating it up and allowing it to cool, in such an extreme manner, can form cracks, or help to mature any potential weak spots. Also, if the water is boiling at a high temperature, the bubbles can knock your piece around, and if it's glass, that's not a very good scenario.

    Metal you'd probably get away with, but avoid it with essentially any other material.

    It goes without saying also to NOT use paint thinner or anything flammable.

    Some good videos here:
    Click to play YouTube Video

    Click to play YouTube Video

    Also you may find that there are hidden, hard to reach spots in your glass that you just can't get a scrubber or brush. Like this:

    Just SOAK it in ISO with SALT and shake it :) Leave it to soak for as long as 2 hours, and then rinse with water. Always use fresh bottle water or filtered water. Normal tap water can leave residue of chlorine, fluoride and other shit in the water. You don't want that in your lungs or leaving little stains inside your glass.

    And finally, SimpleGreen
    Many people also swear that after cleaning it, they use this to give it a brand new appearance and sparkle just like it was litterally 100% brand new and untouched. It's biodegradable and 100% natural, so it's food-grade safe.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2014
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  2. vakedcow

    vakedcow Gentle cow vaper and halloween kiddo

  3. Deja Vu

    Deja Vu stay true to yourselves

    I'll give that a proper read when I have time, looks interesting though. Looks like i'm living in the past with the old method then :lol:
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  4. syrupy

    syrupy Authorized Buyer

    Step 3 is where the term shake-n-break comes from. Yikes.
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  5. 2clicker

    2clicker we out there Accessory Maker

    PBW is the only way to clean glass IMO. the shit works amazingly well. you glass comes out sparkling like diamonds. really dont need to shake much if at all.

    i suggest everyone check out the PBW thread.
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  6. Deja Vu

    Deja Vu stay true to yourselves

    Could we have this thread closed then! I did a search for cleaning glass threads before making it, but I failed to find the PBW one that has been brought to attention.
    Thanks mods [​IMG]
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