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Glass Blower Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Glass' started by syrupy, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. syrupy

    syrupy fumed

    With all the new threads introducing blowers to FC, it's time we consider making a dedicated feedback thread. There are enough posts and threads about enough blowers that I think it's warranted. That way an FCer who comes in just wanting to hook up with a blower and doesn't have time to read all the dedicated threads, they could at least have a subjective rating by other FCers to begin with.

    I was thinking a 1 to 5 scale, with some short notes about working with the artist. Hopefully the rating will include not only how the piece looks/functions, but also how the transaction went overall (communication, shipping practices, etc). I know it's subjective, but it was the subjective opinions of FCers that have steered me towards good vapes, so why not the same for glass?

    What say ye, good FCers?
  2. blankrider

    blankrider Well-Known Member

    Good thread idea @syrupy , it can indeed be quite tedious trying to read through some of the threads.

    I would like to give a five star review to @VaPeD&CoNfUsEd who we are lucky to have here with us. Unfortunately most blowers actually don't interact with us here on the forum but Joda is quite active here and takes care of all our custom blown vape accessories.

    I have made multiple orders and now own ten different pieces of art from him. Every order went very smooth and he fulfilled my request. His pricing is very reasonable. He packages his shipments with care and provides tracking numbers. He even hooked me up with a free dabber in one of my orders. It was a super cool surprise.

    I highly recommend ordering from him
  3. syrupy

    syrupy fumed

    I'd like to give a 4.5 star rating to Rick "Bird" Barry, 'rickbirdbarry' on IG. I've had 3 transactions with him, 2 more in the works, all were smooth and I felt the pieces were good quality value. I would say his work has a lot of heart, a lot of creativity behind it. Lines aren't always super smooth, but there's something fun about his pieces. They look hand-made, often unique. Up-and-comer, improving with each piece. Communication good, packing is fine . Has that air of a genuine person, not a rock star, so easy to deal with.

    Not sure how he is with custom pieces, still working on one with him. He makes a lot of worked recyclers, mini bubblers and dropdowns. Sometimes when his stock is up he'll offer up some great deals. He just posted a fumed mini beaker with removable downstem that is sick with color. Another FCer grabbed it, but I hear it's a 'bird production model' so I may request one yet.
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