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Glass 101

Discussion in 'Glass' started by Frederick McGuire, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. 420GanjX

    420GanjX Active Member

    So I've been refering to my new bongs diffuser as a "stemless bell perk" (off a guess) but upon reading this thread I'm not sure if that's even a real thing lol, would this be more akin to a Stemless Dome diffuser or gridcap!? [​IMG]
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  2. redglassgallery

    redglassgallery JHANPIXEL Glass Blower

    Southern California
    looks more like a showerhead - doesnt seem to be gridded - interesting design never seen that before
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  3. z9

    z9 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I agree it just looks like a showerhead that's been rotated 90 degrees, not gridded, seems like it would favor the top slits. Weird I thought I responded to this post last week.

    You could probably drop a downstem in there for some more diffusion!
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  4. 420GanjX

    420GanjX Active Member

    My god that is a great idea, never thought of that!:rockon:

    & yes it defiantly favours the top (180°) half of the slits, but is always evenly diffused, with minimal drag at whatever pull speed you use, I really do love it.:tup:

    I would post a video for you Guys to see it in action but I'm unaware of how to do that on an iPhone:doh:
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2013
  5. that herb guy

    that herb guy Well-Known Member

    For stemless pieces, I've found downstems don't do much in the way of diffusion. The water tends to drop too low to perc during the pull. It will help keep your glass a little cleaner, as the particulate will build up there instead of the joint, but probably won't add much else to the experience.
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  6. z9

    z9 Well-Known Member

    You're right, it probably wouldn't work well with that piece or many for that matter. I've had good success with my a downstem in my stemless natural perc, I don't use it without the downstem anymore. It is good for catching particulates and keeping the piece cleaner.

    The biggest advantage is that the downstem prevents blowback (if you have that problem) because there isn't enough water displaced in the downstem to create a rush of air strong enough to cause blowback. It makes hitting pieces with that problem so much more enjoyable.
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  7. SD_haze

    SD_haze MMJ Vaporist

    San Diego, CA
    Water displacement blowback is definitely annoying for vaporizers like the Vapexhale Cloud (depending how you use it exactly)
  8. friedricey

    friedricey being human

    The size of the bowls or cone; we have the snap and one hitters.
  9. dontforgettobringatowel

    dontforgettobringatowel New Member

    Glass newb here... I'm interested in using ice with some glass I'll be getting soon. First question, does ice make much of a difference? I've actually never used any. And second, which kind of glass is best to use with ice? Can it be used with any bong, water pipe, or hydratube?
  10. Frederick McGuire

    Frederick McGuire Aggressively Loungey

    It will cool the hit.
    I personally like an ice-cooled hit, but I never have any ice handy.
    It's not something I'd go out of my way to make sure I've always got ice handy, but if I've already got some ready, I'll probably use it.

    Whether it makes enough of a difference to be worth doing is a preference thing. (and there are some members here who prefer using warm water - so maybe also try that at some point to see if you like it)

    Technically any piece with a big enough mouth hole for you to jam some ice in is suitable.

    If you have a piece of glass with ice pinches, then the ice will be held up out of the water, and will cool the hit after its passed through the water. As the ice melts, the water level in the piece will rise a bit.

    If you have a piece of glass without ice pinches, then the ice will most probably fall into the water. In this case the ice will melt quickly, and the hit will be cooled while passing through the extra cold water. The water level will jump up as soon as you put the ice in, but not much more as the ice melts.

    You generally want to be very careful using ice with hydratubes, as they don't have much leeway for rising water levels before they spill back down the internal stem.

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