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Gender choices on FC. Something we can do to be more progressive?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by syrupy, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. syrupy

    syrupy fumed

    I noticed how under the profile, one can select gender. The options are too limited in my view. There's male and female, fine for John and Jane Doe. But the only other option is (unspecified). This means an FC user who identified other than M/F, and wants the community to know, can't do that. I realize there are too many terms that change every few years to keep up with a list. But could we get an old-fashioned "Other" category at least? Thanks.
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  2. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    Or.............(D) all of the above.

    A bit progressive, syrupy, but hey, isn't that part of the essence of FC?

    I think its a good suggestion. :tup:
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  3. Deja Vu

    Deja Vu drawn to FC like animal magnetism

    I endorse this! Transgenders are left out enough in society unfortunately, even on the internet! (Unless we are talking about porn sites.. In which case they are prevalent)
  4. tuk

    tuk Well-Known Member

    We could be really progressive and remove gender designations all together, after all what you have between your legs is not really relevant to the internet.

    Genitalia is soo last century.
  5. SamWin69

    SamWin69 Member

    agreed we should have "other"_______________ like a specify option
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  6. syrupy

    syrupy fumed

    I used to say the same thing. But I think people who identify as heterosexual, being the majority, have more of a luxury to say it doesn't matter. When in the sexual orientation minority, it's a little more gray area, and the need to identify openly can be much more important than straight folks realize.
  7. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    I do actually not identify as either a man or a woman. I am genderqueer. I don't personally live according to social norms relating to my chromosomes ;)

    Unspecified/Other, in my view, would be great as either an option so presented, or provided as separate options.
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  8. darkrom

    darkrom Great Scott!

    What is wrong with unspecified? It can mean male/female and anything in between. Or it can mean "fuck you none of your business".

    I think unspecified covers just about all options, unless you want them to list every variety of sex a human can call themselves, which seems to be growing by the day for some reason.
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  9. FlyingLow

    FlyingLow Team NO SLEEP!

    I don't think you need to add more categories, and I also don't think "Unspecified" is appropriate.

    How about just removing the sexual orientation data all together?
    It might solve a lot of concerns, and people can put that info in their signature if they wish to display it.
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  10. syrupy

    syrupy fumed

    I'd rather have it the way it is, than have everyone have to see S/W/M at the bottom of all my posts. :shrug:

    I think Unspecified can useful, for those that don't want to advertise it.
  11. CG420

    CG420 Visionary Vaporist

    The Angeles
    Should we change it so it would benefit the identity of one person? I think it's useless. If you feel the need to express your gender for the world to know, introduce yourself on here. Though it isn't neccessary to introduce yourself, I don't think much people here care about profile information so long as the information to all things cannabis-related is here for us to view as needed. We're already having identity crisis all over the world and the Internet isn't secure as we think. IMO whether I'm male or female or either, I'd rather tell you in person not online. Just pointless to point out something that should be personal. If these genders whichever feels 'unspecified' is wrong, it's to benefit those of us who want to keep that private. It is probably also termed like that by default and not by the decision of the FC staff. Might as well put Single, Married, and Divorced/Widow into the mix.:2c::peace:

    Edit: not meaning to bash on a suggestion. I love your posts @syrupy regardless.
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  12. HillaryClinton

    HillaryClinton Future ruler of earth

    Can you guys add Reptilian, I am offended I can't label myself correctly.

    (But yeah it would be a neat change...)
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  13. vtac

    vtac vapor junkie Staff Member

    FC R&D
    Good idea. I agree that "other" would make sense. Unfortunately the ability to do this is not yet in the software, but the suggestion has been made in the xenforo forums, so hopefully it is implemented. :)

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