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Galaxy Vortex

Discussion in 'Upcoming and Unreleased Plug-in Vaporizers' started by PPN, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. biohacker

    biohacker fully melted

    I'm out, in favour of herborizer ti.
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  2. Alexis

    Alexis Peace keeper, fun maker and 3/4 time vaporist.

    Bedford, United Kingdom
    I glanced at this one momentarily some weeks back. I havent come here to knock this vape, but to be honest. The impression I got was that it isnt anyhting especially new. It seemd like a similar thing to the XL Herborizer, and with a few cons for me.
    I will check out the previous page to see what led you to this conclusion Biohacker (I know, should do that first really).
    But I think that if this was a few years ago, this may appeal as an alternative to the original Herborizers. But with vapes moving on so much, and of course, the all new Herborizer Ti here now, I am with you on which way my nose is being attracted!:rockon:

    That said, I know little of this Vortex, and am open to learning more. Just my initial feelings and resulting absence of interest.
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