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Fury2 vs Arizer Air OG

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Mr.Sifter, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member

    hi folks,

    I feel uncomfortable using my butane powered units outside my home.

    After I got infected with the DYnavap virus I sold my mighty and my hoppers.

    I regret it a bit now because I would like to have a "press a button and vape" device agsin for vaping outside in the park or in the streets.

    Money is tight so I picked two devices to be the finalists.

    Fury2 vs Arizer Air Og

    115€ vs 85€

    Arizer air is known to me cause i owned a solo. i like the stems and the flavour.
    Fury2 is kind if new. Said to deliver fast extraction with fast heat up and good vapor output.
    I like the stealth aspect of the fury.
    What is to ve thought of them material wise? All save? Made in china, eh?

    Help me decide
  2. subway13029

    subway13029 Well-Known Member

    I’ve got both and I used to say air for taste but I just received my bent stem and wpa for the fury and it greatly improves taste and the fury is already a bigger hitter.. the fury has a more powerful heater but initially I didn’t like the silicone in the mp but with glass stems which are similar to the airs it makes taste more pure but makes it less portable..I much prefer my mighty over both but the fury is coming up..
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  3. BabyFacedFinster

    BabyFacedFinster Capo di tutt'i capi

    I have both and both are good vapes. I don't know if I can make a fair comparison since the Fury is new and has taken my attention.

    I believe my Fury 2 has much less draw resistance than the Air. The Fury is also more stealthy as I can make it disappear in the palm of my hand. So far I think the Air comes in second.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
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  4. Jill NYC

    Jill NYC Portable Collector

    The midst of vapor
    ^^^ Agree!
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  5. LesPlenty

    LesPlenty Well-Known Member

    I own both, the Fury2 is very discreet the AA...not so much. The original Fury had smelly silicone, the F2 not so much, only a little smelly when first opened but soon dissipates.
    So, for your case, I would definitely go the F2;
  6. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member

    PErhaps its a small detail but it bugs me.
    I saw several youtube videos about the Fury2 and the drawing makes a loud sound, I think.
    True ?
    Could be because the unit is so small and the air flow is so wide open.

    I still cant decide.
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  7. AMiA

    AMiA Well-Known Member

    ..."makes loud sound..."Pure BS if you ask me..yeah i might sound some but FAR from loud.
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  8. paytonpenn

    paytonpenn Level 30 Nature/Healer

    It is exactly beside the airflow is so wide open. You can pull very fast and still get vapor. I personally was never impressed by Arizer's performance, they had flavor but I think Fury overall is a better value.
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  9. Fat Freddy

    Fat Freddy FUCK CANCER TOO !

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  10. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member

    A small. robust. stealthy vape would be great for me.
    Will it be the fury2?

    what about vapor production?
    fury wins this race?

    I am a bit concerned because the Air OF has been tried and tested for years.
    The fury is quite new and I cant make up my mind wether I can think of it as being save.
    What does multibrand mean?
    Are there fury2 out there that dont come from healthy rips?

    how long will the battery hold its charge.
    The arizers battery I can swap easily.

    How long does it take to kill a fury2 bowl.
    And whats the smallest amount you can put into it without sacrificing performance?
  11. Fat Freddy

    Fat Freddy FUCK CANCER TOO !

    If you read the Fury thread I'm pretty sure all of your questions are answered there. :sherlock:

  12. bossman

    bossman Gentleman Of Leisure

    Fury 2 battery life is poor. I agree with the comments above that the Fury 2 is best with the glass accessories, but they make it less portable/stealthy because you're not going to put a F2 with a skinny glassy stem inserted in your pocket.

    I own a Solo II and haven't used the air. I was excited about the Fury 2 when it was my first and only vape. Once I got the glass mouthpiece I mostly avoided the plastic mouthpiece and now that I have the Solo II the Fury is relegated to away games.

    The Fury 2 is a good value and it gets the job done, it's just more of a harsh hybrid that's good for few rips and some coughing before you go back inside or whatever.

    Oh, and it doesn't love a partial bowl the way the glass stems of the Solo II does. The Fury is very efficient with the glass mouthpieces though and they also tidy up the airpath. The main problem with the Fury 2 vapor is probably that it's getting too much hybrid convection when it's in the oven rather than in the glass. It's like the glass mouthpiece makes it closer to a mini Arizer or other vape that uses inserted glass stems.
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  13. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member

    Ok, i just had a bike ride, two beers and now i am sitting in the sun trying to enjoy the good part of life.
    Somehow i saw an AIR when i closed my eyes. I think its settled.

    I once had an Air.
    Didnt use it outdoors much.
    But when i did i felt comfortable cuz it looked like on of my ecigs.
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  14. bossman

    bossman Gentleman Of Leisure

    Cool, my guess is if you can get past the lesser portability and the typical Arizer draw resistance you'll enjoy using the Air more.

    Kinda makes me wanna get one but I'm waiting on the Tubo sale.
  15. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member

    I know the arizer draw and think its okay.
    Air is more open than the solo i think.
    Switchable 18650 and reliable performance of an old-school device made the race.
    Plus preloaded glass stems.
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  16. bossman

    bossman Gentleman Of Leisure

    Word Yeah, I really couldn't be happier with the Solo II for home use. That thing would be ridiculous as a portable with the little tactical clip on bag though.

    Folks don't have glowing reviews for the ArGo, especially not at the current price. Otherwise I'd be tempted to try one just to high five Arizer and see how much of an upgrade it is over the Fury 2 or Gaia.

    The notion of the ArGo is a good one: that classic glass stem Arizer experience but kinda folded in half to create something portable for once. Reviews don't love the plastic body compared to the Air or Solo either.
  17. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member

    I could not resist the vapefiend 420 deals on the air OG
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