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From the point of view of taste...

Discussion in 'ABV' started by 19shadowmaster77, Nov 18, 2012.

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  1. OhTheAgony

    OhTheAgony here for the chicks

    The Flatlands
    Oh wait, it's about Italy huh?

    In that case you might be better off with a tank :lol:

    I've never seen people drive more dangerously then they do in Italy, cagers anyway.

    I don't know about what you can use legally there and what the terrain is like and how much stuff you need to haul, but over here they have these little 50cc quads that are fairly cheap and still quit usable, even for light offroading (they're pretty easy to supe up, and if you buy a used one chances are it's already done). They fall under moped laws over here. You could probably afford a used ratty one if you'd sacrifice either your cano or your minivap. Perhaps that's something worth looking in to?

    I like your electric dream, but I'm not sure if the affordable technology is reliable enough yet for what you have in mind to be honest. Perhaps something powered by a simple two stroke engine or a light diesel might be a safer bet.
  2. Roger D

    Roger D Vapor Wizard

    I'm ready to work for it, and I already have a bit of money, I wouldn't sell any of my vapes :p I have plenty of other stuff I think I can sell but its rarely worth it looking what I payed at the first time.
    Yeah so right about the electric stuff, Its not the moment to invest in that, this technology grows everyday. Now it is too much expensive.
    Its not for tomorrow, I still have a lot to plain. This would be a radically different life !
    Thanks for the encouragement
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