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From Coco-oil to salve

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by Mr.Sifter, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member

    hello folks,

    I need yout help.
    there is so much information here and on the web.
    Its too much and the more I read the more I get confused.

    I slow-cooked 2oz of AVB and some fresh bud for 4-5h.
    Now I have very dark brown infused coco-oil.
    Should have water cured the AVB. It stinks.

    Cold Coco-oil becomes a very stiff solid in the fridge and outside it is watery in the summer.
    I want it to have a consistant texture even when in the fridge.
    A salve that can be taken out the fridge and be used as quick as possible.

    Do you know any ratios how to mix the infused coco-oil with oilive oil and bessewax to make it convenient?
    I'am really in hurry.
    I have not much time left.
    hard to explain.

    thank you very much in advance.
  2. Squiby

    Squiby Well-Known Member

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  3. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I never thought of running oil twice thru the Mota pot :tup:

    I've only done 2 small batches . Batch one has a really sharp smell, kinda nasty but I hate to discard my hard earned oil. Tried some batch 2 in a hot drink and it tasted like a greasy grassy mess.

    Next time I really think a long water cure is needed before the Mota pot. Folks seem to report the water cure gets rid of almost all the nasty taste. Have you ever water cured??

    Coffee silt gets thru the Mota pot, with silt in the finished coffee. Does canna silt end up in oil in your Mota pot? Strain it?
  4. Squiby

    Squiby Well-Known Member

    The canna oil can be washed. The active cannabinoids are fat soluble so you can melt the canna oil, add water, stir, then allow to solidify in the fridge. Remove the solid canna oil puck that forms on top of the water and discard the turbid water. Repeat a few times if you wish.
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  5. sickmanfraud

    sickmanfraud Well-Known Member

    I have made salve from AVB without water curing and a good filtering is essential.

    Over at GC I learned from this recipe https://forum.grasscity.com/threads...it-youll-like-it.1102315/page-5#post-15870153

    I forgot to mention I keep my pain cream in a baby food size jar. I freeze disposable 4 ounce cups of the cream and defrost as needed.
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