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Friends that hate vapes / Vapor?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by VapeNStone, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Curiousone

    Curiousone Well-Known Member

    I've had my solo for almost a year...while most people thought it was ok and easy to use, there wasn't much excitement over it.

    I bought a Pax about 3 weeks ago and converted everyone who has used it. We call it the eBlunt. My friends are generally hardcore combusters...so I think the particular vape used makes a difference
  2. Zookeeper

    Zookeeper Active Member

    Vaping really shows how people like different things about weed. I have friends who think vaping is a placebo and get higher smoking AVB which to me proves tasting that smoke is a placebo to many.

    Vaping gets a bad rap because half a dozen people will try to get high off a Solo and arent patient or open enough to realize that one bowl is for one person and sharing 6 ways is going to have a gradual onset. Not that I havent got half a dozen people RIPPED off a shorty solo before,but its not as quick as cramming a gram into a dirty combustabong
  3. pigfoot

    pigfoot Dabs are vapor too!

    I've been thinking about this, glad I found this thread. I have a friend who's a vegan, organic only, very quick to point out the errors in someone else's diet, and he likes loves blunts. He's also broke. He's wasting so much herb, and inhaling all that crap. I told him I had started vaping, and he had zero interest. I figured he would want to try it. Nope, he is not interested in using less or keeping all that junk out of his lungs. His 2 comments were "how much did it cost?" And "I like blunts". So, reading this thread at least let me know there are a lot of folks like that. I did run into a guy I know, and we got talking about vaping, he had an Iolite, and recently got a Pax, which he loves.

    I know this is an old post, but damn, you nailed it My blunt loving friend hates good microbrews. He likes
    "light" beers. Doesn't drive a civic though. :lol:
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2014
  4. Jeremy Driscoll

    Jeremy Driscoll Well-Known Member

    My girlfriends dad. I told him about my vaporizer. He asked why I use it. I told him because it is healthier and easier on the burn feeling in the lungs, and the taste, and the high gets more because it is not burning some of the thc and smoking at the other end where the flame was.

    And then he said. Yea that won't work. At least when it comes to the health part because your still taking in THC the part that gets you high and he said that was not healthy he said. Because that also came from the plant.

    I could't believe this. I was stunned completely. So I stood speechless. He was a guy who really could not see the health benefits in black and white as clear as day like I could.

    So I decided not to argue with him, and just tell him that the taste is at least easier to work with, and end with just that. With some people it is not worth getting in to it with. Especially since I'm dating his daughter. And ignorance is bliss.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2014

    SSVUN~YAH You Must Unlearn, What You Have Learned...

    # Town
    Do you think he would be shocked if you told him you are a pimp that wasted water and stole people's Internet. :hmm:
  6. Jeremy Driscoll

    Jeremy Driscoll Well-Known Member

    He knows, doesn't care.
  7. Nok21

    Nok21 Well-Known Member

    Perfect thread, man! Lots of my friends say it doesn't get them high, and i even have a friend that owns a volcano that he never touches. I was a very heavy smoker before my mflb, and it probably took me a week to adjust to the different buzz, but now I use my mflb as my primary piece. Then again, I have some friends who are good after one trench in my box.. I guess some people really like the couchlock.
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  8. clukx

    clukx Well-Known Member

    i had the bc deluxe also as my first vape...HATED it and i thought vaping was stupid and did not work!
    8 years later, i dived into a pax and totally changed my perspective!
  9. Chilled.

    Chilled. Member

    I have a volcano classic (solid valve) and is such a good vape to take with you places. I still have the box and offers great protection and when I get it out and use everyone really likes it. Got a few friends who will smoke too (pure only) but generally everyone loves it. The mouth peace makes it real easy to pass around too.
  10. Tweek

    Tweek Well-Known Member

    You are fortunate...I have yet to have anyone come over who enjoys a volcano bag. I originally bought mine with visions of breaking it out at parties, but everyone just laughs at it :disgust:
  11. Chilled.

    Chilled. Member

    That's sucks man, this weekend we used it after a psytrance party and was like 8 of us using it. A few had never used a vape and said how much they liked it. I hardly used any weed compared to when I would bong after parties. Plus was great having the odd bag to myself to keep very chilled :brow:.

    For me the bag is the best bit as smoking from glass makes me want a bong, and I never want to go back to smoking.
  12. Herr_Dampf

    Herr_Dampf Well-Known Member

    So my first combustion free month is nearly over and I have to say... I don't miss setting herbs on fire the slightest bit.
    I am one of those dirty europeans who used to blend their herb with tobacco, so first thing to do was getting that monkey of my back (tobacco free since 3 months). I tried smoking the herb pure, but I just couldn't stand it (weird, I know). After reading a lot on here I decided to give Da Buddha a try. I think those whip-style vapes are a great start for combustion quitters, or at least it worked great for me. While its nothing like rolling a joint, there is a certain ritual to it, keeps your hands bussy (may sound stupid if you never smoked cigarettes before) and it hits pretty hard. The taste you get by vaporization is just unbelievable, even using my whip set up.
    To me, vaping hits way harder than combusting. It may take a bit longer to affect you, but when it does its good night time. I used to smoke 1-3 grams a day, weekdays, after work mind you. There is no way I could vape the same ammount without falling asleep halfway in.
    Sadly, I could only convert one of my friends so far.

    Wrong thread, wrong post, idiot me, etc...
  13. SpruceGruve

    SpruceGruve Bag of sand in hand,Eyeing up the gold statue

    In a ocean of opportunity
    Same thing happened to me for a little while,I just stopped caring and used it anyways,I told them they could pack a bong or use any of my old combustion stuff.
    Turns out many of the people laughing and making jokes were too broke to actually have any pitch....

    Now-a-days it really comes down to a simple question,do you want to vape with me,or watch me vape?
    Or the timeless classic at my house"I think I have a dirty bong in the closet if you want to smoke"(I'm referring to combustion as dirty,so they just assume the bongs full of Rez)
  14. Caligula

    Caligula Maximus

    SB420 Land!
    Daves not home, man.
  15. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    I beg to differ.... :brow: Dave's in the house! :rockon:
  16. Jeremy Driscoll

    Jeremy Driscoll Well-Known Member

    They may hate vaping. But I guarantee you they will love dabbing, and if they have not tried it, trust me one dab is all it takes to understand that no bud can compare. I think dabbing is the closest thing to injusting that much and so fast that there is on this planet regarding mj.

    Now show me a vapor that can do dabs, and that is portable, and can bud ungrounded, and is less than 200 and you have an interesting one. Make a water pipe part like the cloud and you got something a punch. Now I guess the only question left is can it do what the other greats do like the sub and the one from nasa guys and you have a sweet device.

    I wish mj dispensaries had a shelf a many vapors that are top shelf so that people could have an incentive to go to that one dispensary instead of other.

    I know this once place that lets me use their dabbing stuff whenever I buy dab wax from them.

    They then let me watch tv on 75 inches of cable heaven, then they give me free coffee that is the nice kind with the caramel and stuff. Then they have a big leather couch for lying down on in a private room after you dab so you can sit and relax, now I can not find any other place that does all that, so there is something that this place does that others will not to make money, why is it that the rest of the places don't?

    Man, if only I had some money to invest, it seems so damn easy to make money in this stuff if only I had the money to invest. Oh well. At least some one else can read this open a place and let their customers use the vapors and dabbers and bongs, and stuff in return for buying their product.

    Then we could all buy a vapor only AFTER we have tested it for free first, or better yet with the dispensary letting me use it for free, I will never need to buy one until things change.

    And that also means that I will keep coming back, because they seem to have the best bud too.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2014
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  17. VapeNStone

    VapeNStone Mark

    When I went to the dispensaries in NorCal you weren't allowed to consume on the premises? They did have a bud bar in like San Fran but that's it. So yea it would be nice to have a place to go chill and smoke and not have to bring or buy any pieces. it's just not everyone can do that.
  18. Chrisbkreme

    Chrisbkreme Well-Known Member

    United States
    My friends who don't vape tend to only like vaping for inside to avoid the smell, but would rather get the heavy effect from smoking a bong or a joint. They are also against spending money on something to think could be better spent buying bud.
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  19. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    You let them get away with that bullshit? Here's a challenge to throw at any friend who feeds you that line. Both of you set aside an equal amount, let's say an eighth. You only use that stash when you're together, except you'll vape while your friend combusts. See who runs out first. Exercise for the reader: calculate how quickly the savings adds up to the price of a good vapourizer. Advanced work for extra points: calculate how many extra ounces you can buy per year.

    Some people actually do use as much or more than when they were combusting, but that's because they like it so much they do it more often. Head to head, session for session, even a stashgobbler like the SSV is more efficient than combustion.
  20. Tweek

    Tweek Well-Known Member

    I'm totally guilty of using more now that I vape. It tastes so nice and is so relaxing...when I smoke, I hate the taste and am ok only puffing when I need to.
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  21. grokit

    grokit well-worn member

    the north
    Yeah me too.
    The ssv's stashgobbler reputation is well-deserved!
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  22. Chilled.

    Chilled. Member

    I am totally the opposite, use way less now I only vape. In the week I use less than a gram and about the same at weekend. About 40% of what was using when smoking bongs.
  23. VapeNStone

    VapeNStone Mark

    I use about the same but I vape more often lol. But the health savings, the ABV to cook with and the reclaim from my pieces is enough alone. :)
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  24. James C

    James C EDM and vapor enthusiast

    No dude, I have some friends like that as well, and I really don't blaze with them anymore since I've stopped smoking altogether. For me, even if vaping takes longer, the ritual is a lot of the fun part. Just "being high" is good, but I also love the act of vaping (either alone or with friends). It's just very relaxing.

    Plus, I like that you can just keep a vape on for hours and hit it whenever you want (removing the bud so it doesn't waste of course lol), whereas with combustion you just gotta smoke it all or you waste it and if you want to smoke again you have to roll or pack another bowl again...
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  25. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    Hi all,
    glad I found this thread. Haven't had MJ in 25 years. Always loved/respected it but not legal here. Still
    not legal but detour on trip thru CO and voila----some primo rec CO cannabis. I did a lot of research before and read a lot on this new method-- vaping. So glad I did. Bought an entry vape pen at the CO shop and right away knew----this is IT.
    The high is different but magnificent. IMO. Smoking MJ high gives you that jolt which isn't just the THC, it's all the toxic crap too. Like if I ever take a puff on a cig, the toxic crap makes me very dizzy. So that's missing and all you get in the vapor is the good stuff.
    As others have said, vaping lets you use way less herb. I can hardly see the little "dose" I use. Very important for me as my CO 1/4 oz needs to last as long as humanly possible.
    I knew immediately vaping was IT and just upgraded. Looked at the Arizer Solo, probably best vaporizer quality for the money. It's a lifelong investment so upgraded to the miniVAC. That was tough to push the final "order button" on their website :) Hope it's worth it. Anybody else have one?
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