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First vape

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Stoned Llama, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Stoned Llama

    Stoned Llama New Member

    Hey I am thinking of buying my first vape, but I have never tried one, they aren't popular at all in my country. I would like it to be the best option or close to it for smoking hash. Portable or not I don't care.

    Seems like people here recommend the dynacap M, but is it realy better than stationary ones for hash?
    If it is what do I need to buy in addition to it besides the lighter? Some hemp rope thingy? Anything else?
  2. seaofgreens

    seaofgreens My Mind Is Free


    Well, you know what some folks say... "If you want to learn how to swim, you gotta jump in the pool."

    The M a good place to start, and should work with whatever you want to throw into it. Just the vape and a lighter is all you really need. Any will do but the best is a torch type lighter. In your case you probably want to use degummed hemp fiber to wrap around your hash balls, so that it will sop up into the fibers as you heat, instead of passing straight into the condenser tube of the "M." You can also cut up stainless steel mesh filters to fit the M chamber as well, if you prefer without hemp.

    As far as what is a "better" vape? Well, that is subjective. This is where your preference comes in, but the "M" is a good choice in that it can throttle a little vapor out if that is your style, or kick you in the teeth, just depends how low on the cap you heat. (You'll understand this once you are using it for a bit.) So it is a bit of an every-person's vape... but it takes a bit of practice to figure out.

    One issue I ran into with this particular style of vaporizer is that the straight tube of vapor is pretty close to the heat, and the hot vapor directly hitting the back of my throat was particularly irritating. I had to stop using it regularly after a while, which is a bummer, as I really like my M. So it has become relegated to my vacation and hiking vape, as it is my most inexpensive and tiniest option I own, works great, and I'm not too worried if it gets lost/stolen/confiscated. If you have the extra cash though, I would spring for a vong body so that you can pop it onto a rig or a j-hook more efficiently. (I don't personally like the rubber "fat" MP they sell as a poor-mans waterpiece adapter.)

    Either way... Hope this helps a bit, and above all... Welcome to Fuck Combustion man.
  3. Stoned Llama

    Stoned Llama New Member

    Thanks for the response. Seems like a great community you guys have here. Only read a couple of threads and everyone seems extra nice. Not to start a 420 circlejerk, but maybe it is the vape community that is great. There are some bad hombres that smoke pot out there, but to they vape? I don't know.....

    To be honest I don't think I will like to vape very much well at least compared to a joint, but will probably do it all the time if I like the high because tobacco sucks. I need to try it as it seems like it would be dumb not to.

    So getting to the point to smoke hash you think the hemp stuff is better or is it irrelevant?

    Well I just want one that is regarded by most of the community as one of the better for hash. Seems like some vaporizers are shit, some aren't suited for hash, so seems like there aren't many options. Is the omni much better than the M? I don't need huge amounts of vapor, I just want good flavour.
    I think the firefly seems to expensive for a first buy, is any other options I should look at that are under 200?
    From the little I have read I seem pretty inclined to buy the M. If I like it I may buy other vapes in the future, if I don't probably not. So if there is something a bit more expensive than the M that has a better smoke(ups) I will consider it, but if it is just electronic, adaptabilty to bongs or whatever extra doesn't make much sense to me.
    I am just a little baffled that it seems like portable vapes are the best ones for hash from what I have read. Is it really that way?

    You say it is harsh compared to other vapes, but is it to smoking joints? I don't think I will mind much, but if I do what would it cost to upgrade to something that would solve that if it is even an option? The site just has so much stuff it is a little overwhelming and i don't understand the compatibility stuff at all. I smoke joints with tobacco and hash so would this even bother ne?
    Also I will be mostly using it at home. If i put it in the freezer wouldn't that make the vapor smoother?
    And does the vong one have the same harshness in the vapor? I don't think I will buy it to hook up to a bong as I don't even have a bong, but if it is better in this regard I might buy it.

    Also has anyone figured out a way to heat the cap in public whitout making it seem like you are doing some hard shit? I live in a small town and I don't want to be seen in public heating that shit up.

    Really grateful for the response. Toke on...

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  4. Squiby

    Squiby Well-Known Member

    The Vapcap is fantastic for dry herb, hash or concentrates. There is very little maintenance but you can get stocked up on replaceable items like orings and screens and you'll be set for years. I use degummed hemp fiber to make filters to catch any tiny particulates from entering the airpath. This creates a smooth non irritating vapor.



    You don't need to add anything to vape hash in the Vapcap. For soft Afghan hash just flatten a bit into a thin pancake and pop it into the chamber. If you have hard Moroccan hash just shave a thin slice with a razor. Don't crumble hash into the chamber unless you are using a filter.

    Not better, different. The M is made from stainless steel and it heats slower and cools slower and is great for using outdoors. The Omni is all titanium and heats and cools quicker and is more nimble. It has a air adjusting set it and forget it feature.

    I have very sensitive lungs and am a chronic asthmatic. The Vapcap gives me the smoothest non harsh or irritating vapor than any vape I've tried. The secret is to mouthpull the vapor by bringing the vapor into you mouth while fingering the air intake hole, similar to sucking liquid into your mouth through a straw, then inhaling fresh air along with the vapor in your mouth.

    Pulling vapor directly into your lungs can be irritating and I don't recommend this toking technique.

    The beauty of the Vapcap is that it is modular so the various components are interchangeable to create a custom vape that is uniquely yours. Basically just chose the model that's appeals to you and fits your budget.

    The midsections are interchangeable. They are the outfit or clothes of the Vapcap and do not effect performance. Choose the midsection you like. If you want to use it with a water tool, get a Vapcap with a VonG midsection. The VonGs pair with a 14mm water tool joint. The Vapcap is not harsh, just heat to the click, respect the click, mouthful your vapor and add a degummed hemp fiber filter and you will experience the smoothest vapor ever. It's a fantastic vaporizer.

    Join us on the thread.

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  5. seaofgreens

    seaofgreens My Mind Is Free

    Just so you know, I was referring to the mouthpull technique, and still being irritating to me personally. As you pull the vapor in with your mouth, it hits the back of your mouth/top of your throat, and over time I just found it made me feel constricted/hard of breathing there. This feeling only disappeared as I stuck to the vaporizers that didn't have a direct tube straight to the source of heat. And I'm a fellah that enjoys a giant vape-bong rip that would choke out many folks... do it often with my Sv3, Flowerpot, Lotus, the GH through a rig/jhook and my Halo's for concentrates.... and never get that same feeling. Also have asthma, and am mildly to moderately allergic to most of the world.

    Point being... it isn't that I hit the Vapcap wrong... it just isn't smooth for me. I do appreciate that it is the smoothest/gentlest in your arsenal, but just don't feel like that is universal.
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  6. Used2use

    Used2use Sometimes to stupid to become a fool

    I'd also say a vc M is a good start into vaping with hash (i suspect charras :drool: by your nick ;) ) - btw i prefer normal 15mm screens shaped into a basket or spiral over hemp fiber esp for hash
    Imo cleanest flavour with hash is the vaponic (or cheaper DIY) takes some practice (with time it's almost like saying a mantra), but the M is a good training for that ;)
    Other flame powered vapes like the Sticky Bricks or Vapman also work nice...
    well, let's say it this way every vape will work to extract at least most of the flavour (~200C is enough for that) but most battery powered only go to 210C and won't extract as much as u could with higher temps that are easier to reach with butane powered vapes (but the taste gets usually bad at higher temps anyways).
    Cleaning is another aspect, ime esp if it's only hash - most convenient in the long run are vapes with capsules like HR Fury 2 or Mighty and do more than ok with hash imo
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2018
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  7. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead High Standards

    The Full Spectrum
    I know people think rolling papers are all pure or something but to me they totally adulterate the flavor of the material inside, even RAW hemp papers have a "taste." IMO you'll never be able to taste hash in a joint like you would vaporizing it. I think it's gonna be a revelation for you.
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  8. Stoned Llama

    Stoned Llama New Member

    Thanks for all the responses. Gonna buy a vapcap M an then I am gonna leave some feedback here or on the dynacap topic.

    I don't think so, buts lets see. I am pretty sure I am still gonna prefer smoking joints to vaping in terms of pleasure, but would really love to be converted. Hopefully it arrives soon.--
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  9. duff

    duff Well worn

    I thought that way too once!
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  10. wkndwarrior

    wkndwarrior Active Member

    You are making the right choice - the M is probably the best all around pick for price/performance. No technology to maintain if you only use it on occasion (sort of that buy it once for life type of purchase). And if you really love it you have an upgrade path.
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  11. arb

    arb Well-Known Member


    Me too............lolz.
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  12. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    If you ever want to try a vape that doesn't use butane I'd recommend the Fury 2. There's a thread on it and I think most users are very happy with it. Not too expensive, fairly stealthy, easy to use.
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