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First time vaporizer?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by WinstonBlazer, May 15, 2019.

  1. WinstonBlazer

    WinstonBlazer New Member

    Hey all!
    I'm new to the forum and was wondering if y'all could recommend a good, NON-PORTABLE vaporizer that's cheaper than the volcano. I don't want to dish $400-500 for a solid vaporizer on my first time, but every other vaporizer seems to be a small little portable one. Any suggestions appreciated, im willing to spend up to 200 bucks, possibly 300 if its worth the money. I am new to vaporizers so I'd love some help from some seasoned veterans. Thanks in advance!
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  2. arb

    arb Semi shaved ape

    Epicvape e nano or a woodscents.
  3. Madri-Gal

    Madri-Gal Child Of The Revolution

    Livin' in the 707
    I agree with @arb . You can also look into a Silver Surfer, or Arizer EQ. To save even more, you can order a Silver Surfer factory blem for $170.
  4. arb

    arb Semi shaved ape

    Life saber seconds are like 140.00............best deal around for a plug in imo.
  5. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead Herbal Existentialism

    The Full Spectrum
    You mentioned non-portable but my friend just purchased a Mighty, and as a long term Volcano owner, I think it's every bit as good - if not better.

    The logs and whip vapes posted are all good options. The Ditanium is a newer desktop whip vape that some people are digging lately, might be worth looking into. Simple single knob operation.
  6. Chainfish

    Chainfish Well-Known Member

    Wales, UK
    the life sabre truly is a fantastic piece of kit. Use mine with the wand and whip, great as a supercharged log with water. Doesn't get a lot of love but the S&B Plenty is also pretty good and unlike many vapes it's foolproof.
  7. BabyFacedFinster

    BabyFacedFinster Capo di tutt'i capi

    +1 on the e-nano by epicvape.

    Still my favorite vape after 4 years. Rock steady :rockon:
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  8. arb

    arb Semi shaved ape

    All that and a pack of cookies too!!!
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  9. ejackyou

    ejackyou Hamilton

    S&B 'Plenty'
  10. habitat-fc

    habitat-fc Well-Known Member

    It's old school but has a great reputation the Vaporbrothers VB1 is about $190 on their official website.
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  11. ginolicious

    ginolicious Well-Known Member

    I’d go with any Arizer product. Built to last. Not too expensive. Good flavour. They are a proven product.
  12. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    There are a lot of good options listed here, and some of them may be great for someone switching from smoking, but if you’re used to using a bong you may do best with something like the NewVape FlowerPot or Herborizer. They provide a similar “ritual” and they have the power to extract very quickly if/when you want that.

    If you already have glass, you can get a basic FlowerPot setup in your price range, but I’d stretch to a little over 300 if you could or do a little DIY stuff like making your own handle and stand because it’s nicer to use with those.

    At least check out the FP thread or some reviews, or if you’re in the EU the Herborizer will probably be cheaper for you and should be similar for flower use. Either one gets you into the top tier to begin with so future purchases would be more for fun or to get The Next Big Thing rather than just trying to find something that works well enough for you.

    Some people waste thousands of dollars chasing that by trying to save money and buying a bunch of cheap stuff that doesn’t work as well, breaks, or is annoying to use/clean/etc. With something like a FlowerPot or VapCap there is very little to break by the way, and they’re easy to clean.

    Like I said though, most if not all of the suggestions above are also good, so see what you think you’ll like best and good luck!
  13. Smokinjoe

    Smokinjoe Active Member

    Buy used ones here

    If u don’t like, just re sell

    I started with a a pax, sold it n got flower mate, sold it and got a firefly 2, than sold that n got a mighty

    Mighty is tough to beat but $$
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  14. PPN

    PPN Company Rep

    Nobody recommanded the HerbalAire, actually you can find the H3 version at 129€ but this version doesn't offer the bag inflation feature, if you want it go for the Elite (I don't know if there is a version of the H3 with the pump and bags).

    It's a very versatile vape, you can use direct inhalation, whip, vape bonging and bags. It's a very sturdy unit which can resist to falls. You can both do large loads or micro-dosing too. Taste is pretty good and vapor production too even if it's limited to 400°F (410 for the Elite), abv is fully extracted although it doesn't work very well with concentrates (it works but not like expected this days).

    As a first vape it will be my choice for you... and it was mine for myself, HA 2.2 was my first vape and immediatly converted me to vapor. As a beginner I don't recommand you a glass setup as a first vape like a lot of high ends vapes offer... cause if you break it on day one you will hate me:evil:.

    I agree with some posts above about some portables vaporizers able to compete with desktops, might be nice if you want to vape in the garden, bathroom or car.

    Good luck, be sure your choice will be fine. When I bought the HA 2.2 I checked all the vapes available at this time before to decide (there wasn't so much vapes than actually though...), I wanted the inflation bags feature but not only and was scarred by glass breakage and choosed to go for the HerbalAire (there is some vids of guys throwing their HA on the concrete floor and power it again without any issue!!).
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  15. Brewervapesalot

    Brewervapesalot Well-Known Member

    Get a used or on sale Evo
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  16. JackOG

    JackOG 420 Vapes are Life.

    I listened to a lot of people and bought and Arizer EQ, then used it a few times and went back to the joints. I then got a pax 3 and done the same thing, Arizer Go, I lasted a little longer but ultimately never achieved my goal of quitting the joints.
    Then I bought a VapeXhale. Had a shit feeling in my stomach spending that much money on a vape but it was worth a go Man it was worth it. For the first time, I had something that worked. However, it kind of annoys me that it has a big chunky cable and is quite awkward to use when on the sofa so I use it as a group vape when mates are around. Everyone loves it.

    I still needed a portable so I bought a Tubo Evic and a Dynavap and between the 2 of those devices and my Xhale, I have been joint free for 6 months.

    Vapes I own/have owned - ARGO, Arizer Extreme Q, Xvape Vital, Magic Flight Launch Box, Xmax Starry, Dr Dabber Switch, puffco peak, pax 3, Ghost MV1, Boundless Tera V3, Dynavap M, Dynavap Omni Titanium XL, Tubo Evic, Vapexhale Cloud Evo, Grasshopper.

    Vapes I use - Dynavap, Tubo, Xhale.

    The rest can get in the bin unless someone wants to buy them lol

    So basically what I am saying here is. Spend more now to save later.
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  17. Gorillaz7

    Gorillaz7 Bern it Up or Bern it Down

    Just recently looked into glass picies & adapters to condition the distance and improvement all around draw fluency producing excellent massive clouds.
  18. stinkytofus

    stinkytofus Well-Known Member

    Sticky brick maxx hands down
    Get it with a hydratube like vapexhales from dhgate or direct from vapexhale

    Used evo in the classified is a good pick as well

    Both produces great clouds and effects

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