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First post! How to convince SO to switch to vaping?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Xander66, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. Xander66

    Xander66 Member

    Hello FC,

    First of all this is my first post so feel free to move it or direct me to answers. I did try searching for this and came up empty even in the Google machine.

    So, first post, you guys are cool. Thanks for making a nice community.

    My question is multi faceted but revolves around how to bring up switching from smoking herb to vaporizing to my wife. As background: We both smoke legally in California and both consume nicotine. I have switched to electronic devices for nicotine delivery and am super satisfied with my collection of RDAs and only rarely smoke cigs with the wifey. I have had great experiences with vapes for herb and oil and am comfortable with the electronic aspect of it. She on the other hand is from an older generation and tends to be old-school when it comes to burning her plant matter. I don't think health concerns are going to sway her much considering we don't consume much and she still smokes cigs, so what are YOUR favorite things about vaping that may convince someone to finally say "fuck combustion" other than "it's healthier"?

    The second part of my question revolves around what do get, because I assume your advice will help me convince her. I am interested in treating us to a good stashable dry vape for at home so we don't have to smoke on the apartment porch. Desktops are out of the question.
    Some criteria I care about are: efficiency, ease of use, lack of smell during and after use, removable 18650 battery since I have so many good ones for mods already, and under $200. The option to attach a water pipe in the future is a plus.

    TLDR; how do I convince my cig smoking wife to jump on the herb vaping bandwagon? And what should we get under $200?

    Thanks so much guys, have a wonderful time :)
  2. BuzzDanklin

    BuzzDanklin Well-Known Member

    The Arizer Air sounds like a good fit to me, and there is a good sale going on at Vapeworld until Dec 25 where you get 2 freebies along with the Air, and if you use the coupon code 'AIR' it will be priced at $169.

    As far as reason I like vapes, they are more efficient in herb usage, it makes the herb taste better (most noticeable when people completely quit smoking, so if she continues smoking cigs it wont be as dramatic) they are healthier, you can customize your experience by playing with the temperatures to get a more active or more sedative effect for different situations or times of the day, and lastly they are just fun
  3. emmdeemo

    emmdeemo I am being the five years old.


    1. Vapcap gets full recommendation from me.

    2. Using way less!
  4. yogoshio

    yogoshio Annoying Libertarian

    NW Indiana-just outside Chicago
    The Evo did it for me. When it was being repaired she used her bowl and she realized how much she was wasting.

    I know you need a portable so I'd say grab a used Pax or get the vapcap.

    They will all smell less than smoking.
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  5. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead High Standards

    The Full Spectrum
    If it's not instant and on demand most old school smokers likely won't be interested so I would focus on a vaporizer with those features. Personally, the old school smokers I know are very impatient. I think a Omnivap is a great suggestion. Most smokers are not ready to depend on batteries at all, but it does depend on how frequently they consume.
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  6. Ratchett

    Ratchett Vape Accessories Delta3DStudios.com Accessory Maker


    You have much to learn from this awesome community, I've been here over three years and have no intentions of leaving! :wave:

    I honestly suggest you start with the Dynavap Vapcap (The TI-Woodie get's my vote - the metal oven works better than the cheap $30 glass version). It's kind of like a single-hitter experience (except I get about 3 hits per oven).

    The important thing to remember about vaporizers is that they are a cleaner experience. Active chemical compounds in your herbs vaporize at different temperatures. Part of the fun of vaping is to explore different temps and discovering which temps work best for you personally (you may discover you and your SO have different temp preferences)
  7. Xander66

    Xander66 Member

    I definitely appreciate the fun factor, and the effect control is a good point, thank you!
  8. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    I was going to suggest a Haze V3 as they have a unique feature, 2 ovens, and they have a 10 year warranty.
    Slightly over $200 but for 10 years of use----cheap. Its replaceable 18650 batteries are great---vs batteries only changeable by manufacturer :( Convection and conduction screens and cans for different loading options and one for concentrates.

    But thinking about @Ratchett idea for Ti-Woodie vapcap, that may be a great first vape for you/her, until Vape Acquisition Syndrome (VAS) forces you to add more. If she likes flaming those cigs, maybe using a torch will be a positive for her---just like hitting cigs experience / only 100x better.

    Why vape vs smoke:
    - health facts are still worth pushing, in summary: when smoking cannabis, over 90 % of the inhaled smoke is the nasty cancer- causing caustic combustion by-products and less than 10% if the mj goodness. When vaping, over 90% of the vapor is the cannabis goodies and some small misc compounds. Which sounds better if you are looking for the cannabis goodies? And combusting cannabis also destroys about 1/4 of the goodies in the high heat combustion process.

    - Efficiency, how far your stash goes:
    Because of the facts listed above, vaped bud goes a lot farther. Being in an illegal state, my small stash has to last a looooong time between resupply runs to Colorado (1000 miles away). From my experience, I would say that vaping stretches my bud at least 5X and likely more.
    Even you being in a legal state, for cost reasons, wouldn't she like to try vaping to stretch your canna-dollars?

    - vaping is much more discreet and almost no smell, but if she is hitting cigs, she probably could not tell the difference

    good luck
  9. Xander66

    Xander66 Member

    I wouldn't be surprised at all if we like different temps so something with variable temps is definitely a good investment. Would you recommend sharing or doing small solo sessions for different temps?

    Great tips thank you! The fire use does actually make sense as a way to switch over for the vapcap. Ironically she has a pretty remarkable sense of smell so those points are good too!
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  10. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    different temps are fun to experiment with. Note that it's easiest to replicate/repeat with vapes with exact temp (you tried and like 400 F). Next easiest are vapes with temp analog dial ( you like temp 2 of 4), and butane torch vapes can be toughest to play with different temps, but doable.

    sharing sessions for different temps seem like a good idea to me like:
    trying a low temp vape midday for an uplifting experience or trying a very high temp evening session for a more mellowing/sedating session.

    Different strains + different temps + future different vaporizers + different techniques like using whip or glass mouthpiece or bag or fan or water bubbler = about a gazillion options to try :)
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  11. fluffhead

    fluffhead Recovering Idealist

    One thing I did with a friend to show him the power of vapor is that I asked him to give me the amount he uses for a bong hit. I then gave him more than half back and put the rest in my evo. When he was done with the elb, there was still vapor left but he couldn't take any more. :whoa:

    I would recommend either the milaana or ti Woody vapcap. The milaana has more of a learning curve but it is worth it, imo. You just need to make sure to use the correct 18650s. The ti woody vapcap also works extremely well. Both of these can reach a variety of temperatures and both taste significantly better than combustion. Then again, every vape I have ever tried tasted much better than combustion. :2c:
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  12. Ratchett

    Ratchett Vape Accessories Delta3DStudios.com Accessory Maker

    For experimenting with temps, you're going to want to use a fresh load every time - using a vape with a smaller oven would be beneficial for the sake of research :science:

    The Vapcap does have some temperature control (based on where you heat the cap and what kind of torch you use), but it can still be used for R&D :lol:

    I suggested the Vapcap because it's very popular with smokers who are looking for an easy transition from smoking to vaping. Although if you're trying to play with temperatures, an electronic vaporizer is better suited to those needs.

    That's why we always tell people - there is no perfect or best vaporizer for everyone. Everyone has different needs and thus why there will always be a few dozen recommendations for any. Hell I have over a dozen vapes in my collection currently and I still can't tell you which one is my #1 favorite
  13. Melting Pot

    Melting Pot Sick & Twisted

    A state of confusion
    I converted mine with the Enano.
    Every now and the she'll hit her bowl and I'll see that iook of yuk....
    Sometimes she'll ask for a hit from (Lucille) supreme v3 for when she wants her head smashed in.
    Out of all I have she prefers the nano even over my ud
    Good luck

    Maybe after holidays gonna grab me some vapcaps thats all im hearing about lately.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2016
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  14. howie105

    howie105 Well-Known Member

    Talk to her find out what the lady likes and dislikes about combustion and see if there is a vape that will fit her preferences. People are more likely to try something new if they have some input.

    Efficiency- My most miserly vape is the E-Nano with .03g loads so its easy on the supplies. However there are tons of other options that may work as well or better for other folks.

    Ease of use-That is an operator thing, some folks like some electronic enhancements other find it easier to go with very bare bones vapes. My preference is for simple but we are all different.

    Lack of smell during and after use- Well I am a goner on that one, I have never had a good nose.

    18650 battery...I am a corded guy.

    $200...Lots of options at the point maybe too many. Define the feature you want and don't want then look at prices, it can save you time and money sometimes. A last suggestion keep an eye on the sites classified section, there are some good deals at times.
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  15. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    I'm curious, @Xander66. Being that you both consume nicotine and she still smokes cigs is, why do you want her to switch to vaping herbs?

    Knowing the answer to that and being able to successfully communicate that to her could be the most important step, eh?
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2016
  16. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    You suggested that you wanted a battery operated unit because you have extra batteries you want to utilize . You didn't mention a need for portability. There are a lot of choices out on the market and there are more vaporizers coming out everyday. You also want reliability so take that into consideration. Also having a backup is essential or you can fall back into old habits.

    For some people it's a struggle going from combusting to vaporizing especially since there are combusting cigs in the mix too.

    The VapCap sounds like an excellent idea even though I don't have one. Vaporizing at a very high heat is essential when you transition from smoking, like 390 - 400 degrees depending on your vape. The VapeCap doesn't have a temp gauge but it clicks when ready to use. It will also give your girl the feel of smoking but without the bad stuff included. It's fairly cheap too. The lowest price is the $35 VC.

    A person needs to stop combusting because your girl won't feel the benefits of the vaporizing if she's still combusting the weed. That's part of the problem right there. Has she tried vaporizing cannabis before?

    The flavor of your cannabis is awesome using a great log vape which can be on 24/7 so it's always ready when you are. They do use a plug in. The flavor you get from a log vape is exceptional. I have the Enano so I can vouch for that vaporizer. It doesn't use much material either. You save money right off the bat and very easy to use. Women like beautiful things and a log vape is beautiful. I think talking to your girl about flavor of the cannabis while you vaporize. You wish she could enjoy it too.

    I combusted cannabis for 25+ years and I've been vaporizing for almost 4 years come Dec. 31, 2016. I feel free to vaporize in many places where I couldn't have done so before. I use cannabis recreationally but medically too for pain from arthritis. I am able to be somewhat stealth and careful is important to me. I do like having a portable vaporizer too when I'm out and about or in my yard.

    The Milaana is a great battery operated portable but it takes practice to nail down. It's like a portable light vape. A very high learning curve. Not for the beginning vaporizer but think about it down the line. The Arizer Air is a nice portable and very dependable too. It's easy to operate and clean. It's ready to use once you install a battery. It takes the 18650 size of battery as you mentioned. There is also the Haze but is over $200 unless you get a sale. The Air doesn't have a lot of little parts to worry about. The Haze has good flavor but some little parts to worry about.

    It comes down to her wanting to make the switch. She might be happy the way things are for her. You need to think about yourself and do what's best for you. The prices of cannabis is a consideration. That gives you more money for other things.

    Not sure of your ages if that makes a difference but as I got older I began to worry about what the cannabis combusting was doing to my lungs. I could feel it in the morning when I woke up. I was starting to get a smokers cough. I was imagining all those little particles of black were collecting inside my lungs. So for me my health was a factor. Then I found out how much better I felt and how good the taste of vapor is compared to smoking.

    Let her know you want her to feel how good vaporizing is compared to smoking cannabis. You want her to experience the true taste of the bud and you want extra money to do fun things together. The money adds up. I use half of what I used when I combusted. That could make a nice vacation after a year depending how much $ you save.

    Being able to utilize the ABV is a real plus. Think about the edibles you can make after you accumulate a nice amount. Just try a little ABV in a chocolate and peanutbutter milkshake. Sorry so long. I kept wanting to add.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2016
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  17. Pimpslapper

    Pimpslapper Well-Known Member

    Xmax v2 pro, check out the reviews online. I have it since three months and it is the real deal. Get it with the glass mouthpiece and a better 18650 battery and you are golden for around 80 bucks.

    As for reasons :
    Cost savings is huge as you spare much bud and you can freaking eat the avb after and get shitfaced again!

    Also temp control, low for heady energetic high and high temp for couch lock.

    Eating the avb is a bonus and is another argument for cost savings
    Good luck!
  18. Xander66

    Xander66 Member

    I think the efficiency aspect will be big for her, who doesn't like saving money?? Is it the amp rating that matters for the milanna? All mine are 15A or higher for rda use.

    @howie105 I know she likes the quick onset time if combustion, but has been complaining it's making her stuffy. Helping her choose too is definitely a good point, I don't want to make her switch but maybe help her see its a good idea to try. Thanks for the input!

    A few reasons matter to me: I think it's a better option for us being able to relax in the apartment rather than have to go outside. I like the control you get and the extended time that can be spent having a session, sitting, chilling, cooking, etc. Using less and stretching the budget is also huge. And if I'm honest, maybe just maybe if she likes vaping our green she might open up to trying some of my naturally extracted tobacco juices. Her health is very important to me but it's hard to convince a smoker how unhealthy it is and how other options can really make a difference.

    @CarolKing your response is awesome thanks for all the advice! I will definitely read, research, and reply more tonight!

    That sounds like a very good intro price range I'll look into it! Thanks!

    I appreciate everyone being so helpful. You guys rock!
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  19. OldOyler

    OldOyler Fire it again. I can still find the ground.

    The War Room
    Peace all!

    Yeah this will go well...honestly trying to be forthright, not arse-ey.

    Ask your wife if she wants to vape. If not, leave her be. :shrug:

    If she sees you enjoying it instead of trying to sell her on it, of course it will be attractive.

    But sorry - I don't think cannabis and running *my* ideas of how someone *else* should change - "for their own good" or not - mix well.

    At. All.

    You've got an entire thread of people trying to figure out how to convince another human being to do something you have quoted her saying multiple times she doesn't want to do - just sayin', hoping for a strong point here and not conflict.



    (I will head to the bunker and await the incoming...)
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  20. seaofgreens

    seaofgreens My Mind Is Free

    Tell her you guys can vape on the couch, in bed, at the dinner table, etc. without your house/clothing reeking of weed. Bring up that she can escape the winter weather a lot easier if she gets more into vaping.

    Or... Just start pulling out the vape whenever you guys session together and say it is because your lungs have been hurting lately from combusting. That way it is just about you still wanting to do a familiar activity together, and she is then supporting you by vaping rather than it feeling like a forced thing.
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  21. fluffhead

    fluffhead Recovering Idealist

    For Milaana you need 20A continuous. Although on second thought, it might be a vape for consideration down the line. It is probably not a beginners vape but amazing once you get the hang of it.

    I think a major question that I don't think I saw asked was, what is her method of smoking. I think the role of ritual is important when transferring from smoking to vaping. From my experience, some vape mimic certain styles of smoking better. For example, an evo will emulate the power of a bong hit. The vapcap simulates the dugout experience very well. I'm sure others can come up with examples from their experience as well. Considering the original question:

    I would say finding the method of vaping that is similar enough to her favourite style of smoking can be helpful in bridging the two. I would also say that my wife pushed me into vaping despite my hesitance and it changed my life for the better in many ways. I hope you are as successful as my wife was! :) :2c:
  22. Xander66

    Xander66 Member

    Thanks for being honest! I don't think she is against vaping necessarily, she has tried it a couple times. She is just used to smoking is all, and I want good talking points for when I ask her if she'd be open to trying it. Ultimately I know her and if she doesn't want to she won't lol.
    I appreciate your candor ;)

    I'll remember that about the Milanna, thanks. We generally split a sherlock type bowl, very rarely a small joint if we're feeling luxurious. So ideally I'd like something we can pass back and forth.
    These ideas are all great and I'm getting quite a list of things to further research :)
    I'm thinking the vapcap is a great introduction idea, I'm just curious how long it takes with a regular Bic lighter because i hate refilling the butane ones I see on videos. Heck even if she's really not interested I may have to try one for myself :)
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  23. virtualpurple

    virtualpurple Well-Known Member

    @Pipes' The project vaporizer is pretty incredible. It runs offsome different ecig boxes and really makes for a super responsive portable log vape that is instant vapor production and basically no maintenance required.

    I also love the vapcap!
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  24. Xander66

    Xander66 Member

    This is exactly what I thought of when I started to consider a vape, like how great would it be if I could just chuck it on my 100w box! Unfortunately I haven't made the jump to TC ecigs yet, but I'll definitely remember this one!
    Thanks for the recommendation
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  25. Ratchett

    Ratchett Vape Accessories Delta3DStudios.com Accessory Maker

    A regular Bic lighter would take around 90 seconds to heat up the cap. It's more of a pain than it's worth (the cap will also collect black soot). Cigar torches are necessary as they burn cleaner and they won't overheat in the process (I've had a shitty lighter melt on me before while heating a vapcap in a pinch situation hahaha)

    Refilling butane isn't too painful, especially if you buy a cigar torch with a clear body so you can see through to know when it's full/empty. I find a dual-flame cigar torch works best for the Vapcap - 7 second heatup times and pretty good fuel efficiency (about a dozen sessions per refill of butane - can of butane lasts for 6+ months)

    A Vapcap should be in everyone's arsenal. I have two (Ti-Woodie and an OmniVap) - I literally travel (and fly) everywhere around the country with my Vapcap (NEVER FLY WITH A BUTANE TORCH - those are banned from flights) - it's always there as a backup vape in case my main vape breaks down. (I also use my Vapcap on the beach since I don't care if it gets sandy - the entire vape can be disassembled and cleaned)
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