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First Home Vaporizer suggestions wanted

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by ReqsnFX, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. ReqsnFX

    ReqsnFX New Member

    Guys, this is a new world to me. I have very little experience with vapes. I'm looking to take some small hits throughout the day, occasional bigger hits at night/weekends.

    I'm a pure flower head. I collect trichomes/dry sift for an occasional treat but I'm not a concentrate guy.

    It doesn't have to be portable but bonus points will be awarded. I don't really know enough to give criteria. I just want to feel the effects and I don't want to waste so the ability to use smaller bowls would be nice.

    I prefer vaping outside so something that can be transported to the back deck for use would be ideal. I may come back and ask for a portable down the road.

    Let me know what criteria I forgot to offer.
  2. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    For non-portable I’d start by looking at the NewVape FlowerPot, the Herborizer (especially for EU residents), and the Evo. They’re three of the best regarded desktops out there and the FP especially would fit all your needs, last a lifetime (apart from the coil and controller which may need to be replaced someday, but they’re simple and widely available).

    If you decide to buy one, since you’re only interested in flower you can just get the ShowerHead version of the FlowerPot instead of the VRod, but if you think you might try concentrates in the future the VRod is a good way to go.

    The Herborizer should be a great option too, I just don’t have personal experience with it and I don’t remember whether or not it’s safe to leave it on for many hours a day like I do with the FP. I’m sure the Herborizer thread could tell you though.

    The Evo definitely should not be left on all day, and not everyone would put it in the same class as the other two, but it does have a lot of supporters and there are things to like about it too.

    A VapCap (small butane torch heated portable) or other simple little portable that’s still good quality is also good to have if you don’t want to be hauling around a desktop unit all the time but you still want the consistent power that it offers.

    If you can get power out to the deck though, you can move desktops outside with you, and if not external batteries you can plug them into can work, at least for the FlowerPot.

    If you really want a portable, the VapCap is still good, as is the battery powered Nomad I’m buying (although that one has a long waiting list), and there are plenty of great options out there*. If these don’t seem like exactly what you want just keep looking through the forum or checking out other suggestions people post for you. Good luck!

    *A few of the other on-demand options are the Tubo, Milaana, Splinter, Li’l Bud, iHeat, a log vape, etc. The Ghost MV-1 may also be worth a look now that I hear they’ve worked out some issues.
  3. ReqsnFX

    ReqsnFX New Member

    Thanks for the reply VaporWare.

    So given what you said and because I still don't fully understand all of the components (I grew up in a time where we just rigged a bong out of things on hand), can you help me identify the best kit build for the FloewrPot?


    What options would you choose on this page?
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  4. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    Edit: I just saw that there is a 15% off flash sale today, so if you’re done researching and you’re ready to buy a FlowerPot use TRICKORTREAT as the coupon code. If you buy later, you can still get 10% with TWAXVAPOR or wait for another 15-20% sale (probably Black Friday).

    OPTION 1:

    If everything I say below is too much to wade through and money isn’t a concern, I’ll make it simple:

    https://www.newvape.com/vrod-flowerpot-twax-bundle with the Stereo Matrix and the appropriate power option for your country.

    Here are the additions I would make to that:

    1. Extra bowl:

    Titanium https://www.newvape.com/flowerpot-pan-head-bowl and https://www.newvape.com/18mm-flowerpot-post

    And/Or Glass https://www.newvape.com/18mm-male-flowerpot-glass-bowl-9306

    2. Extra double-weave screens (x3 maybe?) https://www.newvape.com/titanium-screen-woven

    3. Optional titanium post https://www.newvape.com/titanium-flowerpot-coil-post

    The last one alleviates the main small annoyance that some people run into; the head sticking on the post a bit during heat-up. It’s never been a big problem for me, but it bothers some people.

    Apart from power and flower that should cover it!

    OPTION 2:

    If you want to lower the cost and you want the option to use concentrates on a SiC surface, the VRod you selected is the way to go, and here are the options I’d go with:

    1. SIC 28mm NV Dish (9264) + $25.00

    2. Choose the bowl post size that matches the glass you choose and/or the glass you have at home. You can get an extra post or even an extra bowl (which I recommend if money isn’t a big issue).

    You’ll probably want the Male versions which go into the glass joint, but that again depends on the glass you’re using.

    3. I would recommend the first 5 things under the Additional Options section.

    The first is a grinder, so if you have one you like that’s not necessary, and the carb cap is optional for flower but important for concentrates.

    For flower the carb cap mostly useful for giving you a more restricted draw (less airflow) and getting vapor production going faster, but at higher temps it can also help you over-cook your flower. ;)

    The handle and loading tool (a nice little flower scoop) are good to have but also optional.

    The double weave screen is a semi-disposable piece so having multiple or at least one for each titanium bowl is a good idea. I’ve been using the same ones for a year with no sign of a need for replacement, but backups aren’t a bad idea.

    The glass bowls at the bottom of this section are again optional. I’d recommend trying one to compare to the titanium bowl since some people really prefer one or the other, but if you’re trying to keep the cost down it’s another piece that can wait. Size again depends on the glass you choose.

    4. Enail - just choose the right one for your country.

    5. I like the Stereo Matrix option which has an 18mm connector, so go with 18mm bowls or get adapters if you want to use them with multiple sizes.

    If you scroll all the way to the bottom you’ll also see a battery and battery chassis in case you want to use it outside without a power outlet available.

    From there you can look at the FlowerPot parts page for extra bowls, screens, or anything else you want to consider, but that’s all your choice.

    OPTION 3:

    If you’re sure you have no interest in concentrates you can find the ShowerHead version of the FlowerPot on the parts page and build your own kit from there or email them to get one put together for you. It’ll save a little money, it’s compatible with a wider range of coils, and you can use it with any draw speed with even extraction.

    The VRod can potentially need a little stirring to keep it even, depending on your temp, draw speed, etc. but just about everyone gets the hang of it quickly and most seem to prefer it over the ShowerHead even for just flower at this point. That’s probably why the ShowerHead has been relegated to the parts page.

    NewVape also has a FlowerPot University page if you want to learn more. It’s much more simple to use than it may seem from all of this information (just stick the head on the bowl and breathe in), but reading that page and this thread can help you find the ways you’ll enjoy using it most. https://www.newvape.com/flowerpot/fp-faq

    I hope that was helpful and not too much to read!
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2018
  5. Skunkport

    Skunkport Well-Known Member

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Fuck sake, poor guy wants his first vape and you're dropping the text wall on doom.

    Just get a vapcap for now mate, easy answer that'll always be worth having even if you decide to figure out what the hell all the stuff above is. ;-)
  6. Diggy Smalls

    Diggy Smalls Notorious

    Land of Confusion
    Yeah I think that's kind of advanced. I think old schoolers like me appreciate butane Vapes. Take a look at vapcap, sticky brick, dreamwood. Think those are the main ones, I'm sure I'm missing something though.
    Log Vapes like enano, underdog, heat island, wood scents are all great choices for efficiency, beauty, and effect.
  7. hans solo

    hans solo Left coast Canada

    Arizer solo ll very efficient with the herb and great on the deck!
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  8. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    Hah...I did mention the VapCap and others, and I could have written a wall of text about any of them, but for people switching from smoking I’ve seen good results with both the FP and VC and too many failures with a lot of the cheap plastic stuff.

    A VapCap is a great place to start, but in use I think the FlowerPot is even easier to get great results from. I would (and did) just get both. ;)
  9. StormyPinkness

    StormyPinkness Rhymenocerous ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    If you prefer glass over metal the Glass Symphony is amazing, it has an all glass heater and air path.

    For butane sticky bricks and dreamwood both make amazing stuff.
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  10. ejackyou

    ejackyou Hamilton

    Sorry to say, but I believe the FP would be way Overkill and Cost, at this point.
    I think that the Solo II is one of the best vapes on the market if You
    like to experiment. Simple, Zero Maintenance, Power of a desktop, long lasting battery
    blows like a Locomotive, and Great price, especially right now direct from Arizer.
    From what I researched, you might also consider the Mighty, Ghost MV1, Fierce?
  11. Goodlife101

    Goodlife101 Living The Good Life

    I personally would recommend a Vapolution 2.0 if you want something that you can compare every vaporizer there after to it. Why? Is it because the vapolution is the best? No, but the vap 2.0 will teach you the most about conduction/convection/radiation and how you can dial in the results you want. It is a little quirky, but just enough to make your ritual smoking sessions enjoyable.

    What the vapolution really did for me was show me what all glass airpath tastes/feels like. No other vape will give you 100% glass airpath and was designed to be that way (Glass symphony is close but was designed with steel screens and you can use the glass ones buy they do not work as well and didnt recommend glass symphony to begin with bc I do not think it would suit you as well for a first vape)

    If you buy a vap 2.0 you will get an excellent vaporizer, but an even better understanding of what you may want in other vapes (you will want more than 1 trust me, and there is no perfect vaporizer out there yet). The vap will give you peace of mind as well (most vapes I end up chucking bc of percieved negative health effects due to materials used) and I get I am more OCD than most, but hey I thought the whole point of this vape train was to be healthier/better and not everyone wants it to be healther, some people just want it to work well.

    If you do not get a vap 2.0 I would hop on the flowerpot bandwagon that people are recommending, even though it isnt easy to move around to the back deck like the vap 2.0 it is something you can grow in to and will get awesome results as well as cover anything you want to do. Usually i say the XLR controlled vapes are for the more advanced, but nothing that you wont quickly educate yourself on and grow in to as i said, but out of the gate I think you will want a vape that you can understand what you like about vaping and I think the vap 2.0 will help you discover that the most.
  12. Whisper

    Whisper Well-Known Member

    Read these suggestions, then get over to the threads that belong to the vaporizers you're interested in, and read, read, read. It seems to be the best protection against ones that have poor customer support, and you'll find which ones have" problems". In the threads you'll learn the tricks of that vaporizer, and any cool other modifications. I have been around about a year, and these folks will gladly help with any questions, and tips. I would venture to say just about everyone has a VapCap, or two. Very reasonable, and they work great. I also like Fury2 by Healthy Rips, reasonable as well. I think both are nice for getting your groove on. I took it slow because I had no experience in this department.
  13. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    :rofl:Obviously we don’t agree yet on what to recommend to people, but have you tried a FlowerPot yet, or really looked into it?

    I’m not going to pretend that it’s perfect and no one could prefer something else, but most people who try it put it at or near the top of their lists.

    The Mighty is at the top of a lot of portable lists (and some overall lists) too, but it’s a large and expensive option, so if the FP was too expensive and “overkill” then the Mighty could be too...but personally I don’t think you can start with “too good” a vaporizer (especially if you smoked before) so I think either is a great option. If you weren’t sure, you can get a basic FlowerPot setup for about the same as a Mighty if you keep the options down.

    The recommendations you made are also viable options, and that’s why it’s good to get several people’s opinions on these threads, but if I’d listed every option I think is good my wall of text would have been a whole book! Instead I recommend what I think is best and so do others.

    I think that’s a great thing and we have a variety of opinions here, but unless there’s something you’ve tried or looked into in detail that you think is clearly a bad idea, I think it’s most helpful to stay on the positive side of things. The OP would probably be happy with some or all of your suggestions, but I really doubt he’d be disappointed with a FlowerPot; few people are. :)
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  14. ejackyou

    ejackyou Hamilton

    I agree to disagree.
    i believe when starting out in vaporizing, its good to get acquainted with more of a session style
    vape rather than on demand. With almost 500 chemical constituents found in the cannabis plant,
    it's hard to sort out what your preferences are. A vape like the Solo II gives the ability for Controlled
    experimentation to some degree, while the FP is more of an On Demand system with designs more
    for dabbers and the like rather than those just graduating to vaporization of flower.
    The Power of the Solo provides for very rapid heat-up and cool down albeit not instantaneous.
    The idea of using the vape outside, and it's portability was also an important aspect?
    Yes, I know You can carry the FP contraption around.
    You seem to think I have it In for the FP?
    I don't, I just I just don't think it's a Panacea for All vapers, like you do.
    I have looked into the 'Flower Pot' as far as I can read, I love the design and high/low tech aspects
    of it. I'm not a fan of having to use a glass bubbler or bong, unless perhaps dry.
    I don't see the need for filtering, or removing Terpenes with water, in order to cool, when Vaporizing?
    I have tried to find a viable excuse to purchase one, but can't in good conscious, think of any Yet!
    Maybe you can buy the FP for the price of a Mighty where You live, but it's a far stretch in Canada.
    And just who are You trying to Kid?
    The Flower Pot is All About Options, Modifications and Refinements, infinitum!
  15. Ramahs

    Ramahs Fucking Combustion (mostly) Since February 2017

    The Internet
    ^ I don't think this person understands the Flowerpot at all.
  16. bossman

    bossman Gentleman Of Leisure

    Best to think of this as your first vape knowing there will be others.

    I recently gave my Solo II to a friend because I prefer the vapor quality and draw resistance of the new Fierce from the folks who make the Fury 2. The Fierce is bigger and more convectiony, but the Fury 2 is also fun for vaping a bowl in one go out back, though it's only good four four or five sessions per charge.

    For on demand portables I most prefer the flavor and ritual of my Lil Bud. Get a glass lined stem for easy great results. Fierce is less fussy since the LB likes occasional stirring.

    I like my vapcaps too, but I only use them with my induction heater and there's a month wait from the one man shops making those. Vapcaps are more annoying to share around than the other suggestions here.

    Lastly, if you're vaping with a group or buddy who wants zero learning curve, session vapes like the Fierce, Fury 2, Mighty, Terra, and Solo II will be easier than the on demand portables. The exception being the Haze Square, which combined features of both and has four bowls but is by all accounts annoying to clean.
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  17. virtualpurple

    virtualpurple Well-Known Member

    I’ve not used the flowerpot either, but I hear great things.

    I think that of all the vapes I’ve tried that the tubo bu @funkyjunky is the most versatile vaporizer I’ve ever used. His clever devices give me just the type of experience I’m after. It is 100% convection and will not cook your herb any time you aren’t drawing in vapor. You can pack a little or you can pack a rather large stemfull and it will still produce a hassle free experience. I never feel the need to stir my herb in order to get an even cook and that is always a plus for me. It also will allow you to either take draws on demand (press the button and draw) or to have a nice relaxing session for 10 minutes and just draw whenever you like without pressing a thing. This may sound unnecessary to some and initially I thought I’d really never use it but I am all about it now! It lets me vape with other people without any coaching or babysitting. I just pack it up, set it to cruise, and either pass it around or pop it in the center of the table with a bubbler or a whip and let people grab it at their leisure.

    It hits like a desktop but travels like a portable.

    A second option that also blends the two worlds seamlessly is the Woodscent by @Ed’s TnT. It’s a beautiful log vape that pumps out serious clouds effortlessly and also utilizes one of the greatest portables of all time (the dynavap vapcap) as the stem you draw from! Ed is always doing right by his customers and has always been a pleasure to do business with. Best of all, of you do t want to take your log out to the deck with you (though the extension cord would be well worth pulling out) you can just take your stem and slip a cap onto it and use your vapcap our on the deck with a lighter. Nothing travels better than the vapcap in my opinion and it never ceases to impress me.

    Additionally you can always pick up or build a little induction heater down the road and add another layer of flexibility to that setup.


    I just saw the post above and respectively I have found the vapcap decent to share, but it is definitely way easier with an induction heater. If you wanted to mess with induction heating for personal use or for sharing at home many folks have found good success with a 40 dollar dental tool that can be found on amazon. If you are interested I will grab it and link it here but it can be found in the DIY forum and if I didn’t already have my portable induction heater I’d buy one for use while I saved up for the portable model.
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  18. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    As one of the seniors on the list, I'd recommend a log vape as a good first vape. They do need to be plugged in which may eliminate them unless you have a long extension cord or a plug outside. But they are attractive and simple to use. You won't see them on most of the large review sites because they are made by small designers. You can find descriptions of most of them in the plug-in section. I think I have at least one from each company and they are all good: enano, HI, underdog and woodscent. The woodscent may work for you because it uses "vapcap" stems. The woodscent needs to be plugged in to use as a log. But you can take the stems outside and with butane they work as a portable vape. You can't get much simpler than a log vape. And while you may want to get a more complicated vape or a portable one as a second vape logs are great for new or old users who want a simple pick up and inhale vape.
    Possibly to consider later- the vape I use the most that I think of as a portable log is called the tubo evic.
    Edit: I just saw the message above mine which I obviously agree with. If you are great with butane you may like the vapcap as it is. But I ordered mine when they first came out and it was too difficult for me to avoid combustion so I moved on. I just got the induction heater and it's made the vapcap simple and combustion free. I'd still recommend a log though as a first vape.
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  19. Ramahs

    Ramahs Fucking Combustion (mostly) Since February 2017

    The Internet
    I definitely support the Woodscents log. It's the vaporizer I use most of the time when I'm at home. Check out this review:

    Click to play YouTube Video

    I only use it either dry, with the longer wood stem, or with the shorter wood stem with a water piece. Though, Ed now includes a glass stem that also fits the Dynavap Vapcap tip like the wood stems do (I bought one that was made before he offered that). I've been meaning to order one from him. I should do that next week.

    Plus, it just looks nice on the desk. Here's mine:
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
  20. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    I’m not disagreeing with your recommendations; depending on what the OP is interested in a Mighty, a Tubo, a Fierce, a VapCap, a log or something else might be better places to start, and that’s why it’s good that people familiar with those options also suggest them. In fact I’ve recommended all of those and more to people. :)

    My point was that I think it’s best for us to add recommendations rather than try to shoot them down, especially for devices we haven’t used unless we’re aware of serious problems or concerns with their safety and performance.

    Here are some of the main reasons I recommend the FlowerPot so often:

    1. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, easy to replace the screens and coils/controllers which are the only parts I’d expect to fail in a lifetime of use.

    2. It’s on-demand so you don’t have to keep going at it, you can stop after 1/2 of 1 draw if you want and you’re not wasting your flower because you’re not cooking it anymore.

    That 1/2 draw may already be too much for some people, but the day I started I used half a load (a lot more vapor obviously) in a conduction Ascent, which seems like a reasonable thing to do with a session device, but I was really beyond destroyed after that. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can get there at some point with any decent vaporizer. ;)

    3. It has a good reputation for converting smokers. Quite a few people have tried vaporizing and gone back to smoking one or more times, at least partly because they hadn’t found a device that for them; one that hit hard enough, one that was as easy to use as a bong, etc.

    Even after repeated failures I see people staying - *if* they find something that meets their needs. For many people that something is the FlowerPot. I think the VapCap and probably the Plenty and some others also have some similar stories and there are many good options out there to make most people happy, but I’ve found that the FlowerPot very rarely disappoints.

    Given all of that, I don’t like to recommend someone start down a road which may be filled with a lot of expensive purchases and disappointments, or worse a rejection of vaporizing and return to smoking, when I can just recommend *some of* the best stuff out there and give experienced smokers the option to get where they’re probably going without all of the detours.

    I’m all for considering a variety of options though, and I think you made some good suggestions, they’re just not what I usually recommend, and that’s why it’s good to have other people putting in their two cents. :2c: :)

    If I thought the FlowerPot was the only thing worth having I wouldn’t be buying a Nomad right now, but I seriously do not think it’s overkill or bad for even a new user to start with. You can set any temp you want and use it as frequently or infrequently as you want, and the ease of use and lack of maintenance requirements beyond cleaning the bowl and your glass as often as you’d like make it one of the most worry-free options around.

    That’s why I use it and recommend it. I barely use any concentrates, I never smoked, I personally can’t even comfortably take the full power of the FP right now, and I do like my other vaporizers, but if I could only have one of them at home right now it would be the FlowerPot. :D

    By the way, you can get a minimal FP setup for flower (ShowerHead, NV controller and coil, glass bowl - assuming you have something to put the bowl in and an ash tray or ceramic mug or something to keep the hot head in) for $211.50 US plus shipping any day with the 10% off TWAXVAPOR code, or probably $188 (20% off) on Black Friday. Everything I’d want for it is more like $500, but that stuff is all optional and it can wait if money’s tight. You could even lower this amount more by buying a cheaper controller, but that’s not something I’d do without researching whatever I was buying.

    So yeah, a minimal FP setup can be cheaper than a Mighty, and while it seems like there are a lot of options for it, unless you want to buy every iteration of it there’s no need to spend more than like $200-600 on it to have something great you can use all day and night every day for years (at which point you might need a new $35 coil).

    That said, the Mighty seems to be a perfectly good option too, just not my personal recommendation here. So maybe we’re agreeing to disagree about the FlowerPot, but I hope we can just agree that offering people different (good) options is overall a good thing and it’s more beneficial to give reasons *to* buy something than reasons *not* to buy something else unless it’s got really questionable performance/safety/etc. If I start recommending garbage though, feel free to lambaste it - and me for promoting it. :lol: :myday: :peace:
  21. jardri

    jardri Vapor Dreams

    If a person buys a flowerpot he will never ever need another home vape. Its endgame. I wish I had bought this as my first vape it would have spared me thousands of dollars and 2 years of thinking vapes were not for me just because they weren´t powerful enough. Also, the amount of herb it uses can be a third of the amount with other vapes, specially conduction. Flowerpot for home usage and a vapcap for out and about are the best bet for fucking combustion.
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  22. Skunkport

    Skunkport Well-Known Member

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Great. Now where's the fucking instructions on how to buy a flowerpot?

    That's not a joke, the bundles are sold out in the UK and I can't even tell if they have enough parts to put one together.
    Seriously, the options list has NINE fucking options for the DABBER. It's a bewildering array of choices and specifications and every time I try pricing shit up I get frustrated.

    Please look at this list and tell me if that's all I need so I can look what they have in stock.


    Shower Head for 20mm Coil (9213)
    Shower Head Coil Nut
    FlowerPot 14mm Male Body with Handle (3097/3099)
    Carb Cap (3096)
    FlowerPot Enail Handle (2943) <-- is this needed?
    FlowerPot Stand & Debowler (3004) <--- can do without this right?
    Enail unit + 20mm Coil
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  23. jardri

    jardri Vapor Dreams

    I had the same problems when I bought mine.

    In Newvape.com what I would buy is:
    Ref 9213 (Showerhead parts all together)
    Ref 3097 (Best bowl but needs a post)
    Ref 3099 (14 mm male post, you may prefer 18 mm)
    ref 9153 (or any stand you like, I happen to prefer this one because I also have a stand for my bong)
    ref 9089 (enail controller)
    the 20 mm Enail coil which has no reference.
    I would not buy glass from Newvape I prefer DHgate because its cheaper and for the price of one I can buy 2

    Dont forget the discount code!!
  24. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    NewVape makes a lot of stuff for dabbing, not just the FlowerPot, and there have been several versions of the FP so yeah, it’s not super clear what to order for new users apart from bundles.

    I did describe what to get and what the minimum setup is earlier, but it is a wall of text...

    Maybe the most simple way to think of it is like smoking from a bong for people who know that process, so you need:

    1. A bowl (with screen - preferably double weave IMO) to hold flower.

    2. A “flame” to hold to it (ShowerHead or VRod).

    3. An “ignition” source (coil and controller).

    If you have an ash tray, coffee mug, soldering iron stand or anything else you can set the hot head on safely while not in use, that’s the minimum you need and you can get those parts for ~$200 US in the US.

    If you’re into concentrates I’d get the VRod and add a VRod compatible carb cap and a 28mm SiC dish (NewVape or D-Nail).

    Which dabber is for you is something you’d probably only figure out by trying them or thinking about the concentrates you’d use and how the tools would interact with them. I wouldn’t worry too much, you can always get other tools from NV or others in the future.

    The handle and stand are also nice but optional, as are extra bowls, grinders, etc.

    I hope that clarifies it a bit. :)
  25. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead High Standards

    The Full Spectrum
    Had hits from the Flowerpot so strong I had to take a seat.... I also have an Arizer and it's not even in the same ballpark. Unlike almost every vape on the market, the FP works as well in a session as it does for one hitters, and it will vaporize any type of material, from fresh bud with too much moisture, to brick hard hash, to dabs. The Flowerpot is an absolute value when it comes to a top tier vaporizer. It costs less than a Ghost MV1 if you stick to the basics. No proprietary electronics in the vapor path, 100% cleanable, built to medical grade standards.

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